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  1. RodSmooth

    Donald young Vs Ivo Karlovic Live stream???

    Is there a live stream that actually works. The ones I keep clicking are in and out and keep freezing.
  2. RodSmooth

    Donald young vs Tomic Livestream Anyone????

    Anyone have a live stream, I only have a computer atm....
  3. RodSmooth

    Possible prize money

    How much money can be won in a season, if a player won everything they played in singles and doubles? Singles and doubles -9 masters -4 slams -a few 500s and 250s -#1 year end bonus -US open series bonus Is it possible for a player to win $20million in one season strictly from...
  4. RodSmooth

    Challengers and Rankings

    Maybe I have just thought of this, or maybe I'm reading this wrong. ATP Ranks roll on a "Best 18 tournaments" Ranking system. So technically a player can be Top 50 just by winning 18 challengers. There is plenty of Challengers that offer 80-100 points, for the winner... Idk maybe I'm...
  5. RodSmooth

    Lopez has the best Serve

    Lopez has the smoothest and Fluid technique. Its Perfect Thoughts?
  6. RodSmooth

    The Next Generation

    will be sick end of story
  7. RodSmooth

    Baby Monfils vs Sharapov LOL

    This is no question. Baby LaMonf in Straights 6,2 6,4. She is one of the 3 female GOATS. She still has the GOAT dust of Monfils still on her... Easy match towards her first GrandSlam
  8. RodSmooth

    Has a Player ever quit and comeback

    Has a player ever quit or got injured for a long period of time without touching a racket. Then came back on the tour?
  9. RodSmooth

    R3 Nadal vs Monfils LOL

    MOnfils will win in straight sets just like his other 2 overhyped opponents. Nadal has nothing t hurt monfils with. Nadals serve will keep Monfils in all of his serve games. MOnfils serve games will be sweet and simple. Straight sets easy. Ill be nice and say maybe Nadal gets a set...
  10. RodSmooth

    LOL Proffesional Athletes cant handle HEAT

    WTF is this. Heat rule in a grandslam. They do fitness and tennis for a living and they get a break because it is to Hot.. what a joke... (ive played challengers, i dont want to hear ezcuses).... players like monfils would destroy Sock in these conditions, thats his weapon is his physical...
  11. RodSmooth

    Live Stream for Donald VS Seppi ANyone?

    Anyone got One? EDIT:NVM
  12. RodSmooth

    R2 Sock vs Monfils LOL

    Sock is bassically the identical twin of harrison with a slightly better serve but worse Backhand. Another Blowout!
  13. RodSmooth

    Harrison VS Monfils LOL

    first round in the Aussie!!! Another first round loss for "Americas Future"
  14. RodSmooth

    Monfils will be back top 20 by the end of 2013

    He will be back top 10 by the end of 2014. Monfils has not many points to defend for his standards for next year either. Maybe next year he will finally "turn UP" and get some great Paper wins
  15. RodSmooth

    Ryan Harrison did NOT live up to the HYPE

    I never hyped up this guy from the beginning, but everyone was in 2010/2011 and when he was a junior. The guy is a bum and no better than Donald. You guys hyped him like he was as good as prime roddick. Tell me one thing great about his career so far?
  16. RodSmooth

    Yawn I told you monfils is the GOAT

    Beats federer again easily
  17. RodSmooth

    Federer- You are NOT Monfils

    I can't watch him for any longer than 5 minutes. It's just embarrassing. The forehand, backhand, slice, follow through, etc. The guy looks like he's about to trip trying to side shuffle the exact way Federer does. He needs to go see a therapist for his identity issues. You are a clown.
  18. RodSmooth

    Murray lacks star power unlike Monfils

    Thats is all
  19. RodSmooth

    Monfils live stream anyone?

    anyone have a Monfils live stream?
  20. RodSmooth

    The Irony

    I have not been on here since Monfils won the French Open this year. I stated that tournament that Lisicki,Cibulkova, and Kirilenko are the best female tennis players. I got laughed at and was told that they were all terrible by multiple posters. Now all of a sudden, "Lisicki is a great...
  21. RodSmooth

    Weather and The Kings Journey to his Title

    Monfils beat Berdych with ease in his first round match. His defense was Unstopable His serve was Great His court coverage was Beast as always His consistency and energy is on the level of Lance and Roidael His return was top 5 as always Conditions were wet and damp Uploaded with
  22. RodSmooth

    I AM Ticked OFF!!!! Monfils

    Monfils's Career is ticking me off. Even though he will be easily in the top 100 by the end of the year, he needs a couple of masters and Slams. I cant take this anymore, hardly any titles, always losing to less gifted players year after year.(Nadal aka...
  23. RodSmooth

    Monfils is the most talented current player.GOAT

    That's it. No debating. Just wanted to remind those who will view this.
  24. RodSmooth

    So the Junior Section is gone?

    ??? did i miss something, ive been away from this forum since the last time Monfils played. Did the Junior section get deleted?