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  1. supineAnimation

    Questions about Polarized & Depolarized set-ups

    Someone already mentioned it in this thread, but adding weight to 10 and 2 or even 11 and 1 is a worthwhile experiment because it's common for players to regularly contact the ball above the center of the stringbed. So it will shift the sweetspot higher and if you happen to contact the ball...
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    After playing with the same lead configuration for at least the last 15 years on several different frames (2g at 3 and 9 each, 1g at 12, 3g in the handle), I started having some issues with my backhand this season and began feeling like I had to really lean into rally pace shots in order to hit...
  3. supineAnimation

    The Official Angell Users Club

    Anyone know the range of swingweights for the TC97 V3?
  4. supineAnimation

    What I've learned since I've stopped switching racquets and strings

    I would agree with this wholeheartedly. I still think experimenting with tension and lead tape is a worthy endeavor though.
  5. supineAnimation

    Diadem Elevate Tour - quick Review

    What's the grip shape like? More rectangular like Head or octagonal like Wilson? Thanks.
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    Try 2" at 12. That always seems to help with the 3 and 9 issue slowing the swing speed, and my go to lead setup for decades has been 4-5" at 3 and 9 and 2" at 12.
  7. supineAnimation no longer secure (no https:)?

    I'm not suggesting anything conspiratorial. Just odd that an established site with such a long history is no longer secure site and I was wondering if anyone had any insight.
  8. supineAnimation no longer secure (no https:)?

    Yes, any reputable online presence should be using https regardless of whether there is a login or even commerce. I just didn't notice until today that it was gone and wondered if anyone else noticed it earlier or had an explanation...
  9. supineAnimation no longer secure (no https:)?

    Anyone else notice that is no longer a secure site?
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    Wilson H22 vs Angell TC97 18x20

    This is clearly a very normal and healthy response to the OP.:rolleyes:
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    How much different is the TC97 V3 compared to the original TC97?
  12. supineAnimation

    Just arrived Diadem Elevate

    Thanks. I play exclusively Diadem strings now and seeing that the Elevate is foam-filled got me curious.
  13. supineAnimation

    Just arrived Diadem Elevate

    If I remember correctly, you have some Angells too. How does the Elevate compare to the TC97?
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    He's in near constant pain. Trust me: that is a horrendous state of being to endure day in and day out. This has nothing to do with the perceived weakness of the younger generation of players. The man has earned the right to make whatever decision he feels is best for him and his family.
  15. supineAnimation

    Foam-Filled Racquets

  16. supineAnimation

    The Official Angell Users Club

    I use strictly Diadem Solstice Power and Pro, which are star-shaped, and I haven't found this to be the case. The grommets in my TC97s wear out at about the same rate as the ones in the Prestige Pros I used to use.
  17. supineAnimation

    Foam-Filled Racquets

    I play with TC97s and they're anything but stiff. Got bad TE in 2015 (couldn't hit on consecutive days, had trouble giving back-to-lessons) after 25 years of playing without the slightest hint of it, likely from hitting with a lot of retail frames when I was writing equipment reviews a...
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    Hey all- Had to put plans to order some grommets on hold for awhile, but I'm looking to make the order soon. If anyone wants to go in on an order to the states, shoot me a message. I'm looking to order 15 sets of grommets so I don't have to order again for as long as possible, but it would be...
  19. supineAnimation

    The Official Angell Users Club

    They'll get used, and with the shipping cost, I'd rather not have to order again. I've gone through two apiece on each of my TC97s in the last two years, and the grommets are often the cause of string breakage. So if my strings break unexpectedly at one of the grommet locations I'll typically...
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    Definitely. I'm gonna get 8 sets for each of my 3 sticks, so that should last me until I'm ready to replace them. Where are you in the states?
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    Hey guys and gals- So I've just strapped on my last set of extra TC97 grommets, so I need to stock up again. There's a place near Philadelphia, where I live, that claims to stock them (, but they're out of stock and have stopped responding to...
  22. supineAnimation

    Looking for Help Authenticating Actual Sampras PS85

    Rather not say, but quite a bit more than I needed to buy my Angells but well shy of 5K. It's with a true fan now, so my work here is done.
  23. supineAnimation

    How To Authenticate Actual Sampras PS85?

    Yeah. I was able to get Bosworth to authenticate the frame (used in the '96 French, if memory serves), so at least I didn't have to worry about it being a fraud. And I wasn't a big Sampras guy, so it deserves to be with a diehard fan.
  24. supineAnimation

    How To Authenticate Actual Sampras PS85?

    I got more than the cost of my 3 Angells by quite a bit. I'll just leave it at that.
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    Medicine Ball suggestions

    I started with 6lbs and worked my way up, so it took me awhile to get to 15. But if you use your large muscle groups to produce most of the force you can use a 15lb ball for dynamic throws.
  26. supineAnimation

    Fed: My mental toughness is overshadowed by my virtuosity, my shot-making, my technique, my grace

    Meh. I get how it comes across as a bit immodest, but I tend to give people giving interviews in their non-native language a wide berth. I'd say the same if Nadal had said something impolitic in an English interview. But honestly I'd rather hear a guy who may be the most talented player ever to...
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    What is Pat Cash's problem?

    Cash is well-established ****heel.
  28. supineAnimation

    Nadal embarrassed himself

    You're a garbage-eating moron. And I'm a fed fan.
  29. supineAnimation

    How To Authenticate Actual Sampras PS85?

    Sold it to a deserving Sampras fan and used the proceeds to get 3 Angells with which I am now deeply in love. I'm sure it's found a good home in his collection.
  30. supineAnimation

    Match of each year since 2001

    Nadal d. Verdasco 2009 Australian SF is my favorite of all-time. And I'm a federer fan.