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  1. MichaelChang

    Tell me about Michael Chang!

    What else do you want to know?
  2. MichaelChang

    Radillo Armenulic has criticised Andre Agassi vigorously

    First of all, who is Radillo Armenulic? Second, by his logic, the coach had to be a better player than the player himself to be a good coach? Then who can coach any all-time-great players? Uncle Toni plays better baseline game than Nadal? lol.
  3. MichaelChang

    Tennis Players Who HATE Each Other

    That is why he cried 2 hours pulling out of Mexico.
  4. MichaelChang

    Tennis Players Who HATE Each Other

    Though they both say they are friends, but deep down we know this: Federer - Nadal
  5. MichaelChang

    Who's to credit for Federer renaissance?

    Just win more slams damn it.
  6. MichaelChang

    04 Agassi vs. 17 Fed?

    2017/18 Federer moves much better. I would pick fed.
  7. MichaelChang

    "...Just a sick shot..." : McEnroe

    Federer has brought the "hit on the rise" to a whole new level.
  8. MichaelChang

    The Federer generation Current ranking No. 39 (29 January 2018)
  9. MichaelChang

    The Federer generation

    Looking at the players around Roger's age. Hew... the old memories. Gonna appreciate more when Federer is still playing, every match is a gift for fans. still in tour: David Ferrer, born 1982 Tommy Robredo, born 1982 Mikhail Youzhny, born 1982 retired: Marat Safin, born 1980 Andy Roddick, born...
  10. MichaelChang

    Courts sped up and there you see the results

    Any solid proof that courts are indeed sped up?
  11. MichaelChang

    It's official- tennis has hit rock bottom

    It's official- ttw has hit rock bottom
  12. MichaelChang

    Pepe Imaz to Return as part of Djokovic's team in 2018!

    God has sent his ambassador, once again...
  13. MichaelChang

    How many slams can Roger win realistically from 2018 onwards

    Either 0 or 1 max. Don't get me wrong, big fed fan here but let's be realistic. I would say as long as Nadal is done winning slams Fed will retire the very next day.
  14. MichaelChang

    Felix AA beat Taro Daniel - 1 and 0 at Seville Challenger

    party hangover or could be whatever.
  15. MichaelChang

    Roggie's backhand has nothing to do with the racquet

    It's ok. I am happy for what he did this year. Hope to see him winning one more slam in his career.
  16. MichaelChang

    Are the courts so slow?

    Courts are fine, and regardless just relax and have some confidence in your old man.
  17. MichaelChang

    Confession of a Fed Fan: I'm rooting for Delpo

    neither of them is in semi yet.
  18. MichaelChang

    What would it mean to the Fedal legacy

    Still one more match to reach semi, too many ifs and we will see if it even happens.
  19. MichaelChang

    I discovered the key to Federer's effortless-looking powerful game

    Mods delete thread pls. A commercial this is.
  20. MichaelChang

    Will Fedr win the USO?

    just wait 7 weeks and find it out
  21. MichaelChang

    Federer's last chance at a slam, everyone enjoy it.

    even a wrong clock is right twice a day.
  22. MichaelChang

    Investigators believe 3 Wimbledon matches may have been fixed

    Most Fed fans (me included), suspected that the men's final was fixed as well;)
  23. MichaelChang

    REVISED: Updated Open era achievment ranking system using current ATP weighting

    Someone some day will publish these kind of stuff as his PhD research paper.
  24. MichaelChang

    Why people do'nt talk about weak era anymore?

    With Murry and Djoker injured/downfall, it is true that the men's tour is in a weak era. Hence Nadal winning FO without dropping a set, and Federer winning Wimby without dropping a set. Federer won the Wimby without having to face any other top 5. Don't get me wrong I am big Roger fan. but we...
  25. MichaelChang

    When will Sampras come out and congratulate Roger?

    When Rafa did it, 15th slam was no longer a record so there is nothing Sampras need to congratulate Nadal for.