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  1. Weevil

    I've found one of it not my favorite string setup in a hybrid. What is your favorite hybrid string?

    Recently I've been playing with Tour Bite Soft 16L in the mains and Solinco Pro Stacked 16 in the crosses, and it is absolutely fantastic. Massive spin and control that comes with Tour Bite, without the added stiffness from a full bed. In addition, I get a nice boost in power from the Pro...
  2. Weevil

    How's my Stringing method? New Stringer

    Hi everyone, I recently was able to purchase a stringing machine and have settled on a method that I think is really solid, but wanted some feedback from some more experienced stringers. The method is as follows Mains: Yusuki Method to start the mains, then go 3 on one side 4 on the other, next...
  3. Weevil

    What's your favorite Poly and Syn Gut hybrid?

    I've been experimenting with hybrids recently, I've tried Solinco Confidential 16L with Gosen OGSM 16 as well as Solinco Tour Bite Soft 16L with Solinco Pro Stacked 16, and on deck I have Weiss Cannon Ultra Cable with Gosen OGSM 16 to try. I've strung everything so far at 55 in the mains and 53...