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  1. Fabresque

    Please give Daniil credit

    The only thing people are talking about is Djokovic losing, yet nobody seems to mention Medvedev winning. He was phenomenal today, his serves were on point, his groundstroke game annoyed the groundstroke master himself, and he tactically outsmarted Novak. Increasing his first serve %, going...
  2. Fabresque

    Two things will change in 2022

    1) Big 3’s stronghold on slams will end, this match shows they’re not invincible in BO5 and the young generations can and will start beating them. Federer has already clocked out, but times ticking for Nadal and Djokovic, who’s slam winning days are running out. 2) Djokovic will be more...
  3. Fabresque

    Bronze match?

    Being completely honest, is a bronze medal match really worth it for Olympic tennis? Obviously it’s great to represent your country and win any sort of medal, but you’re dragging the two losers from the semifinal into this glorified match to decide who was the slightly better loser. Top guys...
  4. Fabresque

    Let’s talk about Felix

    He lost 6-7 3-6 to Marin Cilic in the Stuttgart final. So that’s now 8 finals played. 8 lost. 0 sets won. This is embarrassing.
  5. Fabresque

    Medvedev has conned us all

    All this talk about how he can’t play on clay, I hate this surface etc.. meanwhile hes quietly destroying everyone in his half pretty easily. He just beat Garin, a known clay court specialist 62 61 75. He for sure was using his elite level mind games before the tournament to make us all believe...
  6. Fabresque

    Most blatant examples of yips in tennis?

    Coria and Zverev with serves are the main two that stick out for me. I’ve seen some Gasquet forehand yips as well. Any others?
  7. Fabresque

    Arthur Cazaux

    The 18 year old just won on his ATP singles main draw debut against Adrian Mannarino in 3 sets. The previous week, he defeated Seb Korda in straights in Madrid qualifying, who’s been on fire this year. Let’s see what he can do.
  8. Fabresque

    Apostolos Tsitsipas now influencing match results

    When will it be enough? Starting around the 13:00 mark, Tsitsipas’ father advices Stef to challenge a ball at 1-0, 30-40. The umpire calls game for Paire, but gives Stef the late challenge anyways, which he ends up winning, and instead of it being 1-1, he breaks for 2-0. On the changeover Paire...
  9. Fabresque

    Aslan Karatsev

    This guys the real deal. AO semifinals as a qualifier, lost in Doha R16 in 3 sets to the world no. 4, wins Dubai a week later. I watched that final vs Harris, it wasn’t even close. Karatsev outclassed him in every sense of the word.
  10. Fabresque

    A sad truth

    We celebrate players losing in earlier rounds of slams IF they give a high seed a fight, but we discredit slam finalists who got smoked in the final. So much work has been done to bash Anderson W2018, Baghdatis AO2006 because they rolled over in the final, but we’ve heaped so much praise onto...
  11. Fabresque

    Moment of silence

    Current TT Warehouse user @USO is on suicide watch. Please everyone keep him in their thoughts. :-D
  12. Fabresque

    FAA is winning his first title tomorrow

    It will happen. The choker mentality will disappear, and the floodgates will open.
  13. Fabresque

    Matches where both players smash their racquets

    The one that comes to mind is Djokovic/Murray Shanghai 2012. Djokovic smashed his after being broken in the first, Murray smashed his after losing the second set. Any other examples?
  14. Fabresque

    Why players fear the Big 3

    You can drop your opinions and thoughts down below, these are just mine. Federer: You can compare Roger Federer to a claustrophobe in a tight crowd. No breathing room, no real way to get out, and you’re panicking. That’s what it feels like to play Federer. He gives you zero rhythm, he’ll pounce...
  15. Fabresque

    If Nadal didn’t exist (scenario)

    If Nadal didn’t exist, Fedovic would have more overall slams, sure. But they’d also have a bucket load of RG’s. I’m 100% willing and confident enough to say that Federer and Djokovic would be considered better clay court players than Bjorn Borg if Nadal didn’t exist. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008...
  16. Fabresque

