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    Whic laptop to buy?

    I noticed that too. :p
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    Possible to get notified when correct shoe size in stock?

    They generally have an email me notification box you can put your email in and they will notify you when the shoe is stock. I’ve done it before, it works. (y)
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    Pegging the Net Guy

    The net person knows that their partner has a cream puff second serve. It’s up to them to stay at net or move back. You did nothing wrong.
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    I just got bageled by a 3.0 with no control

    Recognizing what went wrong or what you could have done better is an accomplishment. Leaving the match bewildered and having no clue how to improve is a setback. “Always a lesson, never a failure”
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    How can I improve my lob ROS for doubles?

    Maybe worth a look
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    Yonex Ezone Tour 98

    That’s not Yonex’s thing. They seem to focus kore on quality control over mass production or different aesthetics on racquets. Wilson on the hand, they have lots of new and innovative color ways, but their quality control is horrible.
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    Nike Court Air Zoom Vapor Pro 2021

    I was a VERY big fan of the Vapor X Knits, these are just as stable if not more and weigh a lot less. They're very light, comfortable and feel secure on your foot. I don't even notice them when I'm playing, I can say without a doubt these are the best tennis shoes I've ever played in.
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    Osaka - Netflix trailer

    I'm an Osaka fan, I Iook forward to seeing this.
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    Dayana Yastremska Cleared!

    She released a statement on her Instagram that’s she has been officially cleared of any wrongdoing. I always believed her and trusted in her integrity for the sport. I’m glad she’ll be back on the courts soon...
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    Uh oh. I've been Pickled.

    I can’t stand pickle ball, but if this an activity you and your hubby can do TOGETHER that’s a win in my book. Just don’t forget tennis was here first. :p
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    Nike Air Zoom Cage 4 Release Date ?

    I used to seriously enjoy my Vapor Cage 4’s, I like that they’re durable, but the weight is literally weighing my movement down. I can feel how heavy they are when I play. I’ve moved on to the Vapor Pros now, they extremely stable, quick and lighter all around. I didn’t think I would like...
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    Syn gut strings slipping out of clamps

    Clean your clamps every 5 or so string jobs with rubbing alcohol and an old toothbrush.
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    2021 French Open - Ladies Discussion

    Barty has batting injury for a while now, she should probably take the time off she needs to fully heal.
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    2021 French Open - Ladies Discussion

    Kenin is playing lights out in the second set. Even if she gives up a game, I think she’ll close it out soon.
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    Racquet suggestion for my girlfriend who is a beginner

    The brand to me isn't as important as the head size. I think most beginners should use a racquet that's easy to swing (lightweight) and large sweet spot. Any 105-115 is a good place to start in my opinion.
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    Did Azarenka change her grunt?

    She changed a few tournaments ago. I'm glad she did, I feel like she was wasting too much energy with the "owl" sound.
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    Yonex 2020 Pro Bags

    I have this bag and I’m very happy with how it holds up. I don’t leave my bag in my car for prolong periods. However, when I did have a Wilson 12/15 pack bag the silver foil began to chip away on the inside of the climate compartment. I didn’t have the bag very long and I didn’t abuse it. Just...
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    Nike Court Air Zoom Vapor Pro 2021

    Welp I done, done it. I ordered two pair of the Vapor Pros. I’m not expecting much in terms of durability, but I hope they perform well and are lighter/faster than my Vapor Cage 4’s.
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    2021 Yonex VCore 95

    I play with my VCores at stock, nothing but an overgrip, they play great.
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    Better Option for Clash 98

    This post is kinda old. I sold my EZT’s and have VCore 95’s now.
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    how often do good players hit the sweet spot during match/practices?

    You can also tell if someone is striking the sweet spot from the sound the ball makes. Shanks and off-center hits have a very distinct sound. Not even bragging, but I tend to hit my sweet spot a good 85-90% of the time and I hardly ever shank my shots. I see the ball into the strings, but I...
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    Overgrips in Singles or by the roll? Creasing.

    I think it’s cheaper to buy more than less. I buy the 30 packs of Yonex Supergrap, it’s packaged well, so it doesn’t have a lot of creasing.
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    Solved: toes no longer smashing into shoe front!

    I used to wear Nike Essential socks, I switched to Thorlos and they are the answer to a LOT of foot issues.
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    2021 WTA Madrid Open - WTA 1000

    It's hard to go against Ash, but I really rooting for the Warrior Princess on this one. Either way it's going to be a great final!
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    Going to Newks

    No he didn’t, but yeah despite that it rained the first two days, it was still a good time. I did the same, I got there early and hit around with a few of the academy kids too. They are technical and can hit with pace. One young lady was ripping winners with a one handed backhand.
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    Going to Newks

    I can't speak to if anyone else improved their tennis. Only that I did benefit from the feedback of the coaches there. They offered tips and advice to everyone, not sure if it translated into progress or success in their tennis. If wanted to go to Hawaii, then I would have went to Hawaii. lol...
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    Going to Newks

    I’m not engaging you, your posts have been antagonistic and far from genuine interest. I created this thread to share my experience with other members here or for those that might be interested in going. You want to know what I learned there? Let’s play a match and I can show you. If you want...
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    Going to Newks

    WTF is your problem? You hijack this thread with covid/political debates and now you’re accusing me of sandbagging? I have ZERO control over the skill levels of the people who were in the camp with me. I never said I was a 4.5 player, I said that I’m 4.0 that’s closer to 4.5. No matter the skill...
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    Going to Newks

    I’m married, but my eyes still There were a few hotties there, but we were all separated by our skill levels. All of the more attractive ladies were 3.0’s. I did have a blast, the head pro was a guy named Adrian. Great coach, good teaching style and definitely knew his stuff. Even...
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    Going to Newks

    It means that out of the 40 players there, I was the best player. It’s a nice award and I’m extremely humble and grateful to be recognized. However the camp was filled mostly with 3.0-3.5 players. There were only a couple of 4.0’s there and even though I’m USTA 4.0, I’m closer to 4.5. I hit with...