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  1. matchpoint9

    Pure Storm Tour GT vs Prince Classic Response 97

    Fans of old classics, anyone has tried both and willing to share your thoughts on these frames? Thanks
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    A friend told me about this brand so I ordered the sample package. I haven’t played with it yet but the packaging is luxurious and the best I’ve seen for tennis strings! Has anyone played with these? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    RS Lyon, Head Hawk Touch, YPTP,...

    — deleted, found another thread that’s similar.
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    Alternatives to Gel Resolution 7

    Love that model but rarely goes on sale. What other models from Asics or others that are similar to Resolution 7? I don't need the 6-month guarantee so I'm looking for something that doesn't offer guarantee which should be cheaper.
  5. matchpoint9

    Help with Nat Gut stringing for 18x20

    Hi, I have a Yonex 18x20 and I normally cut 21' for mains. I have a Gamma electronic machine. Thinking about doing gut / poly so the challenge is... is it possible to cut a set of gut in half (20' each) so that I can use it for 2 string jobs with the gut as mains? If I cut 21', what's left is...
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    Help with tension & launch angle

    Consider the following 2 hybrid options: 1) Poly as mains at 46 lbs and multi as crosses at 52 lbs, OR 2) Same strings, poly & multi, both at 49 lbs (the average of 46 & 52) I think the term is "dynamic" tension (?), which is the same for both setups, at 49 lbs. But how significant is the...
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    Tension for poly/multi, 18x20

    I normally use full poly at 46lbs on my Angell K7 Lime. I would like a little more power and softness from the stringbed so I put on poly/low-powered multi (Hyper G/Thunder Blast) at 46 lbs. To my surprise it’s very good and not as powerful as I thought it would be. Comfortable, good control...
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    Full poly to gut / poly — tension question

    I usually use 46-47 lbs of low powered, full poly setup. I’d like to try out guy / poly for a change. What tension would you recommend to get a similar power level as the full poly set up? I’m thinking 50/46? This is for an 18x20 so it’s a pretty low powered frame. Thanks! Sent from my...
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    18g vs 19g crosses

    I'm using 18g (1.18mm) Black Knight as mains and have been using RS Lyon for crosses. I'm running out of the Lyon and would like to get a reel of Tier One Ghostwire. Am I correct to think that using thinner gauge for crosses means higher launch angle, more feel & spin, but less control and...
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    Round poly 1.15mm recommendation?

    I play with 18x20 racquet and I like to put thin, round poly as crosses. I currently use RS Lyon as crosses though it’s 1.20mm (the thinnest available). I’m running out of that string so I’m looking for replacement. Any recommendations for something similar to Lyon but available in thinner...
  11. matchpoint9

    Full poly to Poly / Syn Gut -- tension question

    I usually use full poly at 46-47 lbs, on a 18x20 frame. I like the control, spin, etc. and I have no intention of making any change to it on my primary stick. At low tension the sweet spot feels pretty good. For certain shots though, and particularly when I get tired i.e. in the 3rd set, I...
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    Adding weight at the handle = more power?

    I’ve been playing with Angell K7 Lime with 4 grams of tungsten tape added at 10/2. I use full poly at 46lbs. Yesterday I added 4grams at the handle, 7” from the buttcap. I like it better but I feel like it’s more powerful? Freshly strung poly as well so string is not the issue. I thought adding...
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    ProKennex Ki Q+ Tour Pro (325) Racquet (2019)

    No love for this stick? Or PK in general? I bought this without demoing and it's surprisingly a good stick! Control, comfort, maneuverable, and feel are all there. It swings fast too with its 19.5 mm beam. Any other users out there? Mine is 350g with dampener and overgrip, planning to add just a...