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  1. TennisHound

    Querrey fan

    I got to see Sam Querrey, Murphy Jenson, and the Bryan brothers play in Midland TX on Wednesday 09/15 for the Bryan’s farewell tour. The Bryan’s were great as was Murphy Jenson (who took Jack Sock’s place since he was injured from the US Open). It was kid focused so you had a lot of the local...
  2. TennisHound

    Tennis Channel blurry coverage

    Watching the TC coverage the last few weeks and noticed how blurry the camera gets when it’s following the ball. There is a lag or distortion somewhere. Maybe my TV isn’t “High Definition” enough? Not sure…
  3. TennisHound


    Why is it that professional athletes are allowed in the olympics? If they’re going to allow basketball and tennis, shouldn’t they make sure that all sports are professional?
  4. TennisHound

    Pure Drive Tour - Wow

    What a sweet hitting frame. I used the regular PD for quite while because I thought the Tour was too heavy. Despite being wide in the head (like all PDs and PAs) the Tour had just about everything the regular PD was missing. Surprisingly I was only late a few times. I ended up beating this...
  5. TennisHound

    Madison Keys new pj

    Looks like Madison Keys is sporting the Blade pj. Not sure what racquet it is however.
  6. TennisHound

    Jack Draper racquet

    Is he using the Dunlop FX500 100” or FX500 Tour 98”?
  7. TennisHound

    Platform racquets

    What racquet have you had the best success adding weight to? For me currently: - Prince TT 95: added 2x7”x1/4” strips at 12 - Dunlop FX500: added 2x1/4” strips the length of the headguard (approx10-11”) It’s been pretty eye opening since I really haven’t had luck adding weight in the past...
  8. TennisHound

    Pouille and the Bab

    I’m not sure what sponsorship money he’s getting, but he must’ve had a guaranteed stipulation in his contract that didn’t nclude win bonuses, because he is at least a full level worse with the PD than with the 100P. Painful to watch. It’s like watching Ferrer all over again.
  9. TennisHound

    Cecchinato Racquet

    Search is not working in my iPhone, so I’m sure there’s already a thread on this, but it looks like he’s sporting the ‘20 PAVS pj. I assume he’s got the old PAVS mold (Aerostorm) underneath?
  10. TennisHound

    Murray racquet in Montpellier

    It looks like Murray’s racquet in Montpellier does not have the usual black grommets. Just curious if it’s his usual PT or something else?
  11. TennisHound

    Speed Pro long term users

    I’ve been using the 360+ Speed Pro and winning quite a few matches with it over the last several months. I’m over 50 (53 this year) and a basic racquetaholic (1step is admitting it lol) but I’ve gravitated toward It consistently and grooving with it pretty well. I’m just curious who has used...
  12. TennisHound

    Head 360+ Extreme Pro

    Just wondering if this racquet will ever make it over to the US? This has the potential to be one of Heads best selling racquets - more power than Speed Pro, more control than Extreme MP...
  13. TennisHound

    Francisco Cerundolo racquet

    He just won the Campinas Challenger using some sort of Prestige racquet. Not sure if what mold it is.
  14. TennisHound

    Dunlop FX 500

    Anyone using one of these? Its gotten great reviews from just about everyone. As soon as I can, I'm going to demo this one as well as the Tour, and SX300 Tour. I like my '18 PD, but I'm looking for a more slender head shape.
  15. TennisHound

    FX500 Written Review?

    I’ve noticed there isn’t a written review for the Dunlop FX500. I’ve been looking for it periodically, but it’s been quite awhile since the frame came out. Just curious, Thanks
  16. TennisHound

    Wawrinka vs Koepfer

    Wawrinka playing brutal tennis against Koepfer, who is no slouch. I actually thought, before the match started, that Koepfer could possibly win. Surprised that Wawrinka took it so convincingly.
  17. TennisHound

    Any pros using the 360+ Prestige MP

    I haven’t seen any using the new 360+ Prestige MP (or 345.1). I wonder why? It’s a great racquet.
  18. TennisHound


    Man, Schwartzman always plays Nadal tough! I like the yell at the end!
  19. TennisHound

    Blade 98S to US

    Is there any hope in the future to get the V7 Blade 98S in the US? Thanks
  20. TennisHound

    Simon and Cuevas New Prestige?

    It looks like Cuevas was using the new 360+mold against Sock in the USO, but I couldn’t quite tell if Simon was using it against Fritz. (TGT345.1?) Odd that they both lost...
  21. TennisHound

    Wilson Blade 98S V7

    Anyone get one of these from TWE or the auction site? It’s crazy a spin racquet like this wouldn’t be offered in the US.
  22. TennisHound

    Chris, left handed?

    I was amazed to see Chris playing left handed in the Dunlop FX500 playtest, and hitting very well. How long have you been going left handed?
  23. TennisHound

    Pure Strije Evo?

    The “Search” isn’t working for me right now. Anyone tried on of these - Babolat Pure Strike Evo 102”? Aaargh, wish I could edit the title...
  24. TennisHound

    Search isn’t working

    I can’t seem to get the search to work on iPhone. I’ve tried typing into the box but can’t
  25. TennisHound

    Over 50 Using Control Racquet effectively

    I’m just curious who is over 50 (I’m 52) and is using a control racquet effectively, like a Prestige MP, Tecnifibre 315 LTD, Six One 95 18x20, Prince 93P 18x20, Prestige Mid, etc?
  26. TennisHound

    Borderlands 3

    Anyone playing Borderlands 3. I’m downloading the Guns, Love, and Tentacles content atm.
  27. TennisHound

    How many times have you quit Tennis?

    I’ve quit so many times. I lost a couple of matches recently with my wife (me 4.5 her 3.5). After our last match (they just kept hammering her, and I couldn’t seem to do anything about it) I smashed the racquet and swore that I’m done for good.
  28. TennisHound

    Prince Textreme Tour 100 290g

    It looks like this one has flown completely under the radar. It’s pretty much the only Prince racquet not on clearance. I have the TT100T (Orange) and it’s an awesome racquet. In fact it was so good that I’ve been here using it over the past couple of weeks. Even so, the Textreme Tour 100...
  29. TennisHound

    What Racquet (If winning didn't matter)?

    I wonder if I need to get past the worry of winning and just use the racquet that I enjoy hitting with? I win the most with my '18 PD, but if winning didn't matter I would be using my Dunlop CV 3.0F Tour, or the Prince Phantom 93P 18x20.
  30. TennisHound

    What is your second best racquet?

    Right now my main racquet is just a plain ‘18 Pure Drive. But the one I like to hit with more is my Dunlop Srixon CV 3.0F Tour (the green 97”). I just love hammering balls with this thing. It just takes a back seat to the PD during match play though.