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  1. bjsnider

    The draw will determine the slam winners next year

    It's too much to ask one of these three guys to beat the other two in a major, the way they're playing right now. At RG, you can sub Tsitsipas for Medvedev, and if Thiem comes back at full strength, he's in the mix except at Wimbledon. It wouldn't shock me to see four different slam winners next...
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    BG's story about Wilander's fitness

    Gilbert is getting ready to play Wilander on a really hot, humid day. Gilbert notices Wilander didn't pack any extra shirts. Gilbert asks "Why didn't you bring extra shirts with you"? Wilander responds "What for?"
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    Korda's serve motion can improve

    I've noticed Korda freezes his racket arm in the trophy position, leading to a loss of momentum. Overall it's a good motion compared to Zverev, but he's leaving some MPH on the table, especially for a guy with so much height, and therefore a more forgiving angle over the net. For reference...
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    Russian gymnasts training methods vs. the rest of the world

    Th Russian women's gymnastics team unexpectedly captured team gold over the heavily favoured two time defending US team, which had the Michael Jordan of gymnastics -- Simone Biles, on its side. Source...
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    The weeks at #1 record changed everything

    Djokovic is now totally focused on the majors record. Mary Carillo kind of hinted at this at one point when she said "he'll get whatever records he wants" or words to that effect. Up until now, the ranking record was the most important thing, but now Djokovic's priorities have been redirected...
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    Djokovic corrects ignorant reporter

    I guess Robin Soderling's victory over Nadal in 2009 is down the memory hole, especially if you're a &^%$ for brains reporter. Very First Question.
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    Djokovic on Clay: An Analysis

    Djokovic's winning percentage on clay is not as high as elsewhere. He has a harder time beating the field, and can't overcome Nadal at RG. These statements have few exceptions. Obviously, the curious mind asks why? Djokovic is not a defensive player, even though his defense is great. Djokovic's...
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    Djokovic's reality compared with the Agassi vision

    A few years have gone by since Agassi and Djokovic split, and we can examine Djokovic's results in comparison with the changes Agassi wanted, but didn't get. Djokovic has been winning Wimbledon and Melbourne, which is great, but he had already been doing those things prior to Agassi taking...
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    Tsitsipas' current clay stats (as of MC 2021)

    It shouldn't be surprising that, having won one of the biggest clay tournaments, his stats would be very good, but this is how it looks at the moment: Limited to 2021 clay, his hold game is by far the best on the tour, at 93%. His return game is inching toward the top 5 at 37%. Last year...
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    Courier nailed a 1HBH pass against Sampras

    I was just watching this match: Surprised that Courier was able to hit a one-handed pass, a shot he only used because Sampras took away all his time.
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    Who's today's Lendl?

    One subject that came up during the group discussion between Becker, Wilander, McEnroe, and Lendl a couple years ago was 'who plays like us today', with Wilander talking about Murray, Mac suggesting Shapo etc. but they couldn't think of anyone who played like Lendl, or who was a good enough fit...
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    Ratio of bad strategy to bad execution

    I was thinking about the Med/Thiem match, which I thought was played far too conservatively by Med, to the point where he hardly played any big shots, and looked a bit like a Monfils type thing. I thought obviously he was playing as if Thiem was 3 or more years younger and prone to overhitting...
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    The ATP has changed and there's no going back

    The younger players have asserted themselves. The Djokovic/Nadal et al. generation is fading. Federer is still a force at Wimbledon, Nadal at RG, Djokovic at Melbourne. The days when those guys would tour around the world destroying the field are over. They need to pick their spots. Nadal won't...
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    My local court was resurfaced with Laykold

    This just happened over the past week. They decided to use blue inside/green outside just like New York right now. I walked on it today. It had the rough texture of medium grit sandpaper, as I expected. I pushed down on it with my fingers and it was very spongy. My guess is it subtracts energy...
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    Possible reason for the decline of the men's return game

    For those who don't know, over the past two decades the men's game has changed in that hold games have gradually become easier, and return games harder. Just to use one metric, in the 1990s roughly 15 guys would typically end the year with a percentage of 80 or more of their hold games won. Ever...
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    How hard should a person hit with these friggin strings?

