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    Wood racquet buying tips ...

    Looking to pick up 4 wooden racquets for me and my buddies to mess around with. Anything in particular to look out for? Any brand/model that is reliable? Will restring them as well. Any tips on string (was just thinking synthetic gut) tension? Thanks in advance.
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    Unseeded player winning a Slam ...

    Happened on the WTA side today. When is the last time this happened on the ATP side?
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    Sabalenka ...

    ... Oh my :)
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    Womens vs Mens shoes, same size

    Is there any difference between a womens and mens tennis shoe of the same size? Example: Womens 11.5 is 44 2/3 Mens 10.5 is 44 2/3 They are BOTH the same size, 44 2/3. Any difference between the shoes?
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    Best Customer Service

    Wanted to get a quick shout out to TW @TW Staff for going above and beyond yesterday. I ordered two racquets for my son who is participating in HS tennis playoffs. His next match is Tuesday. I missed the cut off time to get the racquets shipped. However, a wonderfully nice TW employee offered...
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    Pinched nerve solution

    Ever had a pinched nerve in your lower back or leg? What did you do to be able to play tennis?
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    Straightening strings

    Do you straighten the strings when you pull a racquet off the machine? Do you use your fingers or a tool? If a tool, which one?
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    Charleston, SC tennis

    Hey All, I'll be in Charleston, SC once a month for work for the foreseeable future. Would love to bring my racquets and hit/play with anyone 4.0-5.0. I play singles primarily but am learning doubles. What's the tennis scene like there? Any courts where a person can get a pickup game? Thanks.
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    Why base release first at knot?

    @Irvin @Herb Anyone else as well, why do we release the clamp before the base for all strings except the knot string, where we release base before the clamp? I mean, that's what I do because that's how I was taught, but I was never told the "why" behind it. Thanks.
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    DIY home security camera

    Anyone set up their own system? I want to make a small, self contained system for my house (2-3 motion activated cameras) that saves to a DVR (not cloud based), no monthly fees. Anyone here set up something like this? If so, what components did you use and you like your system?
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    Tennis in Alpharetta GA

    I'm going to be in Alpharetta, GA on Tuesday 3/16 and would love to get together with a fellow T-dubber to hit in the evening. Looking to hit with anyone that is 4.0-4.5. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks.
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    Federer as Sampras version 2.0 ...

    This may sound crazy, but I have always viewed Fed as a 2.0 version of Sampras, almost like an evolution of sorts. To me that idea is a great compliment to both players, not a knock on either of them. What say you?
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    The phoenix will rise from the ashes!!!!!!!!
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    75% speed topspin drills

    I'm right handed. Looking for a simple drill to hit a 75% power topspin forehand DTL off a short ball. Where to make contact with the ball, how high to brush up, what follow through is like. Result may/may not finish the point, but will put opponent on heavy defense. Thanks.
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    Captain's Conundrum

    Let's say a team needs 8 players to field a full match. Would you rather have: 8 players that really want to play, that make the league a priority, but inevitably something will come up and you will have to default a few lines over the course of the season ... OR 12 players that register for...
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    Square strings

    So I've started trying some square strings after checking out the TWU spin numbers. I started by ordering Volkl V-Square (18 and 19G) and Tecnifibre 4S 18G. My reference string tension is 45 pounds in a Wilson UP16. I know about Ultra Cable, was made aware of Grapplesnake Game Changer and Ytex...
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    Tennis in NE Atlanta area

    Hey, I travel for work to the Alpharetta/Norcross/Johns Creek area occasionally. Any places near there where one could get a pick-up game or join a drills class or something? I'm rated 4.0C. Thanks
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    Synthetic or Multi that snaps back

    Hey, anyone aware of a Synthetic or Multi that snaps back like poly? If so, which ones? I have a friend who is NOT a string breaker that likes the soft feel of Multi but doesn't like resetting string between every point.
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    Tecnifibre Rackpack question

    Hey, I've always liked the idea of this bag and found a used one in nice condition for $20. I like how it has the dividers, but how do you keep the bag from flopping over to one side or the other? All the velcro dividers are attached, but put a couple of racquets in the middle compartment...
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    USO 2020 redemption

    Med vs Thiem ... Even though it's the semis, THE match I wanted to see!!! I like both guys, think Med gets the slight advantage based on keeping it together mentally.
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    Wilson Blade question ...

    Is there a version of the Blade 98 (either 16x19 or 18x16) that could be customized to around 340gm, 31.25cm balance and 325 SW?
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    New Pro Kennex BA racquets ...

    @TW Staff , the new PK BA series looks very similar to some of the older Fischer frames. My understanding is that PK used to produce racquets for other companies. Any way to confirm if this is in fact a mold used by Fischer (or very similar)? Thanks
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    Prince CTS Thunderstick info ...

    Hey, I was given a Prince CTS Thunderstick "Oversize" racquet. It doesn't say 110, it says Oversize. No specs anywhere on the racquet. Prince 1988 inside the throat. I remember these from my high school days, but everything I can find has "CTS Thunderstick 110" printed on the side. Is this an...
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    Switched racquets

    Have been playing Yonex VCP97 310 (blue version) for about a year and a half now. I've really enjoyed them and think they're great racquets. My only real complaint was the upper hoop is too soft. Ended up getting some Head Graphene Touch Prestige Pro racquets on super clearance to mess around...
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    Replacement Head TK82S pallets

    Looked on TW website, couldn't find them. I'm looking for size 2, 2 sets. Where should I look? Thanks
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    Head Graphene Touch Prestige Pro

    Picked up 2 of these on the super clearance after trying the Mid. Had a chance to hit this morning for about 45 minutes before the rain came. Freshly strung with multi/poly at 45#, leather grip plus Tourna. 339gm, 10HL. This racquet plays very close to my VCP97 310 set up the same way. Only...
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    Why no Prestige MP 16x19???

    Why did head go the Prestige Pro route instead of just making a 16x19 MP version? Why change the specs and not just the string pattern?
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    Recommend me a hybrid setup

    I play at 4.0, probably just middle of the pack. Currently play Pro's Pro Black Force (poly) 1.19 at 45 pounds, full bed. I am not generally a string breaker. Racquets are Yonex VCP 97 310. I prefer a slippery string (spin), look for comfort and that "pocketing" feel. Beyond that I'm open to...
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    Why string hybrid instead of full poly?

    There are plenty of soft, comfortable, good feeling poly out there. If I can play a full bed of poly that gives me feel, comfort, spin and power, what would be a good reason to try a hybrid setup? I string my own racquets and have been using full poly since 2013, never had arm issues.
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    Gamma X-ELS

    So I found one on Craigslist that was only 4 months old, in nearly new condition, listed well below the original price. My wife OK'd the purchase and I picked it up. I was actually looking for the one that @Herb uses, but in his video he states the machines are almost the same. BTW, been using a...