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  1. FD3S

    Sizing up in Ultra Raptor IV's for wider feet?

    I need a new pair of shoes thanks to the toe areas in my SHT-306's and my Propulse 3's finally wearing through (RIP both; you've served me well, and if I could find either one of you in my size I wouldn't be posting this :)) and the Lottos look really appealing, but I've also read they run to...
  2. FD3S

    Racquets that are comparable to Pure Control swirly?

    All right, here's the deal; I've been running with one swirly for the past year now, and I've gotta say; I love the stick's pop, plowthrough, stability, and all around ability to murder the holy hell out of the ball. In fact, I've currently got a post in the Wanted section trying to find more...
  3. FD3S

    For the few that will care - Mazda planning new RX-7 for 2017 This news made my day, as my username will attest to. I've always been a big fan of the RX-7 in all its incarnations, despite the practicality of owning one being slim to nil. Yeah, it had horrendous...
  4. FD3S

    Recently picked up a swirly Pure Control Standard...

    Holy crap, the 'oomph' on this thing is unbelievable. Coming from the Pure Storm Tour GT I thought I had some semblance of an idea how this stick played, but I really didn't. Set my feet, turn my shoulders/hips, boom. I'm probably still in the honeymoon period, but dammit, I love this...
  5. FD3S

    Anyone ever walk into a store and see brand new, discontinued items dominating?

    Because that's what just happened to me, in the most random area I could have imagined; a sports store in a Korean shopping centre. Walking in, I figure I'd take a quick look, maybe pick up some strings, when I noticed two things: 1. This store's Babolat section was TW's back in the late...
  6. FD3S

    Trying out full Pro Hurricane setup... any tips?

    For starters, I have an O3 Tour, and plan to string it up at around 54-55 pounds (I've heard quite a number of people swear by polys at low tension). Considering how comfortable the O3 is already, should the tension be upped a bit? Or will my arm thank me if I stay low?
  7. FD3S

    O3 Tour MP users - setups?

    Right now I'm using 16 gauge NXT, but I'm getting it restrung soon, and I wanna try something new... any suggestions for setups? I'm considering Pro Hurricane Tour...
  8. FD3S

    Aluminum foil tape as a substitute for lead?

    Question; could I just add on more aluminum tape (ie; double layers) to make up for the lack of weight?
  9. FD3S

    How much weight does the bumper guard add to the O3 Tour MP?

    It was sold w/out one to me, and I just added lead to make up for the lack of power. I'm just curious as to how much the bumper guard would have to weigh to make a difference? Apparently the difference with a guard and without is freaking huge...
  10. FD3S

    Temporary switch to wood good for refining strokes?

    Well... see topic. Really, I'm kind of curious; I was given an old Pancho Gonzales Spalding, but I never use it. My question is; if I catch myself getting lazy strokewise (happened today, and it wasn't pretty), would using wood force me to correct form? (Current stick is a Prince O3 Tour MP.)
  11. FD3S

    Your setups/tips for leading up the O3 tour MP

    I ran a search, and there were a variety of lead setups for this racquet. Seeing as how the MP was a "guinea pig" for the MS/OS (in another topic, someone said that the weight distribution, as well as total weight, differed), where would be the best places to apply lead? I'm thinking 3:00...
  12. FD3S

    Serve - Explanation of platform/pinpoint

    I'm jot going to lie; I have no idea what the differences are between these two. To be brutally honest, I only know what constitutes pinpoint. Can anyone elaborate? I need to know so that I can figure out what to do w/ my rear leg during serve...
  13. FD3S

    Muscles to work on for serves?

    While I know that the serve effectiveness comes from using the kinetic chain to it's fullest potential, I have a question; how would I go about making the individual parts of the chain more effective? I want to focus on power (placement is fine) so would I have to build up my back/shoulder muscles?
  14. FD3S

    Any recommendation on making the Precision Response Ti more baseline friendly?

    I love this racquet, but it seems that I have to think a little more then I should to hit good baseline shots. Is it possible to add weight anywhere to give it a little more stability for groundies?
  15. FD3S

    Any info on the Dunlop Revelation Superlong +1.25?

    My friend gave me this racquet after finding it on the street (not kidding here). It was strung so low that he couldn't use it without sending the ball flying, so he gave it to me to use for school tryouts. (Don't ask how those went... I found out about the tension the hard way.) Crappy...