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    Shouldn't Pro Players' Coaches Be More Recognized?

    We see, read or hear plenty about successful tennis players but a lot less about their coaches. When one player climbs up the ladder to the stardom, we praise his/her effort and sponors flock to depict the tennis player as the symbol of fashion brand names or jewelry for instance. Yet, the...
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    For which player are the tickets most worth buying in the USO this year?

    Watching Leylah winnning the first semifinal set on the tie breaker a few minutes ago, I was in my seat at home but thinking what would it feel if I were there. Well, this girl has made me feel I want to buy all the tickets to her matches everywhere, because she keeps me at the edge from start...
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    What did just happen to Alcaraz against Felix in USO Quarters?

    I had no time to see the second set and see it is a WO for Felix. No news out here where I am in China. What happened? Is there in injury?
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    Fernandez: The greediest USO tennis player

    Is the 18 year old Layla Fernandes the greediest tennis player in this year's USO? Has any other tennis player had so many close wins?
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    Have officials adjusted Tsitsi's toilet break routine against Alcaraz?

    Stepanos usually takes an 8 minute break wherever he plays and brings his big colorful bag with him. Yesterday, he just picked up his small see through plastic bag with some obvious clothing in it and came back within 5 minutes. What happened? Did he have a faster sh*t? Was he not allowed to...
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    ATP Needs Maxim Creesy Types

    I loved the way Maxim Creesy played in the first USO round. Am I the only one? This fine college educated man is exciting to watch as he charges the net and plays hard rather than careful of his baseline. Serve and volley game's nice to watch. I miss that (since Samprass) Hopeful he'll get to...
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    How much do professional tennis players pay their coaches?

    I understand that a full time tennis coach of a pro player may be on a yearly contract that requires traveling. This may cost the player and offer extra for prize money too. What would be more interesting to see is the ongoing prices for the coaches who do not travel with players; the ones that...
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    Ironies of Pavlyuchenkova

    Pavlyuchenkova lost in French Open final on a controversial ball in the third set at 4:5 (30:40) this year; and, then she couldn't get her visa coming from Canadian tournament to the US Cinci this year too. Prior to her contentious 2021, she went through a coach changing irony when the WTA asked...
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    Should Medvedev Receive An Apology/Compensation For The Cincy Camera Management?

    In the light of recent events that have brought forward some accusations against top players how unprofessional they are and that have also raised prospects to put the professional tennis players under the microscope, I have wondered how things may work the other way around. So, should the ATP...
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    Pavlyuchenkova out of Cincinnati event due to visa issues

    There's so much about male tennis stars but little about the female ones. Moreover, the board's overrun with GOAT talks, Big 3 etc but little about what those fine tennis players have to cope with when having to travel. So, try discussing the issue of visas and why can't pro athletes get their...
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    The Tech Calling Balls Out Seems Slow

    Am I the only one feeling that the balls that are out are called out too late? To me, this was the obvious in Toronto Masters.
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    The Hindrance Call of Medvedev vs Bublik in Toronto

    Daniil hit a ball into his opponent, apparently accidentally; and, before the ball got there, the Russian attempted sportmanship (prematurely). Some people, just like this Russian, are spontaneous and so may say sorry naturally too early. Should umpires use the sixth sense when calling shots?
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    Adidas SoleCourt Boost vs KSwiss Hypercourt/Ultrashot (21) vs NB Fresh Foam Lav 21

    Frustrated with some arch shoe disappearance on the market, I have researched a few options of footwear I have really not warn before. I want arch (toebox) and comfort the old Adidas Barricade provided me with. So, what shoes from those choice above do you think are better comparable to the old...
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    Lungs Breating Athletic Machines

    A couple 13 and 14 year old kids in my camp are week breathers and they have not improved over the period of a year. Both of them blow way less than 3,000, one of them just 2,300. What are your experiences with the expand a lung fitness exercisers?
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    Thiem practicing with his left, not right now

    Dom has had his right wrist injured not long ago; and, as he is recovering he does not want to waste a moment. That got me thinking-has any pro tennis player ever switched hands to continue in his/her career?
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    Racquet Strung Twice, String Broke Twice (the same place) in a Day.

