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  1. SumYungGai

    Who's the better player - Zverev or Fognini?

    Fognini never made it further than the quarters in a slam in singles. Zverev has already done more.
  2. SumYungGai

    Who's the better player - Zverev or Fognini?

    Do you hear yourself?
  3. SumYungGai

    Team World trashing Zverev at Laver Cup

    lol don't be naïve
  4. SumYungGai

    Head Prestige 2021

    Very interested to hear how they feel. I would buy these over new ones if they're good enough, save a bunch of money that way.
  5. SumYungGai

    Head Prestige 2021

    After hearing that it's a box beam I am very interested. I love the 360+ MP but on defense and kick serves I want a little more. This frame could solve those issues. When are they planning to release the new frames? Jan 2022?
  6. SumYungGai

    Radacanu fires her coach

    Rich get richer and all that.
  7. SumYungGai

    NEW Prestige MP 360

    I've strung full Lynx Tour 17 and RPM Blast 17 at 48lbs and really like it, but I may start to experiment with a few lbs less for a bit more power. No customization on the Prestige MP for me.
  8. SumYungGai

    Who was Safin’s idol growing up?

    Surely, it was himself.
  9. SumYungGai

    Anyone missing Wawrinka, Stan the Man?

    I do. I miss seeing him blast through people when he was on, like only he can.
  10. SumYungGai

    Diary of a Racketaholic

    Depends on the user, of course.
  11. SumYungGai

    NEW Prestige MP 360

    It was here but taken down. You can probably find it with a bit of searching, instagram maybe.
  12. SumYungGai

    Diary of a Racketaholic

    I used to teach with those, and the project one 7. Great feeling frames. I'm trying to commit to my Speed Pros as well. Stay strong!
  13. SumYungGai

    Most efficient player of all time?

    I was thinking Kyrios or Tomic, lol. Winning match length probably on par with average, losing time way shorter!
  14. SumYungGai

    Most efficient player of all time?

    I would find out their average match lengths, then voila, you have your answer.
  15. SumYungGai

    What would they do if they weren't professional tennis players/

    You need to stick to jobs if that's what your joke is based on. This is stupid.
  16. SumYungGai

    Why do people scream during pro matches as players fun for drop shots or hit overheads?

    A lot of people get lost in the emotion of the moment. Most of the time I don't think ppl are doing it intentionally, but it does still annoy me. There is a level of respect that you should have for the players during a point.
  17. SumYungGai

    Diary of a Racketaholic

    I've been looking for a racquet like the Prestige MP but with more power, and I know I have just that in my weighted Speed Pro's. For some reason I keep looking for that "perfect" frame. I'm going to try to stay clean, use the Speed's, and settle in with it. It'll still be fun to try out the...
  18. SumYungGai

    Did Roger commit a big mistake by not focusing enough on his upper body strength as an athlete in the 00s ??

    Serena was the Dechambeau of women's tennis. This may work in the women's game, but not the men's game. Have you seen how hard they're already hitting? Plus they move very well.
  19. SumYungGai

    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

    Of the many recent racquets I've tried, the TF40 315 stood out. It was almost perfect. My only gripes were the grip shape (personal issue), and maneuverability. I used to own many Tfight 320's (purchased probably 10 of same model), and while being just as heavy it was far more maneuverable and...
  20. SumYungGai

    Why is everyone born after 1990 really bad on Grass ??? Any specific reason ???

    Well, where are the grass courts? Hell, even the only clay courts we have are in private clubs. The only surface I get to hit on is hard, even though it's my least favorite.
  21. SumYungGai

    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

    I've been looking for a reason to switch back to Tec racquets, and this would be a good one. But nothing feels as good as the Tfight 320's I used to use back in '06 and through college.
  22. SumYungGai

    Laver Cup around the corner!

    Oh right, that's a thing that exists still.
  23. SumYungGai

    Pickleball is spreading

    lol the frustration is real
  24. SumYungGai

    Diary of a Racketaholic

    Has anyone hit with the Prestige Pro (95)? Just looking to get some feedback as I won't get a chance to hit with it anytime soon. I found this thread to read through, which is nice. Any more thoughts welcome though.
  25. SumYungGai

    IS TW Slipping?

    I am disappointed with the website changes for sure. Less information is displayed at once for your eyes so you have to scroll more and click to expand stuff that should already be visible. Also, the demoing system is very much a mess now (in design and function). The site is more annoying to...
  26. SumYungGai

    Pickleball is spreading

    Everything always favors the casual crowds, and pickleball is the new shining example. Tennis is too hard for most, so they'll pick up an easier thing. The only thing I don't like is having to raise the nets every single time I hit.
  27. SumYungGai

    Prince phantom 93p 18x20- End of the road for me?

    I would give the Prestige Pro (95) a shot. It's got glowing reviews and it seems to have more power than the MP. I have the MP and find it slightly underpowered. I think the 95 is probably the perfect frame to keep all of your control, but give you a bit more help with it's 16x19.
  28. SumYungGai

    Head prestige mp

    I hit today with my weighted up PMP and while fun for a bit, it was too chunky for me to realistically play with. You must be strong or smooth (or both). Without the lead mine comes to 348g (strung, og, damp) which is perfect for me but feels slightly underpowered. I've been preferring my black...