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  1. tennisinoc

    Poly cross for Natural Gut mains: Textured or Round?

    What do you think is best for Natural Gut mains? Textured or round? Why?
  2. tennisinoc

    Pro Staff 97 in Hand !

    I got my hand on the last PS97 Grip 4 from TW and it arrived yesterday afternoon. Specs came out UNDER weight from the listed 315g / 10hl Mine came in at: 312.5 g / 8 HL (I don’t have a SW machine, sorry) I was hoping if specs were off, and it would come above weight and more HL because I like...
  3. tennisinoc

    Alu Power is creaking?

    I have used alu power rough but decided to give the original round alu power a try. One thing I am noticing is that the strings don't slide/snap back well and they actually stick to each other and creak when I pull them apart or straighten them. Is this normal? I have used a lot of smooth polys...
  4. tennisinoc

    Pacific PolyGut Hybrid vs. Champion's Choice

    Anyone have experience with Pacific PolyGut Hybrid? How does it play compared to Champion's Choice?
  5. tennisinoc

    Is Cyber Flash 17g really the Poor man's Alu Power?

    According to TW, Andy's review on Cyberflash, he stated it was the Poor mans Alu Power. Also, is it really the softest Poly? Similarities and differences?
  6. tennisinoc

    Dunlop Black Widow 17g tension issues

    I have been using Dunlop Black Widow 17g mains/Gosen Micro 17g cross for a few months now and enjoy the initial playability of this string. It is the most comfortable and spin friendly poly string I have tried to date. But the issue I am having with this string is tension maintenance problems...
  7. tennisinoc

    Slicker Alternative to Pro Hurricane 18

    I am loving the set up of Gut mains and Pro Hurricane 18. But the biggest problem is that Pro Hurricane 18 seems to be a sticky poly and my Gut mains don't slide as well as other polys I have tried. I actually have to readjust my main strings like I would with using a Syn Gut cross. I like...
  8. tennisinoc

    Prince CTS Synergy 26 (non double bridge)

    Anyone have specs on this racket? I found info on the Double Bridge (DB) but not the non bridge. Nothing is written on the frame. I think it can still compete with modern rackets and i am planning to see if it can. Out of storage it comes and back onto the courts!
  9. tennisinoc

    Same but different?

    Can someone explain to me, with some tangible answer vs. opinion, how 2 rackets with the same strings and tension, weight, balance, string pattern, and swingweight can produce very different shot results? (ie. More topspin or more slice over the other, more control vs. more power, etc.)
  10. tennisinoc

    Tension accuracy on a Drop Weight

    So, recently I have been doing something different when stringing up my rackets on my Alpha drop weight. In the past, I would just place the bar at horizontal, clamp off, then proceed to the next string. But recently, after reading and watching about stringing techniques, I started...
  11. tennisinoc

    Babolat Double Line String - Any info?

    I picked up and old racket manufactured in the late 80's with strings as possibly as old as it named "Babolat Double Line" Has anyone have any info on this string and composition? The most interesting thing about this string is that it is Black in color (rare color for strings in that era)...
  12. tennisinoc

    Polys not for everyone. Especially TE sufferers and the poor.

    Being a long term user of Basic Synthetic Gut, Multifilaments, and Gut, I tried a 6 month trial of Many poly strings ranging from the popular brands to the not so popular brands. And after this trial period I have come to the conclusion that no matter what poly type and hype, (ie. Co-poly...
  13. tennisinoc

    Tonic gut - It has let me down

    I have used Tonic on my mains previously in the past. But when Babolat decided to raise their prices for gut $10 more a couple years ago, I have been experimenting with a lot of the cheaper brands ever since (ie. Global, Gaucho, and anything less than $15 set, etc.) And because of the premature...
  14. tennisinoc

    Asics Resolution 3 compare to Resolution 1

    Can someone compare the Resolution 1 to Resolution 3? I didn't like the Resolution 2 because of the hard and wider toebox. Plus the #1 seemed narrower than the #2.
  15. tennisinoc

