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  1. Prince Vegeta

    Thiem using new Pj of Pure Strike 2019 at RG

    The sound on his shots are incredible. Disclaimer: Not my original video. I saw this on my personal feed. Credit goes to original post.
  2. Prince Vegeta

    Yonex Ezone 98 plus

    For those who have this frame, does it have foam in the handle like the old DR does? I’m asking because I’d like to add a few grams of silicone to the handle if I spring for it. Thanks in advance!
  3. Prince Vegeta

    27 vs 27.5

    I’m 5’7. Is a slightly longer racket necessary for someone at my height, or can one get away with a standard racket, as long as they’re not sacrificing power?
  4. Prince Vegeta

    Mackenzie McDonald Racket

    Anyone know what he’s using?
  5. Prince Vegeta

    My Angell Experience Thus Far. A TC95 Review

    Preface: You may skip this and go straight down to the specifications that I chose on my Angell racket if you like. I only included this part for those who want to gather a perspective on my story and what has lead me to Angell in the first place. This way, the reader can fully understand my...
  6. Prince Vegeta

    Spin Serves With XL Frames

    I sometimes have issues with slice and kick serves with anything over 27 inches. To me it feels too cumbersome, almost like it’s too hard to whip through the hitting area. Especially on kick serves. Anyone else feel this way?
  7. Prince Vegeta

    Yonex SV 95 vs Angell TC 95

    How do these frames compare? Is the Yonex more similar to the 16x19 Angell?
  8. Prince Vegeta

    String pattern and play style

    What’s the typical play style for a 16x19 and an 18x20? I know that one gives you more spin and one more control...blah, blah, blah. What style of player would gravitate to one or the other?
  9. Prince Vegeta

    String pattern and play style

    What’s the typical play style for a 16x19 and an 18x20? I know that one gives you more spin and one more control...blah, blah, blah. What style of player would gravitate to one or the other?
  10. Prince Vegeta

    "Rafa's Racket": A Pro Shop Experience

    *DISCLAIMER* I'm not 100% sure if this is the right thread but close enough I suppose. I was in a reputable pro shop that's somewhat close to where I live; the kind of place where they allow you to demo rackets. I was there to get mine strung. While I was waiting, a man walked in who was...
  11. Prince Vegeta

    OHB yips?

    Sooo lately my one handed backhand has been terrible. Granted it doesn't help that I've been lucky to play once a week because of work, but I seem to have lost all consistency. One of my problems I think I might have is that on some higher shots I've been coming up on my tip toe to try and...
  12. Prince Vegeta

    FULL POLY USERS: What racket are you using?

    Out of curiosity, for those of us that use full beds of poly, what racket are you using (Headsize/string pattern and what tension in particular)? I'm using a DR 98+ with volkl cyclone 17 at 40lbs. I really like full poly setups in flexy frames.
  13. Prince Vegeta

    Are some rackets better for polorized setup?

    Title says all. Just something I randomly thought of. What's your thoughts? Are some better for depolorized setup?
  14. Prince Vegeta

    Federer's RF97 vs Retail

    I know, I know, this topic has been beaten to death. With the swiss maestro winning Wimbledon once again, it's safe to say he's playing better now than he ever has. With another win people begin to debate if his frame is the retail RF 97 or some racket forged in the fires of Mount Doom by Sauron...
  15. Prince Vegeta


    I'm looking to get a little more zip on my serves and forehand. I usually play with a balance point of 32 cm. Would changing things up to a balance point of 32.5 or even 33 accomplished this? I'm not a big guy and want everything I can get.
  16. Prince Vegeta

    Head Microgel Radical MP

    I just found it on TW based on a prior post...specs look interesting, like it could be a perfect platform racket to build off of. Lead and silicone seems like it could make this play amazing. i feel if someone was to beef this up to at least 12 oz with a 340+ swingweight it could be a real gem...
  17. Prince Vegeta

    Need New Shoes...