    I've got a 60/55 Element setup right now with a frame that has historically had nylon and gut. When I hammer serves as hard as I can, my brachioradialis/brachialis area experiences some dull pain for a few days. I know this monofilament stuff is total crap that humans shouldn't be hitting with...
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    Alarming deficiency of druck: Bjorn Borg's bizarre return to tennis in 1991

    For reasons best known to him (a phrase that could precede many reports about Borg), Borg decided to return to tennis at Monte Carlo in 1991. From Bodo's Courts of Babylon. "Soon a sedan pulled up to the curb and began to disgorge an astonishing succession of characters, including two...
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    Examining France's Greatest Generation

    This generation of thirtysomethings, particularly Gasquet, has been the most hyped in the history of France. Let's see how they've done as their careers wind down. Player Age Titles Masters Top 10 Top 5 Number One Major Finals Majors Gasquet 33 15 0 123 0 0 0 0 Monfils 33 10 0 83 0 0 0 0...
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    TSN showing RG this week

    From 2014. Djokovic vs. Nadal will be on Sunday afternoon. I think Bouchard's run was the reason they picked this tournament.
  20. bjsnider

    Bodo's criteria for an ATG (for those interested in shafting Murray)

    From Courts of Babylon, in the Lendl chapter: "Ultimately, Lendl would win eight Grand Slam titles, one more than his lifelong tormentor, John McEnroe, and the same number as his other major rival, Jimmy Connors. He would contest nineteen Grand Slam finals, appearing in the championship match...
  21. bjsnider

    What does everybody think of pressureless balls?

    I was surprised to find a bag of them in a sporting goods store here in Canada a few months ago, after having read years ago that they were available only in Europe. I should have bought them, because I have the time to hit them now, but I think those stores are closed ATM, and in any case I...
  22. bjsnider

    Did Thiem Overachieve?

    Thiem's rank in two abstract but important statistical categories from 2014-2019. The big 3 are typically ranked in the top 10 in both categories every year. Clearly, these numbers predict success. Stagnation in the return game since 2016, slight hold game improvement. It's unrealistic, given...
  23. bjsnider

    NextGen failing to take the return game seriously

    When we look at the service games won stat, there's are many nextgen guys in the top 25. Obviously, the offensive part of the game, the big serve and big forehand are important parts of the nextgen skillset. If we begin with 2018, there are 7 nextgen guys in the top 20 (if Kyrgios was counted...
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    Technical discussion of Dimitrov's game

    During the match against Federer at 2019 USO (just ID'ing it for people reading in the distant future, if any), Cahill and McEnroe talked at length about the issues that have kept Dimitrov in the 10-20 range in the rankings. In no particular order, here they are: * Small frame with less...
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    Ljubicic's coaching a mixed bag for Federer

    When Federer replaced Edberg with Ljubicic, the speculation was that the motive was an inability to overcome Djokovic. Ljubicic was said to be an expert on how to play Djokovic strategically, having won a couple of the head to head matchups against Djokovic. Since Ljubicic was hired, Federer...
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    The Greatness of the Big Three Doesn't Diminish Them

    In every era, there are a small cadre of exceptional players totally superior to the field, but not to each other. The current big three is no exception. They are so close to each other in facility that the conditions and other things, such as health and fatigue, have a strong influence on which...
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    Stop Complaining and Learn to Return the Slider

    In these conditions Nadal is basically a serve-bot with lots of additional high-level skills. So, if Pete Sampras's serve were given to Schwartzman, Nishikori, or a half dozen other guys. The Nadal team worked on this strategy from the time he was a little kid -- play left-handed, work on...
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    Andreescu Withdraws from RG

    Continuing shoulder pain.
  29. bjsnider

    Very Revealing Lopsided Scores

    I find it interesting that these top players needed to play twice in one day, and both matches featured sets won by multiple breaks, as if these guys were all in 2011 Djokovic mode. I wonder if correlation is also causation in this case? If so, does that mean most of the time the top guys are...