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    Which doubles player has the best volleys on tour?

    Jamie Murray for me by a landslide.
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    Where can I get my racket specs measured in the UK?

    Preferably in the north of England. Thanks
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    Is there an app similar to swingtool for android?

    My Iphone has died, so i'm looking for another app that can time the periods of a swinging object. Not fussed if the app isnt related to tennis, I'll just input the period measurements into the TW calculator Cheers
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    How will the ranking system work next season?

    With tournaments moving to different calendar dates, I'm struggling to find info on how ranking calculations will be performed. If a player plays Delray beach, are they defending points from last seasons Delray Beach, or lasts seasons Week 1 tournament?
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    Do leather grips really aggrevate tennis elbow?

    I've been really enjoing playing with leather for the first time recently. I've played 4-5 times and I noticed a few worrying twinges today, so a hasty decision is needed on whether to remove it . I cant guarantee its the racket though, it could be something I did lifting weights. I did a little...
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    Let's Gather All Grip Specs (Weight & Thickness) into two threads

    ChicagoJack's thread has been an invaluable resource for myself and others. It seems he doesn't frequent the boards anymore, so I'm continuing this great thread. This is the link to the first thread - LINK. If you have any measurements, please share in this thread and I will edit the original...
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    Are there any contact details for the infamous DC customising in belgium?

    The customisers for Goffin, Bedene, Malisse, Millman and the mighty James Ward, amongst others. Looking to clear up a question, for my archive of specs, on whether the unstrung specs published on rackets include an overgrip.
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    Has anyone ever used SpinGen? It claims to increase ball to string friction. Curious if it really does have no impact on durability or string to string friction.
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    Anyone in China ever fancy a hit.

    I'm moving to Chengdu, where my opportunities for tennis are limited. If anyone is based in China, hit me up. I will try and fit a game in if I'm ever in your region.
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    Search function down

    Just alerting you, trying to search is currently bringing up the error "The search could not be completed. Please try again later." .
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    Search function down

    Just alerting you, trying to search is currently bringing up the error "The search could not be completed. Please try again later." .
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    Spreadsheet of all pro specs on TW

    I've compiled a spreadsheet of all the pro specs on TW. The unstrung specs still need to be adjusted and it still needs some editing. . I'll try and finish it in the next month or two, if I have some free time. Feel free to edit it yourself...
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    Best way to add 15 grams + to the tip?

    My racket cracked recently. The only spare I have is a beginners racket. I'm moving to China soon, so I can't spend travel money on a better base racket. I've had to add 20+ grams to reach my usual specs. I can't add strips' across the inside and outside @12, as it's too thick and falls off...
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    Are these stringing instructions for one piece or two?

    I'm new to stringing. I'm looking to identify whether some rackets I own we're strung one piece, or two. I was looking the some stringing instructions, and I can't differentiate whether the diagrams of the rackets are one piece or two. I'll link these instructions and could somebody kindly...
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    TWU stidy on shoe tractiom. Another fascinating study from the TW Professor. It's really good to see TWU looking into tennis shoe science, there isn't much of it out there, specific to tennis. I'm still dreaming that one day perhaps one of the hundreds of...
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    Are any of the technologies that affect aerodynamics noteworthy?

    Curious what people think about the many technologies over the years that have claimed to increase maneuverability and "aerodynamics". Any increase in maneuverability would allow a manufacturer to bump up the swingweight/twistweight/mass without decreasing swingwspeed, which would probably...
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    Estimating the twistweight from pro players specs

    I wasn't sure which sub-forum this belonged on. I have a long list of players specs with recoil weight, MgR/I and all sorts. I was looking to add a twistweight column. I know you can estimate the relative twist weight by m (mass of the frame) multiplied by D² (the head diameter, D, squared). I...
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    Low or high twistweight for singles and doubles

    I'll be playing play both competitively for the first time, starting this weekend. There seems to be distinct tradeoffs with high and low twistweight. I've read that most pro single players use low twistweight, except djokovic who has very high twistweight. I've never experimented with...
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    Message for the Professor

    I have not heard back from the Professor for a message I sent him a while ago. I presume he's too busy. Could you let him know I sent him a message please. Thanks
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    Help - anyone with the old pneumatic prince ball machine

    I've just bought one off ****. It may have been discontinued but it was extremely cheap. Does anyone own a manual? Also, do you know if there is anywhere I can still get a remote or the spin attachment? Cheers
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    Can someone define frame warping/squashing please?

    I've tried to read up on it but I'm still not sure. Does the frame squash length ways, width ways, or both? Or is it either, dependent on main/cross string type and tension?
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    Do any of the current tennis sensors measure ball spin?

    I've looked into all of the sensors on the market and they all seem to judge spin by RHS, angle and point of contact. They don't seem to take into account the impact of ball or stringbed on spin. I've looked at all the sensors (play, zepp, sony, qlipp & shotstats). Correct me if I'm totally...
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    Can manual racket measuring methods be more accurate then an RDC machine?

    I have a kitchen scale that I've calibrated. I've tested it with various calibration weights from 2kg down to 0.1g and it measures to within 0.05g. If I send my racket off to be measured by an RDC report, I get a measurement without decimals, so presumably it's only accurate to within the...
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    Can the Zepp 3d serve analysis be used for forehands?

    Has anyone ever tried this? Does it still show the 3d analysis if you hit a forehand instead of a serve?
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    Is tennis you're favorite racket sport?

    Perhaps a silly title on a tennis forum but lately I've been getting more enjoyment out of table tennis, squash and badminton. All of which I find less intense after a long working week. Badminton is an extremely difficult sport to master, in my opinion. I find the disparity between a half...
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    Vid of myself. Advice please.

    I'll add some background: I don't usually move that lazily. I was drenched in sweat by this point. Anyone who has played against "the wall" will vouch for it being absolutely knackering. Again, I usually hit the drive backhand with a higher percentage ish. Although I much prefer it cross court...
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    A few problems with TW University

    In the customisation worksheet, you can no longer add weight to two different places on a racket. It makes you add it in the same spot or length as the last row. You can no longer add decimal places. Say, if my swingweight was 323.5 and my weight 302.5, I would have to put in 323 and 302...
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    Cache of travlerajm's missing threads

    I have found the cache for the wonderful threads from the last few days. I've lost my post but luckily I had it an email draft. I'll paste it on here. I already lost my notes on string science yesterday, which I have spent all my spare time researching in the past week or so. Very frustrating...
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    Songs for players

    This may have popped up before. I always sing Richard Cory, but swap Richard Cory for Nishikori. Oh I wish that I could be, Oh I wish that I could be, Nishikori.
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    TWU down

    Just notifying you that the TWU doesn't seem to be working.