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  1. DonPepe

    Head Gravity Hybrid

    So if you know this pre packaged hybrid the shaped and round strings are set for mains and cross respectively…. My stringer gave me racket back with the triangular shaped cross and an 18 g round main ! I said no big deal and hit for an hour yesterday , my opponent said I had more spin than...
  2. DonPepe

    When to retire if you’re cramping

    So when you feel a cramp coming or when it seizes your muscles in a match what do you do ? Some players play through it but I think it depends on the situation … what’s your experience ?
  3. DonPepe

    How to prepare for big matches

    For you singles players out there playing league and tournaments … what’s your ritual before the match ? Training aside tell us about what you eat the day/night, week before , sleep patterns hydrating , preparing your bags and equipment, etc ..
  4. DonPepe

    Dealing with a net rusher

    Playing singles what do I do to beat an opponent that keeps coming to the net ... keep trying to pass him and lobs ?
  5. DonPepe

    I’m a baseliner , how do I get to the net?

    How do you get to the net ? Serve and volley?
  6. DonPepe

    How do you practice?

    I wonder what do you guys who compete in leagues and play tournaments do to prepare , practice? How long are your sessions?
  7. DonPepe

    What's up with Felix?

    So I saw a post about how Sinner will improve.... I just thought about the talented FAA. He is the only player in the top 40 I believe w/o a title! What do you guys think is his problem?
  8. DonPepe

    Manual Crank Gamma X-ST vs. Proshop Electronic Stringer

    So I was told stringing rackets at home using a lock out vs. electronic string machine at local pro shop are different with respect to tension, especially when stringing natural gut. So 50 lbs on my Gamma X-ST lock out is like 45 lbs on a Wilson electronic stringer.... What say you?
  9. DonPepe

    2020 Bab Pure Aero VS

    Just spent 3 mo with this racket - I wonder what strings you guys like best with it and what tension ..?
  10. DonPepe

    Stringing up Bab Pure Aero VS

    What’s your go to string of choice on the new VS ?
  11. DonPepe

    Botched string job

    Hi , I am new to stringing and spent so much time (3 hours) on my crank lock out machine doing a hybrid pattern I don't want to do it over just yet. I've decided to play, hit, practice with it anyway. What effects do you think would 3 central cross weave errors have on my shots ...
  12. DonPepe

    The New Pure Aero VS

    Just got this new stick! More control and a little less power? Anyone find this about right with the new Pure Aero VS?
  13. DonPepe

    Pure Aero VS 2021

    Anyone get this new stick for control after using Pure Aero banana yellow?
  14. DonPepe

    Switching from Babolat Pure Aero

    So thinking about making a change . I use the latest Pure Aero 2019 banana yellow and enjoy banging from the baseline hitting winners off ground strikes with spin n power. I feel it’s a hammer, but want to try a more full court game with volleys and feel , placement. If anyone felt like me and...
  15. DonPepe

    Best Pure Aero including “ Aero Pure Drive , Aero Pro Drive “

    What’s the best version of the Babolat Pure Aero you think ? There are 4 you know ... So what’s ur vote 1st thru 4th and why ?
  16. DonPepe

    Does anyone have experience managing their own private grass court?

    I'm willing and able to do work but not sure if its a good idea (cost seems least of surfaces) to make a backyard tennis court. Any thoughts?
  17. DonPepe

    How to fix my grip.....

    So can someone tell me best way to decrease my grip on my Babolat Pure Aero from 4 3/8 to 4 1/4 ? I use Tourna Blue overgrip or Yonex at times on my 4 3/8 grips and after 1 year think I feel better with a smaller grip size. I have an older model PA 4 1/4 which I add Yonex's Super Grab...
  18. DonPepe

    Ever got double bageled?

    You’re playing fine but your opponent just one ups you, wins all the ads , and at the end you notice you didn’t even win 1 game in the match. How do you handle this ?
  19. DonPepe

    Sinner Strings

    Anyone know what specific string and tension Sinner uses?
  20. DonPepe

    Playing a slicer

    I play a 3.5-4.0 level guy who loves to use a nasty looking slice on both forehand and backhand. It is very annoying ; always a tough match... so any tips on playing a slicer? hitting those low sliders that skid through the court?
  21. DonPepe

    Prince Warrior 100 & Tour 95

    Anyone play with these rackets ? I bought these years ago , switched to the popular Pure Aero and tucked them in the closet... ...but lately I want to play with that Prince classic feel . I wonder what strings play best with them. I’m using Black Code 4s , with some hybrid set ups ; and...
  22. DonPepe

    What happened to Novak at the US Open 2020 was....

    Man ... that was ridiculous defaulting , and fining Novak for that flick of the ball. You can read the rules by the book but the powers that be can always make exceptions. They should've just defaulted 1 game and resumed play. Anyone with good judgement knows a default from the tournament...
  23. DonPepe

    Start time

    So hot out there ! How early would you be ready to play in the morning ?
  24. DonPepe

    I want to string

    I decided to get a stringing machine bc there are no stringers in my rural community and can't drive 2 hours to have it done. Can anyone recommend a stringing machine that will last a long time, easy to use, and electronic? I heard electronic is the best... should I avoid the crank type ...
  25. DonPepe

    *Covid-19 & Tennis*

    So Rafa is playing the French and wont travel to the US Open bc of Covid 19... is that right? Nick is not playing at all? Personal choices , so respect their decision. But I ask : Should sports be shut down or should athletes keep playing despite risks in the foreseeable future? Why play for...
  26. DonPepe

    Overthinking poly / poly hybrids

    Maybe you can save me time and aggravation. Any 4.5+ players feel poly/poly or poly/synthetic gut hybrids are worth it? Are you regularly playing with a hybrid set up or full bed?
  27. DonPepe

    Anybody hybrid Solinco Tourbite or Confidential w/ Isospeed Cream, Black Magic, Proline II, Head Sonic, or OG Sheep Micro?

    Wondering if I should hybrid with some spare cross strings I have in order to soften up these Solinco strings. What's your experience? Thanks in advance!
  28. DonPepe

    What to do? String Hybrid or Full Bed... need your advice

    Hey everyone, I , like many out here , have tried many strings ..... some I like better than others, some I bought and have to reconsider. I have a bunch of strings to test and not sure how to string them. What would you do with these... hybrid or full bed with the following strings ? If...
  29. DonPepe

    Any experience with poly shaped hybrid strings? Like BlackCode 4S + Big Hitter Black7 for example)

    Hi all, So Im trying to find the best combo to hybrid my Bab Pure Aero and I thought of trying a Black Code 4S (17g) - Tourna Big Hitter Black 7 hybrid (17g) I researched the forums and found its widely held that shaped polys in the mains go well with smooth round crosses at 2 lbs less...
  30. DonPepe

    Are players better with a 1 or a 2 handed backhand these days?

    So my friend who played in ITF said only gifted freaks play with a 1 handed backhand these days....with the power game the way it is one handed guys get attacked on that side more easily, too tough to win tournaments. I don't know about that. I play with a 1 handed and I know I don't get as...