    FS: Volkl Tour & Fischer Tour & Ki5 PSE

    FOR SALE or TRADE Volkl Classic Pro 10 Tour / C10 Pro - 8/10 condition Brand new 4 3/8 Gamma synth grip strung with Gosen Micro 17 Fischer Magnetic Tour 100 SL - 9.5/10 condition 4 5/8 strung with Gosen Micro 17 ProKennex Ki5 PSE - 9.5/10 condition 4 5/8 strung with Gosen Micro 17...
  16. tennisinoc

    Synthetic Gut vs. Poly on the crosses

    What are the pros and cons of using Synthetic Gut vs. Poly on the crosses? I am not a string breaker, so durability is not an issue for me. I like Natural Gut or Multi in my mains. What is the effect of going from a Synthetic Gut to a Poly on the crosses be? Also, will I have to drop...
  17. tennisinoc

    Babolat Xcel Strings

    Can anyone clarify all the different versions of the Xcel Strings? (ie. Power, Premium, old Premium, older Xcel, etc.) I have read a lot of threads but not all of them side by side. I am mostly looking for the similarities and differences between all the different versions.
  18. tennisinoc

    Wilson Javelin 95 specs

    Anyone have info and specs on a Wilson Javelin 95? Also, worth on the market today?
  19. tennisinoc

    Info on Prince Vortex OS

    Does anyone know the specs on the Prince Vortex OS racket? (CTS version) (Please specify if the specs you post are unstrung or strung) I picked one up for dirt cheap but there are no specs online that I can find on it. Thanks
  20. tennisinoc

    Help Identify this String

    The string that came on the demo racket I have does not have any label on it. I like the feel of it and would like to know what it is. The demo place has no idea what it is. Can anyone help identify it? String is the "Cross string" that is Yellowish in color and has a dark yellow/gold wraps on...
  21. tennisinoc

    ProKennex KI5 upgrade

    Has anyone used the KI5 as their primary racket before and have upgraded to another racket that feels but plays better than it? What racket did you switch to? How did it improve your game.
  22. tennisinoc

    Yonex SQR 500 / SQR 500 Long / RD 7

    Anyone by chance know the specs on any of these rackets?
  23. tennisinoc

    Pro Kennex Ki5 vs. 7g

    Has anyone played with these 2 rackets? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each racket compared each other? Thanks If you have NOT played with both rackets but HAVE with the Ki5 as your main racket: Which racket did you upgrade to and why is it better than the Ki5? Thanks
  24. tennisinoc

    Red X-1 Biphase

    Only after a few sets, my Red X-1 Biphase is fraying badly. I notice that the Red color is from a plastic coating that surrounds the multifibers. But the plastic coating peels off and exposes the multifibers that are white in color. This is much different than the natural color Biphase...
  25. tennisinoc

    Post your custom Vantage reviews here

    Who else has got a chance to hit their custom Vantage? Please post your reviews here :shock:
  26. tennisinoc

    Nike Air Tech Challenger feedback

    I picked up some Retro Nike Air Tech Challengers today. They were on clearance at a local shoe shop. Anyone have these, any color, and have any feedback if they are still as good as the originals? How are the outsoles on these things? There is no DRC written on them. I had these in the...
  27. tennisinoc

    Highest Rated Volley Racquet

    Anyone know what are the 5 highest rated volley racquets that were playtested and reviewed by the TW playtesters? Can you please post links to the review?
  28. tennisinoc

    Any 4.0 or 4.5 Female players interested in So.Cal Mixed Doubles League?

    Are there any female 4.0 or 4.5 players interested in playing in an Orange County USTA mixed tennis league? We are professional adults who are looking to complete a team of good hearted and fun attitude players. Casual team looking to burn a few calories and have some fun. Games will be held...
  29. tennisinoc

    Why would one choose to play in a lower division?

    I have noticed that there are quite a few players around my area who play in lower divisions or rank themselves lower when their skills are obviously higher than the division they play in. Are they that poor of losers that they rather take down all the lower skilled players instead of...
  30. tennisinoc

    1 piece vs. 2 piece string job

    Does anyone notice the difference between a 1 piece vs. 2 piece string job if the string is the same on both mains and crosses? If so, what did you notice? Why would someone chose a 1 piece vs. 2 piece string job with the same strings for each?