    Dispelling the Dominic Thiem myth

    Unpopular maybe, but - Dominic Thiem is a better HC player than a clay court player.
  17. Fabresque

    Players who deserved to reach a slam final but never did

    I’ll start: Nikolay Davydenko
  18. Fabresque

    The matchups we deserved but never got

    2015 Ultron Djokovic vs 2017 Neo Federer 2010 three slam Nadal vs 2011 Peak Djokovic 2016 peak Murray vs peak 2006 Federer 2018 Nadal vs 2018 Federer (didn’t play once!) Peak JoWilly/Birdman vs current next gen (Zverev, Tsitsipas, etc...) Some of mine. Any other hypotheticals you guys always...
  19. Fabresque

    Can Federer realistically get one more slam?

    Nadal is pretty much one annual RG victory away from being ahead in the slam race, and Djokovic has surely fallen too far behind to challenge at RG anymore. The question is, can Federer win one more slam to get to #21? And where would his best chance realistically be? I think one more...
  20. Fabresque

    Is Djokovic guaranteed Year end no.1?

    I read on another thread that Djokovic needs to win two matches in order to secure YE no.1, and he just did. Does that mean it’s secured?
  21. Fabresque

    Let’s talk about Umpire accountability

    Why do umpires not get punished for poor line calls? We’ve seen it before in the past, yet they never seem to be held accountable for their actions. I’ve heard many players say that if they say something out of line, they always get fined and punished, but an umpire making a mistake, when there...
  22. Fabresque

    The problem with female African American tennis players.

    When you think of black female tennis players, nobody else stands out more than Serena Williams. No other female athlete stands out more than her, in fact. Her achievements, her drive, her passion, everything that makes Serena, Serena. It makes her stand out, and it makes her shine in a sport...
  23. Fabresque

    Oscar Otte...

    ... is Benoit Paire’s clone. They look the same, have the same build, play the same, even have the same forehand and backhand styles. Who says Benoit Paire hasn’t had an impact on tennis?
  24. Fabresque

    Federer will probably end 3rd

    Nadal is going to win the French Open at least one more time. Djokovic very much nailed on to get AO and probably another Wimbledon in 2021 unless Federer has one last hurrah at the All-England club. Could be 19-20-21 going into the US Open, which will be pivotal. Federer won’t be a factor, if...
  25. Fabresque

    Dropshotovic vs Nadal

    How do you think Novak’s relentless strategy of drop shots is going to play off against Rafa? Surely Nadal’s gotta practice getting to them, he’ll be doing it all match. And Djokovic has tread lightly with that strategy. Besides himself, Nadal is probably the next quickest on tour. He gets to a...
  26. Fabresque

    UTR Rounding down?

    I was 8.03 one time and due to no matches it went down to 7.79, and I noticed it rounds to 7 now. Why is this? Did they change the system?
  27. Fabresque

    How did Nadal manage this?

    Ok so I know that in 2015, Nadal played like a paralyzed donkey who didn’t know how to play tennis, but seriously? One of tennis’ most legendary dons losing to Michael Berrer. A fella who never reached the second week of a slam nor reached the Top 40. Once more, this was his last year on tour...
  28. Fabresque

    How much do Teaching professionals get paid?

    Just a general question.
  29. Fabresque

    Zverev will never win a slam as long as he lives

    Up 2-0 in sets and somehow he throws the next 2 sets. Thiem being wheeled out for the tiebreak on one leg and still beats him. This was the golden opportunity. By the time Djokovic and Nadal go away Tsitsipas and Medvedev will be winning. This guy is finished, he won’t come back from this.
  30. Fabresque

    Zverev will never win a slam as long as he lives

    Up 2-0 in sets and somehow he throws the next 2 sets. Thiem being wheeled out for the tiebreak on one leg and still beats him. This was the golden opportunity. By the time Djokovic and Nadal go away Tsitsipas and Medvedev will be winning. This guy is finished, he won’t come back from this.