    I'm looking for something preferably with a mesh upper, as I find anything else too stiff. I like a wider toe box area, with a low to the ground feel. Preferably something durable. Any suggestions?
  18. Prince Vegeta

    I'm conflicted between two rackets...

    I honestly can't decide between the DR 98+ and the 2014 pure strike 18x20. I used to use 27.5 pure drive in college and missed the free power it gave me on my serve. I'm only 5'7 and 135 lbs so I like all the help I can get. Tennis elbow problems forced me to switch to the pure control tour...
  19. Prince Vegeta

    2014 Pure Strike 18/20

    What's the general concensus about this frame? I see TW has them on sale for a decent price. They're fairly light which makes them good for customization. I also like 18/20 patterns. How's the power level on it? I don't expect it to be like a pure drive, but I want a little pop.
  20. Prince Vegeta

    Grip sizing dilemma

    I used the ruler method and I measure an exact 4 1/2. When I play I always use one overgrip; typically wilson pro overgrip. My question is what grip size should I use? I like a slightly smaller grip size for wrist action on my forehand and serve. Because of this, I feel a size 4 with one...
  21. Prince Vegeta

    College players grip size

    Hey all, When I played college tennis I noticed almost all the other guys played with smaller grip sizes (mostly L2). I play with an L3, always have, but some of the players even suggested I play with an L2 instead. Anyone else notice this? I just thought it was interesting among male college...
  22. Prince Vegeta

    Yonex Ezone DR 98+

    What's everyone's opinion on this frame? How do you think a low tension poly would play in it? I currently play volkl cyclone 17 @ 38lbs in my babs pure control tour.
  23. Prince Vegeta

    Concern About Lead Tape

    Maybe this is a dumb question and I'm over thinking it way too much, but better safe than sorry. I'm wanting to downsize to a smaller bag. I put lead tape on my frames to bring them up to my liking. If I put my towel and t shirt in with my rackets and they rub against my frames with the lead...
  24. Prince Vegeta

    3 Pack Bag

    Hey guys, I'm really considering to a 3 pack. Why? Less stuff. ____________________ I currently have a 12 pack, but it's huge. I carry four rackets, and then a whole bunch of gear. I'm considering the 3 pack because I generally only play with 2 rackets (the other 2 are backup frames I...
  25. Prince Vegeta

    Wilson Cushion Pro Replacement Grip

    Has anyone used this replacement grip? How heavy is it, especially compared to a leather grip?
  26. Prince Vegeta

    The One Handed Backhand vs The Two Hander: IT DOESN'T MATTER

    I felt like I'd make a post for those who find themselves in limbo between the two versions of the backhand. I myself played with a two hander when I first started playing. In college I switched to one hand and stuck with it. One thing I've learned is that it does not matter which you learn...
  27. Prince Vegeta

    Those with a two handed backhand: what's your prefered racket spec?

    Hey guys, I'm switching from a one handed backhand to a two handed. When I had a one handed backhand I liked a racquet about 7 points headlight. Now, it just feels too whippy through the ball. I'm thinking of switching to something abdout 5 points headlight to fix this. What does everyone...
  28. Prince Vegeta

    Slicing a fast serve

    Hi, I'm trying to make my return of serve a strong part of my game. I can block the ball back, but sometimes I struggle slicing stronger serves with consistency. When I slice really powerful serves I tend to send the ball either really long or really short, just over the net. Are there any tips...
  29. Prince Vegeta

    Changing Racket Weight Setup

    Over the last few years, I have got into customizing my Babalot Pure Control Tour. When I first got it, the stock swingweight did not provide me with the stability and plow through I needed to compete at the college level. I experimented with lead in various places, and ultimately ended with a...
  30. Prince Vegeta

    Babalot Pure Backpack

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a backpack that I can use for edc this summer. What brought my attention to this bag (, is its sleek design and the fact I can take a racket or two with me on my daily journey. A...