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  1. oberyn

    Best server

    Out of that list, I picked Karlovic based on pure serve. I think guys like Sampras and Federer might have more overall effective service games based on movement, groundstrokes, etc., but when it comes to pure serving, I had to go with Dr. Ivo.
  2. oberyn

    Is there a precedent for Nadal's Fall?

    Father Time is undefeated. Stefan Edberg might be a good parallel. Won the 1992 U.S. Open. Made the 1993 Australian Open final. Ended 1993 ranked #5 in the world at age 27. Made the semifinals of the AO in 1994. Ended 1994 ranked #7. Ended 1995 ranked # 23.
  3. oberyn

    Who apart from Stan won his first two major finals ?

    Edberg also (1985 and 1987 Australian Opens) Johan Sebastian Kriek (1981 and 1982 Australian Opens)
  4. oberyn

    Is the current WTA field weaker or stronger compared to the 1980s and 1990s

    As with any question involving relative strength of different eras, my answer is "I have no idea, and I don't think there's any way to tell one way or the other." The only exceptions are when external factors create a situation in which not all the top players of a particular generation are...
  5. oberyn

    Most Grand Slam Wins Without Dropping a Set

    Venus is the one who dropped a set to Chanda Rubin in the 4th round of the 2002 US Open, not Serena.
  6. oberyn

    Should Serena win 20th slam Saturday where would she rank

    Laver was born in August 1938, so he was 31 when he completed the Grand Slam at the 1969 U.S. Open.
  7. oberyn

    Do you support a "shot clock"?

    Personally, I think this is much ado about nothing. What I would support, isn't a shot clock, but rather the equivalent of the "play clock" used in the NFL. Generally speaking, in the NFL, the team on offense has 40 seconds timed from the end of the previous down to snap the ball and start the...
  8. oberyn

    Do you think tennis is a bigger sport than golf worldwide?

    As someone who plays both, they are each challenging albeit in different ways. Also, people are kidding themselves if they think tennis also doesn't still have a reputation as an elitist, country club-type sport. LOL
  9. oberyn

    Importance of the CYGS?

    If you’re consistent about it, great. I just generally don’t see a lot of consistency on this forum .whenever there are discussions involving “ranking” achievements.
  10. oberyn

    Importance of the CYGS?

    I’m curious: Are any of the posters supporting the notion that the CYGS isn’t any more impressive than winning all 4 slams in different years, also of the opinion that; 5 consecutive U.S. Open titles are more impressive than 5 non-consecutive U.S. Open titles? or Consecutive weeks at #1...
  11. oberyn

    Importance of the CYGS?

    Very well said.
  12. oberyn

    Best lob ever hit?

    Lendl against Cash to save match point in the 1984 U.S. Open semifinal
  13. oberyn

    Bad matchup is not an excuse for Federer!

    Cool, but, at some point, shouldn't you just accept that you're not going to change someone else's mind and move on? The definition if insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Or are you guys hoping against hope that the lightbulb will suddenly turn on after...
  14. oberyn

    Bad matchup is not an excuse for Federer!

    After the 5 millionth thread has turned into yet another Fedal ******* contest, can both sides just admit they'll never sway the other side to their point of view and call it a day? Sheesh.
  15. oberyn

    Rafael Nadal: Tennis must protect clay

    Mustard can obviously speak for himself, but someone needs to point out the facts to you. Yes, the politics of tennis at the time played a major role in Borg’s retirement. Numerous players have commented on this. I guess this reality just doesn’t make as compelling a narrative as does the...
  16. oberyn

    Best player ever not be number 1?

    I never knew that. Thanks for the info. That certainly makes me view what happened to Wilander post-1988 in a different perspective. Definitely true.
  17. oberyn

    Best player ever not be number 1?

    If we're talking just based on talent, I think Michael Stich has to be up there, too.
  18. oberyn

    Best player ever not be number 1?

    Good point. I was considering the possibility that coming up short in 1988 might have frustrated him to the point that he wouldn't put forth the same sort of effort in 1989 and beyond.
  19. oberyn

    Best player ever not be number 1?

    I’d go with Vilas, too, with honorable mentions to Ivanisevic and Murray. It’s interesting to consider that if Mats Wilander had lost the 1988 U.S. Open final to Lendl, he might not have ever made it to #1.
  20. oberyn

    Rafael Nadal: Tennis must protect clay

    :) Please don't confuse him with actual facts and details, Mustard, he's on a roll.
  21. oberyn

    Rafael Nadal: Tennis must protect clay

    So, a sample size of 2 players, who had short careers for vastly different reasons. That’s some brilliant stuff right there. I understood the point of the thread just fine. As you’ll note, I only addressed your comments regarding Borg, Kuerten, longevity, etc. Please keep up the...
  22. oberyn

    Rafael Nadal: Tennis must protect clay

    I was mainly posting tongue-in-cheek, but if you'd like me to get serious, i will. Your post was laughably inane, as, any rational look at tennis careers would indicate that mental burnout is just as prevalent among those who excel at fast court tennis as it is among grinders. The simple...
  23. oberyn

    Rafael Nadal: Tennis must protect clay

    Please. Borg played in 4 U.S. Open finals, losing twice to Connors and twice to McEnroe. The guy was a stud on every surface. Borg -- retired due to mental burnout and, to a lesser extent, conflict with the ITF Kuerten -- hip injury Nadal -- still ranked in the top 3 at age 28. (And I don't...
  24. oberyn

    Will Serena catch up to Graf's 22 slams and become GOAT?

    I think she’ll get to 22. GOAT is inherently subjective, so no way to really answer that one.
  25. oberyn

    Federer strikes again!

    Actually, Nadal won it in 2010. He's the only one besides Federer to win it in the last 11 years.
  26. oberyn

    3 finals at each slam - underrated?

    I agree with you 100% Also, with respect to Lendl, the guy made 2 Wimbledon finals and 5 semifinals. He also made one AO final and 2 semis when it was played on grass.
  27. oberyn

    Djokovic the new Lendl?

    Yes, the rain delay came with Lendl up 3-0 (double break) in the 3rd set. Becker was, pretty much by his own admission, really, really out of sorts at that point. Lendl went on to win the 3rd set, 6-2, but Becker was refreshed mentally. Had the rain delay not happened, I certainly like...
  28. oberyn

    The WTE?

    I don’t know if I’d call it the worst ever, but this was not a particularly entertaining WTF. The overwhelming majority of the RR matches were lopsided blowouts. I thought the Nishikori-Djokovic semi was entertaining, but not overwhelmingly so, and I thought the Wawrinka-Federer semi was high...
  29. oberyn

    Djokovic the new Lendl?

    I agree with you about his peaking too soon. I was a big-time Lendl fan and was really disappointed when he didn't win it in 1990. As for his overall grass court prowess, though, just look at who he lost to at Wimbledon between 1986 and 1990. 1986 – Lost to Becker in the finals 1987 –...