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  1. MikeMechanic

    Wilson: same racquets, different recommended string tensions.

    I own 2 Wilson Ultra 100 (v3). Identical I pressume. However I noticed they have 2 different recommended string tensions. One has the recommended range 50-60 lb, the other 47-57 lb. See attached pictures. What is this? Never came across something like this.
  2. MikeMechanic

    The Fischer Faction!

    I got 2 sets of Fischer grip shells (4 1/2) for M Pro 98. Got them from Pacific last year but don't need them anymore. Not new but in good condition of course. For shipping costs only I'll send them to anyone in Europe.
  3. MikeMechanic

    New Yonex similar to old Ezone Ai

    Which current Yonex line comes closest to the old Yonex Ezone Ai models? The current Ezone line or are the Vcore's more similar?
  4. MikeMechanic

    Mouratoglou wants ATP rule change because of Fedal

    What advice did Roger get from Rafa?
  5. MikeMechanic

    Best Racket For Serve Returns??

    A heavy racket (320 gram).
  6. MikeMechanic

    Bonjour from Babolat: Part Trois

    Why is the 3rd generation Pure Strikes not on the Babolate website?
  7. MikeMechanic

    Bonjour from Babolat: Part Trois

    Will there be a PURE STRIKE VS (295 gram) for the coming 3rd generation (with the 21 - 23 - 21 mm beam) ?
  8. MikeMechanic

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Babolat Pure Strike (16x19, 18x20, Tour) 3rd Gen Playtest

    Will there be a pure strike vs (295 gram)?
  9. MikeMechanic

    Smaller grips leading to wrist pain?

    It gives me blisters.
  10. MikeMechanic

    The Prince Phantom 93P is a gift to us from TW - My Review/AMA

    Does it have modern grommets which allow for additional string movement at 3 and 9 o’clock? That would turn it into a 95/94 square inch frame. Reminds me of the Fischer M Comp 95, specwise that one comes close to this one.
  11. MikeMechanic

    any tips on how to get higher rpm's on forehand?

    Drop your racket before hitting the ball, this way you will get, after the drop, a down-to-top movement for free which will give you the spin. Coaches telling you you have to brush up the ball are bad coaches, yes you have to brush up the ball but they forget to tell you to drop your racket...
  12. MikeMechanic

    The Prince Phantom 93P is a gift to us from TW - My Review/AMA

    If I can say something, '330 gm' is the incorrect abbreviation for gram, it is '330 g' or just '330 gram'.
  13. MikeMechanic

    Turning low pace balls into high pace balls requires so much skills

    Do we agree that turning low pace balls into high pace balls is much more difficult than hitting back balls which already have a high pace? In fact, turning 'easy' low pace balls (landing in the service box for example) into high pace balls requires really a lot of tennis skills. Anyone has an...
  14. MikeMechanic

    Hidden Gem: Head Liquidmetal Instinct MP

    Regret I picked the Radical (liquidmetal) over this one. This one would have better fitted my game. In my area I just saw everyone with a Radical so I decided I needed one as well. What is the real headsize btw? Head claims it is 100 sq in but we all know Head is not always accurate about...
  15. MikeMechanic

    "Your kid is good, he needs a control frame"

    Some story from long time ago. As a kid in the early nineties I played tennis and reached a good level. Not top of the country but good enough to compete against good kids from other clubs in the area. One day I needed a new racket. Rucanor (a B-brand) had a line of 3: a grey one with a purple...
  16. MikeMechanic

    Djokovic shoulder update

    It is his left arm, how is that possible.
  17. MikeMechanic

    Favorite radical?

    LiquidMetal MP
  18. MikeMechanic

    Yonex Vcore SV 98 predecessor

    Anyone knows if the Si and the SV are from the same mold? The SV seems to be more curved at the top.
  19. MikeMechanic

    Edberg does not age !!

    He definitely aged, however not as much as other men.
  20. MikeMechanic

    Yonex Vcore SV 98 predecessor

    What is the predecessor of the Yonex Vcore SV 98?
  21. MikeMechanic

    *HELP* identify my Head iPrestige please?

    I suspect Head to lie about static weights just like they did to headsizes. My Head Radical LiquidMetal MP was +9 gram as well.
  22. MikeMechanic

    Fischer M-Comp 95

    Both versions are still available on Danish site squashgearpro.
  23. MikeMechanic

    How much difference between 98 vs 100?

    Surprising to see it is not a consistent measure. It is of course the area of the inner hoop, how can there be any deviation from that? What I find interesting, from an engineering point of view: how to measure that inner hoop? Especially when the frame is not flat (eg. 21 mm at throat, 25 mm...
  24. MikeMechanic

    Good inner soles (to replace worn out ones)

    I need good inner soles as they wear out more quickly compared to the outer sole of my tennis shoes. The problem is most soles on the market are overkill, they offer you stability and a lot more but in the end they make your shoe shrink. So I got some basic soles by Rucanor (a b-brand) but imo...
  25. MikeMechanic

    Help to find durable shoes

    Asics with a clay court profile. Very durable. However when I read your experiences you just bought the wrong size every-time.
  26. MikeMechanic

    Oversized drilled string holes, engineering flaw?

    This subject deserves a bump. It still annoys me, especially because the majority of the sticks released nowadays have it, Babolat seems to be the exception.
  27. MikeMechanic

    Service tip: make your back hollow

    What do you mean?
  28. MikeMechanic

    Service tip: make your back hollow

    Before (hunched back = bad): After (arched back = good):
  29. MikeMechanic

    Service tip: make your back hollow

    I was struggling with my serve. Hadn't a clue what the reason was until I found out I was shrinking forward with my upperboddy. So now I do the opposite: when serving I make arch my back hollow. Works really well for my 1st serve.
  30. MikeMechanic

    Extended Sticks

    If you are tall then I won't recommend an extended length stick. Might help your service, but will damage your baseline game.