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  1. supineAnimation no longer secure (no https:)?

    Anyone else notice that is no longer a secure site?
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    Any Firsthand Comparisons Between YouTek Prestige Pro, Angell TC95 and TC97?

    Can anyone offer, firsthand, the differences and similarities between the first YouTek Prestige Pro (no IG) compared to the TC95 and to the TC97. I originally wanted to go with the TC97 because of the closer head size, but it's pretty clear the difference in head size between the TC97 and TC95...
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    Weakness/Mild Tingling in Triceps

    Hey All- After shoveling a lot of snow last weekend (which may've been strictly coincidental) I now have weakness in my left triceps and even some mild tingling along the bottom of my forearm. I can't do even a single pushup right now. I hate going to the doctor (lotta medical issues in my...
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    Looking for UNSTRUNG SW of YouTek Prestige Pro

    This is a total shot in the dark this many years after the release, but does anyone happen to know the unstrung swingweight of the first YouTek Prestige Pro (no IG)? Mine are too modded up to measure their original unstrung SW and I kinda need to know for a reference point for another frame. Thanks.
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    Looking for a Cheaper Alternative to Diadem Solstice

    The title pretty much says it. I love Diadem Solstice (Pro, haven't tried Power yet, but I have a set ready to try) and it's been my favorite string for awhile now, but I'm cheap. I know it's a pretty unique string shape, but if anyone has tried it and knows of another string that plays similar...
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    Looking for Help Authenticating Actual Sampras PS85

    Hey Sampras/PS85 Experts- So I have a racquet I'm told was a late career Sampras stick that he never ended up getting restrung because he stopped playing. But I got it from someone who knew the guy who worked for the stringer (or something to that effect), and I don't really talk to that guy...
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    How To Authenticate Actual Sampras PS85?

    Hey Sampras/PS85 Experts- So I have a racquet I'm told was a late career Sampras stick that he never ended up getting restrung because he stopped playing. But I got it from someone who knew the guy who worked for the stringer (or something to that effect), and I don't really talk to that guy...
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    Anyone Try Out the Ace Trainer Yet?

    They've been advertising the crap outta this on the Tennis Channel and I'll admit that I'm intrigued. A lot of the people I give lessons to struggle with the concept of swinging up on the serve and I'd be inclined to give this a try. But at $80 for the...
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    Why Not a Petition About Loss of Prestige Feel?

    Been reading a lot of comments that reflect the same complaint from long-time Prestige devotees about the loss of the storied Prestige Feel in the Graphene release. This forum seems to be one, if not, the most widely-used tennis-related message board online. If we can get enough players to post...
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    Fantastic Video Great instruction from a great coach, and if players at any level can incorporate even some of the recovery and movement techniques demonstrated here, I think they'll find that their success on-court will increase exponentially.
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    Best Multi for Spin and Bite?

    Title says it all. I've tried NRG2 16, Multi-Feel 16 and Rip Control 16, but I'm looking for something with more bite and that can produce more spin in a full bed. And one that's durable, ideally. And relatively cheap. And will make me faster.
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    4E Wide Tennis Shoes?

    Did a search but didn't find anything. I have ultra-wide feet. Well, foot, that is. My L5 nerve was cut and what happens is that the tendons and stuff holding up your foot kinda let go and the foot widens significantly. I had slightly-wide feet to begin with and very high arches, but with the...
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    Overhitting Feeds

    I'm a solid 4.5/5.0 player and I usually don't have much trouble with any one shot in match play (beyond those that expose a physical limitation about which there's nothing I can do), but I go to a drilling session once a week and I seem to struggle with the feeds when they're soft and slow. Not...
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    Anyone Try Luxilon M2 Plus or Luxilon M2 Pro?

    Since I can't search for "M2" because it is under 3 characters, has anyone played with this string, either the Pro or the Plus? I've begun experimenting with different multis on my YTPPs after years playing with full poly, and I'm looking for a string that has the comfort of a multi and the spin...
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    Dynaflex Power Ball Needs Help

    OK, so I bought Dynaflex Power Ball last week and I still can't get it to work right. I can start it with the lil' cord that comes with it, but I don't seem to be able to keep the gyroscope spinning. Any tips from users would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    First Time Multi User Seeking Advice

    OK, so I've decided to try a multi in one of my new YouTek Prestige Pros to see if it can offset the increased stiffness a bit. I've never used a multi before so I'd like some input, particularly from other YTPP users out there. I'm a 5.0 player and I hit with a lot of topspin and I have...
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    Cotton Ball-Filled Handles

    I'll preface this by stating that it's entirely possible, if not likely, that this was all in my head. Been toying around with the notion of adding some silicone in the handles of my new frames but I'm waiting on a postal scale I ordered. Kinda nervous about messing up my new toys, so I plan...
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    Polyurethane Foam or Composite Handle on my YTPPs?