    The two horizontal strings broke twice after a few balls were hit. Being strung by the same guy/machine in the same day, I took my grievances to him. The poor guy had no idea what to do, so I summoned another guy as it was expedient the racquet got done well. I'd say be aware of the stringers...
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    Wimbledon Match Fixing?

    International Tennis Integrity Agency is looking into two potential cases of match fixing. Agence France-Presse Wed., July 14, 2021, 9:59 p.m. Two matches at this year's Wimbledon are being investigated by the International Tennis Integrity Agency over potential irregular betting patterns...
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    Gym Weight Training Before Or After Tennis Practice/Match

    I have had/seen success and failures doing it both ways. What is your take/experience with weight training combo with on court tennis practice and/or matches?
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    The Second Service of Roger Federer

    I see just about every tennis player double faulting sometimes, and I have seen Novak Djokovic's difficult moments with his second service too. Roger Federer, on the other hand, seems from another world when it comes to the service, especially the second service. Not only that this man does not...
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    Impressive 18 Year Old Emma Raducanu

    Ranked below 300th spot, she has just beaten Cirstea in two straight sets and played some excellent tennis. The teenager is in the round of 16 alongside Coco Gauff who has not made her mark so visibly as Emma has today. Are you guys seeing this?
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    How to get a sponsor for shoes and apparel?

    Youth tennis tournaments require kids to show which brand sponsors them. If the young players do not have a proof of sponsorship, they aren't allowed to wear their fine brand named tshirts or shorts, if logo is too visible, on the court. My question is how to get young kids who have little to...
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    Most Affordable/Committed to Development of Low Teenagers Tennis Academies

    There are about three kids in my camp that are outstanding and very competitive. They are reasonably successful in tournaments around China and their parents are eager to keep their kids in tennis. At 13-14, they ought to make better choices than with me for I am just a lowly coach with not...
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    The Drop Shots of Novak Djokovic

    One of the main reasons the Serb is ruling tennis is his ability to play drop shots at almost any given time. That is how the man keeps his opponents guessing and running which wears them down eventually. If there were players, who charge the net more often, they'd solve Novak's short balls...
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    How long before FAA gets rid of Toni Nadal?

    The young Canadian has done quite poorly this year. He began his year training at Toni Nadal Academy which resulted in Felix's decision to hire the man as a formal coach. Now, there is a proof that that decision was wrong. So, how long before Felix gets rid of Toni?
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    Korda, first American in a decade on European tour!

    The 20 year old Sebastian Korda did it tonight. Although his receiving in the second set was quite poor, the youngster impressed. There is a hope in American tennis after all.
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    Shapovalov's Accidental/Fake Toss on Second Service

    I have just finished watching the Ruud vs Shapo match. The Norvegian has impressed me very much while Dennis has given me something to think about. The Canadian's lackluster performance on longer rallies and his poor network which eventually resulted in his first set tiebreaker loss on his...
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    Shapovalov Double Duty in Geneva

    There are some exceptions when players are asked to play twice in a day. At the highest level of the sport when stakes are high, the double duty may take a competitive edge away or raise posibilities of injuries. The Canadian has had to play an early morning three and a late evening two setter...
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    What are the lighter tennis shoes for wide feet?

    I have bought Nike Vapor Cage that're super light but a bit tight; Babolat very comfortable but not safe for high performance. Then, Adidas Barricade that're too heavy but comfortable and safely maneuverable. So, what wide feet tennis shoes are light, comfortable and up for heavy action on court?
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    Instant Replay Camera on Madrid Clay

    Zverev has not only pointed out that some umpires lack the knowledge of rules of tennis when Rafa returned Zverev's wide service that was called late by the Spaniard, but he also has uncovered the weaknesses of modern technology in pro tennis. One of Thiem's service balls landed somewhat flatly...
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    Did Zverev just serve to lose?

    I could not believe the amount of double faults Zverev accumulated in the three set loss today. In the decisive third one at 3:4, he had literally given the game to Ivashka with his double faults one afte the other. The 107th seeded player had an excellent night but hard to overlook how he was...