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  1. Keizer

    What change would you prefer to see?

    Three we really want Opelka to win CYGS???
  2. Keizer

    My admiration for Medveded grew considerably after the dead fish celebration

    Have to say both Zverev and Medved do great press. More interesting than Tsits or Thiem for sure.
  3. Keizer

    Djokovic looks spent and used up, we will see if he really is the equal of Federer or Nadal...

    So after winning three slams and reaching four slam finals in 2021 Djoker is finished because he lost to the 2nd best HC player in Medved in straights. What does that make one-knee-Hurkacz-bagel-eating Federer and Muller-Weiss-part-time-player Nadal?
  4. Keizer

    Anyone else's mind blown by the fact that Federer lost same number of sets in Grand Slams in 2006 AND 2007 as Djokovic in just 2021

    In retrospect, yes. But in terms of the coverage over the year in question, Djokovic came within one match of the holy grail, while Federer did not. It is what it is.
  5. Keizer

    Anyone else's mind blown by the fact that Federer lost same number of sets in Grand Slams in 2006 AND 2007 as Djokovic in just 2021

    Come on, lol. There is no CYGS narrative in play between June and September if you lose the French Open in May, which he did. I don't care how many sets he won or how badly he shellacked his opponents in the other three slams.
  6. Keizer

    Was Djoker's "I love you" genuine?

    Fedal fans really getting their knickers in a twist because Djoker got (deserved and overdue) love from the Ashe crowd. We all know he has wanted this response for the last 13 years, ever since he would pull out those imitations to ingratiate himself to the crowds. It was obviously a genuine...
  7. Keizer

    Closest recent retail racquet to Novak’s actual Racquet

    His used wristbands probably have collector value, so I'm sure his smashed sticks would too.
  8. Keizer

    Murray testing other Head racquets

    Murray was testing extended lengths this year. Did he end up not switching?
  9. Keizer

    At what point does the argument that Andy Murray is taking someone else's place in draws come up?

    I have not seen Murray live. If someone were to tell me I missed him because they saw fit to give Gaston a WC over him, I'd be pretty annoyed.
  10. Keizer

    At what point does the argument that Andy Murray is taking someone else's place in draws come up?

    Former #1 and perennial top 10 player, multiple wins at the biggest tournaments, represents a reasonably large tennis market and we're asking why he gets GS WC spots over the likes of Gaston?
  11. Keizer

    NEW Prestige MP 360

    Might need to snap up a mid while I still have a chance. End of an institution if they discontinue it in the US.
  12. Keizer

    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    61 strung or unstrung? 61 strung should be 64 unstrung. But yeah, I think we’re in the same boat when it comes to the blade. Cannot understand what the difference is from the v7 if the thing actually ends up being 61 RA and 327 SW strung (for the 18x20). So do I buy this and add lead to...
  13. Keizer

    Pro Stock Blade question

    This has been discussed in other threads in the “Racquets” forum but long story short, the H22 comes in many layups. Blade Pro is the H22 mold with (presumably) one of those layups.
  14. Keizer

    Current 'Safin'

    Korda in a couple years. He even modeled his strokes after Safin’s.
  15. Keizer

    Head Pro Tour 2.0 - You should be happy

    Nothing new about facetious marketing speak — everyone does it. 99% of potential Head/Wilson/Babolat consumers do not know about PJs, prostocks or what mold and layup mean. On the flip side, the companies have legally protected themselves with the whole “Pros may be using different racquets from...
  16. Keizer

    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    Think the poster you replied to was saying that 315 unstrung was hard to believe because that would imply basically a Blade Pro spec strung. I don’t think we’ve seen a 340 strung swingweight on a blade since the nBlade (which had a sub 60 RA I believe). These measurements just seem odd given...
  17. Keizer

    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    I’ve never heard of RA dropping 6 pts from stringing. Perhaps this is from continuous restringing over an extended period of time. But if I bought a new Blade v8 with an unstrung RA of 69, I highly doubt stringing would drop the RA any lower than 66 on my first stringing.
  18. Keizer

    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    Unstrung SW 315….what are they thinking??
  19. Keizer

    Nick Kyrgios withdraws from Winston Salem

    Can’t blame him too much for the beating he just received at the hands of Murray though. He had completed his last match only 30 minutes prior, I believe, and was on his way out before they pulled him back in with the lucky loser spot.
  20. Keizer

    Better Sports Etiquette: Zverev or Tsitsipas?

    Zverev is not a paragon of sportsmanship like Djokovic is, but he is miles above Tsitsipas. The Amazon Basics philosopher can pontificate about the meaning of life on social media, but has no problem with tapping his racket to distract his opponent when they’ve got an easy putaway.
  21. Keizer

    Kicked my son out at 18 - And it was the best thing to ever happen to him

    You cheated — he went to the military so your federal taxes indirectly contributed his paycheck. Should’ve mandated that he take up non-federal employment to make it a clean break!
  22. Keizer

    Cincinnati Open prize money for the male champion is 87% more than the women.

    Well, I have no idea one way or another. My point is that this is probably a business decision based on the sum a tournament believes it can negotiate with the WTA. If there is truly an imbalance between revenue generation and prize money between the tours, isn’t it the obligation of the tours...
  23. Keizer

    Cincinnati Open prize money for the male champion is 87% more than the women.

    Osaka is the only one that is a global superstar in that list. Slam champion means nothing in the WTA with the number of people that have been one slam wonders recently. This is like saying Gaudio or Johansson is a big deal. Big 3 has warped people’s perspective of success on the ATP. Tsitsipas...
  24. Keizer

    Cincinnati Open prize money for the male champion is 87% more than the women.

    You know, I’ve seen this same debate on here for years but nobody has ever put forward actual numbers to back either side. Do you or someone else on this thread have ATP or WTA viewership numbers (with and without Big 3 members) so we can compare? I’m actually curious, because I believe that Big...
  25. Keizer

    Who is more talented: Murray or Safin?

    Safin beating 2005erer at AO is a result Murray could not hope to reproduce.
  26. Keizer

    Any word of Fed's actual injury or surgery?

    Imo, this is the end of the line but I think he’ll aim to return for a couple tourneys next year (Halle, Wimbledon, Basel) before calling it a day.
  27. Keizer

    Federer to miss this year's Laver Cup

    Honestly, I’m now considering going. Big 3 out means casuals won’t be propping up the resale ticket prices. If that meant I could get seats close to court, then this basically would be equivalent to watching these guys at court level on an outside court at USO, which is an excellent deal. I saw...
  28. Keizer

    Does anyone have video of celebrities playing?

    Timothy Olyphant is pretty good. Here he is hitting with Sabalenka.
  29. Keizer

    The people vs Novak Djokovic

    Wanted to point out that the author (Janan Ganesh) is more of a cultural commentator than a sports commentator. I’m not the biggest fan of his flowery prose. He’s also a Federer fan (something I’m sure the Novak fans here will pounce upon). Here’s an article he wrote about Fed a while ago...