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  1. Simplicius

    Medvedev's ...underware?

    . Does any of you can imagin what is that Medvedev pulls out of his shorts? He did it at least twice in ATP Finals. With Nadal and in a previous match, I can't remeber which one. Then he went at the end of the field and througt it over the ad tambloits!!! A piece of underwear? Do you'd notice...
  2. Simplicius

    The world is changing!

    . Lahyani gives a time violation warning to Nadal on a brake point! Do you believe there is a chance in the future to see a Nadal's match without Mohamed Lahyani as a chair umpire??? The world is changing! Or Lahyani jumps off a sinking boat...
  3. Simplicius

    Does Rublev owe to Stefanos?

    . After this unexpected victory in the final in Hamburg due to the choking of Tsitsipas, Rublev wins three ATP 500 tournaments in a row! Stefanos creates a "monster" imho !!!! Does Rublev owe his latest success to Stefanos? It would have been the same development for Rublev if Tsitsipas had...
  4. Simplicius

    I’m doing something very wrong! But what?

    The situation which I'm going to describe below happens ALWAYS, since I can remember! Please HELP me! I’m doing something very wrong! But what? That’s the main problem: I buy only used rackets. Every time I purchase a new (used) racket I play with it a few matches with the strings which...
  5. Simplicius

    Scratch or crack?

    What do you think?
  6. Simplicius

    Anderson lost it from the ...coin!

    Anderson lost the first set from the coin. And with 6-2 is going to lost the second too! What a catastrophic choice to serve agaist the sun!!! A Top10 player must have read tennis bibles such as eg. the Winning Ugly...
  7. Simplicius

    Ostapenko gear

    You may have already heard that "Jelena Ostapenko hits a forehand harder than men's No.1 Andy Murray". Actually, Jelena has averaged 76mph during her first six wins in Roland Garros 2017 (including 245 winners) – 3mph faster than Andy! I suppose that Murray eats equaly healthy food as...
  8. Simplicius

    Best control racquet 16x

    Which is the best racquet for control among the 16x (16x18, 16x19, 16x20) string pattern racquets? PS1: Please exclude 16x16 and the other very open "spin effect" patterns. PS2: Please consider these two limitations: Head size between 96-101 sqi and Flex(RDC) between 56-62. I play with PCG 100...