    Thinking of taking off the buttcap on my new YouTek Prestige Pros soon (to put some lead under there), so I was checking out TW University. Quick question for a material-science-challenged DYI-er: how do I tell whether my racquets have polyurethane foam handles or composite handles? I have a...
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    Anyone Try Luxilon M2?

    Anyone try Luxilon M2 yet? I read on that it's reported to provide all the spin of BB Alu but much softer. It's a bit expensive, and I'm not even sure my stringer carries it, so I'd have to buy it online and bring it in to him. But I'd like to hear some players' feedback about it...
  20. supineAnimation

    Federer is amazing

    Yeah, that's pretty much all. Fed-haters: feel free to retort, but as a big fan of men's tennis it's just incredible to see the man dominate a guy who was in such great form these past two weeks (Murray) and continue to rise to the occasion. Murray didn't play great for stretches in this final...
  21. supineAnimation

    Welcome Two Beautiful Twin YouTek Prestige Pros

    Finally got my YouTek Prestige Pros today! (check out the updated sig!) They're lovely. Took off the Head Leather, replaced it with Gamma Hi Tec Gel and a Wilson Pro OG. 3.2g of lead at 3 and 9, 4g stuck to the underside of the buttcap. Tried out a new idea: cut up 40 inches of 0.5" lead tape...
  22. supineAnimation

    Quick Question for Anyone Holding a YT Prestige Pro...

    I'm starting what will likely be a month long process of calculating how much weight I'll need to add to the handles on the two YT Prestige Pros I've ordered when I swap the Head Leather grips for rubber. I may use the Gamma Hi Tech Gel which one kind poster (thank you) discovered was the same...
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    Demo Feedback: Pure Storm Tour and YouTek Radical Pro... and a decision

    Hit with demos of the Pure Storm Tour and the YouTek Radical Pro last night. Unfortunately I had to return the YouTek Prestige demos I had earlier in the day, because I would've really liked to have had all four to compare concurrently, but oh well. Anyway, I didn't like the Radical at all...
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    How many overgips = 1 additional grip size?

    Hitting with a demo right now that is 4 3/8 and I have two overgrips on it. The grip size is perfect for me, but would 4 3/8 with two overgrips be equal or close to 4 1/2 with one overgrip? I like the size but I'd prefer to keep the bevels as defined as possible with fewer overgrips, so if I...
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    2nd Demo Day with YouTek Prestiges

    OK, so I had a couple of hours to spend with these two today (MP and Pro) and I was able to get a much better sense of both of them. As I suspected, the MP grew on me a bit, but so did the Pro and by a wider margin. I added just a wee bit of lead to 3 and 9 on both (2 grams on each side), and 5...
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    Advice for Possible Change to 16x19 from 18x20

    Posted this at the bottom of my YouTek Prestiges review earlier, but I'm hoping to get a range of advice so I thought I'd start a new thread. Quick question for anyone that has changed from 18x20 to 16x19: how did you adjust your string choice and tension when you switched? I play with either...
  27. supineAnimation

    First Demo Day with YouTek Prestiges

    Can't give a terribly detailed or well-tested review just yet because I just got 'em and only had time for a brief casual hit (it's raining here so not great timing), but I had a chance to hit with the Pro and the MP today. I've been playing with the FXP Prestige Team for the past 5 years...
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    Baghdadits Resurgence?

    Marco looks like he's finally playing some good tennis again (been about 3.5 years by my count). Maybe the former finalist could produce an upset? Simon in the 2nd round perhaps?
  29. supineAnimation

    Nalbandian out of Sydney

    Nalbandian pulled out of Sydney. Chances are he'll withdraw from the Aussie as well. Shame. Hope he doesn't go the way of Kuerten, but hip surgery is probably second or third worst for a tennis player behind back and achilles.
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    Possible to order demos strung with a particular string at a desired tension?

    Had this question pop up in a discussion in the Racquets forum, so I'd thought I'd go to the horse's mouth. Is it possible to order demos (YouTek Prestige MP and YouTek Prestige Pro... when they're available) strung with a string of choice and a particular tension? Thanks.