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  1. Respect for big 5

    Which of the big 3 loves the game most?

    Keep stumbling across articles saying how Federer loves the game so much and have pretty much heard all the big 3 say how great tennis is. Pete Sampras experienced burnout at 32 and we all presumably know the story with Andre... Nadal strikes me as a creature of habit more than the others with a...
  2. Respect for big 5

    If Murray works his way to top 5 what would it mean for his legacy?

    How would you rate such an accomplishment ?
  3. Respect for big 5

    I'm so glad Murray is back because...

    He's nowhere near as arrogant and fake ass as the other members of the BIG 4 come across most of the time. His net game is quality. And is still pretty much as good (if not better) than majority of the tour right NOW, despite EVERYTHING that's happened
  4. Respect for big 5

    Is De Minaur basically the new Ferrer or something more?

    Seems like he could be his straight up replacement
  5. Respect for big 5

    What does Bjorn Borg actually do at Laver cup

    He's head coach, but I hardly see him giving any advice. He just slowly paces in a broody fashion.
  6. Respect for big 5

    How many more French Opens can Rafa win?

    At the moment can't see anyone posing a serious threat, and if he remains healthy...
  7. Respect for big 5

    What's wrong with Djokovic shoulder?

    Any health professionals here with an opinion on what it could be?
  8. Respect for big 5

    What masters titles is Nadal missing?

    Genuine question if anyone knows the answer please
  9. Respect for big 5

    Is Michael peterson guilty?

    So just watched the Staircase on Netflix and despite the unbelievable coincidence of another person he knew dying from also falling down the stairs none of the evidence adds up or points to Michael Peterson. This aside he seems like such a nice guy and it doesn't seem possible to me that he...
  10. Respect for big 5

    It has begun...

    The fall of the big three. I'm starting to think Federer's 20 slam record could be safe, seeing how the last 24 hours has played out... Djokovic should not have struggled against Fed and should have won today. Maybe he won't be cleaning up in 2019... Thoughts? Are we going to be seeing the...
  11. Respect for big 5

    Most Ugliest, but effective shots on tour

    Dominic Thiem has an absolute beast of backhand. But maaaaaaan it is one ugly looking shot. What shots come to mind that are extremely effective but not easy on the eye? Past or present
  12. Respect for big 5

    Is it time for Nadal to just play clay?

    Steping on to a hard court doesn't seem to be doing to Spanish bull much good health wise. If he's going to prolong his career and win a few more slams maybe he should just stick to the mud...
  13. Respect for big 5

    Is Nishikori a choker or what?

    I appreciate his serve my not be a weapon. Is it this that is holding him back or more a psychological thing... I think he's lost like 10 finals in a row.
  14. Respect for big 5

    Querrey walk

    Is it me or does Sam Querrey have the campest walk in the history of the game? I'm pretty sure he's married however
  15. Respect for big 5

    Djokovic most vulnerable moment

    Let us reminisce. The machine is back and looks to be as strong and confident as ever, but as we know this was not the case during the shaky start to his 2018 season. What moments stand out to you where the fearless became the fearful... My pick would be the Chung match at the AO. Looking across...
  16. Respect for big 5

    Murray and Stans potential goals

    Win more slams or clean up on the 250 circuit?
  17. Respect for big 5

    Federer and Nishikori forehand

    Apart from the difference in grip style, would you say that it is a fairly similar stroke? They are both quite compact and seem to have a similar motion, from what I can tell anyway.
  18. Respect for big 5

    Does Halep ever use the slice?

    Never seen her hit one and heard a commentator say she doesn't use it.. Can't imagine not having the slice in my game. So does she use the slice? And any examples of high ranking pros that don't use it
  19. Respect for big 5

    Big 3 object comparisons

    Federer = ballerina Nadal = boxer Djokovic = elastic band Further thoughts? :p
  20. Respect for big 5

    Switching to the two hander

    Currently playing with the one handed backhand, but since changing to a bigger head size, which has helped my forehand and serve tons, my one hander feels difficult to manouver and play with consistently. I'm inspired by the two hander through watching footage of Fognini and Agassi. Any advice...
  21. Respect for big 5

    Bright future for Basilashvili?

    Saw this guy almost dismantle Nadal at US open and also win two 500 tournaments this year. I don't think I've ever seen anyone hit as hard off both wings. Deep, flat, penetrating shots. All in all very impressed watching him this year. What do others think of this guys game?
  22. Respect for big 5

    Potential reason for next gen inability to break through at slam level

    With the big three sweeping the last two years worth of slams and all being over the age of thirty I am wondering what the next generation are communally lacking to cause a real threat to the veterans. I speculate that maybe it's something to do with the world in which these younger players live...