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  1. galapagos

    Ultimate racquet of choice - tournament players and/or coaches

    After my adventure with ultimate string of choice thread (click here) it is time for something a bit more exciting - racquets ! What are you guys using and why ????? I seek mostly control and feel with good spin potential and forgiveness (modern frame description?) I hate when the racquet is...
  2. galapagos

    18x19 pattern Club - Djokovic, Medvedev, Agassi and...

    One string pattern to rule them all. Are 18x19 racquets the future of tennis ? - Djokovic beats Nadal in French Open 2021 semi-finals, - currently #1 (Djokovic) and #2 (Medvedev) ATP are playing with 18x19 pattern rackets and it seems well deserved. Easier spin and power with the same control...
  3. galapagos

    Lead placement under overgrip

    this is my understanding: more headlight setup= whippy feel = faster head Now in theory if i want to add lead under the replacement grip and make the highest shift with minimal weight added then I should just place the lead at the bottom Yes? but... i hear sometimes that if you want to make...
  4. galapagos

    Tecnifibre T-Rebound 298 Iga Swiatek signature racquet

    What a refreshing player to watch :) Still a lot of room for improvement. Modern tennis. (Yes, I am from Poland so perhaps a little biased) . Must be the stick right ? haha ! I will try to get the racquet with the official launch and let you guys know how it compares to some other big guns. I...
  5. galapagos

    Ultimate string of choice !

    I am a self-rated highly competitive 5.0 / 5.5 lvl guy who participates in many local tournaments. My main stick now is Angell TC95 16x19. racquet reviews thread: :X3: Game...
  6. galapagos

    New blades and ultra tour ? When ?

    Hey TW, have you heard any rumors of new blades/ ultra coming to the public any time soon? :) Blade CV is already 2 years old I think. Cheers !
  7. galapagos

    Sean and Troy vcore pro vs blade 18x20 and dr98

    Noticed you both switched to Yonex vcore pro (310g and 330g). Although there are some comparisons to other racquets I wanted to go more in depth in that. Racquets I wanted to mention are yonex dr 98 and blade 18x20 from 2015. I loved dr's spin potential but I found lack of plow and stability. I...
  8. galapagos

    yonex dr 98 length

    Hello TW, Could you please measure some of your blue and lime dr 98 310g racquets and tell me if they are exactly 69 cm or about 68,5-68,6 cm? This is quite disturbing topic because many sources tell me different specs and I would like to settle this. I called Yonex and they told me all...
  9. galapagos

    From Yonex Dr 98 to Angell 16x19 (tc 95/97) ?

    I wonder if there is anyone who loved their yonex dr98 but ended up with angell racquet and have no regrets? :) I am currently playing wit tc95 18x20. I like it a lot. Its very stable, comfortable. No major complaints here. My previous top racquets were blade 18x20 from 2015 and dr 98. I loved...
  10. galapagos

    List of pro players with yonex ezone (including model if possible)

    Can we gather some pro players using this line? Would be great to see some inspiration on court ;p Kyrgios- Yonex Ezone Xi Azarenka- Yonex Ezone (new green ver or dr or something else? ) Ana Ivanovic (retired) - Yonex Dr ? Coco Vandeweghe- Dr Naomi Osaka- Dr Casper Ruud- Dr Borna Coric- Dr...
  11. galapagos

    Blue Yonex Dr vs Lime Yonex Dr. Same or different?

    I've posted that on DR club but I would like to emphasize the problem and discuss it here.Ok we know that in theory they should be totally same, perform same and just have different paintjobs. I wonder if the owners who tried both racquets feel the same? I've tried 3 different blue dr98s and...
  12. galapagos

    Wilson ripspin 1.30 vs babolat Hurricane pro tour 1.30 weight

    do you know which one is heavier? Is it possible to get around 5g difference ?
  13. galapagos

    Are there are any pros using 16x15 pattern?

    As a tittle says. Was wondering if there are any 16x15 racquets on tour? What are the most open patterns met on tour?
  14. galapagos

    Solinco Hyper g 1.20 vs Yonex Poly Tour Spin

    Could some of you guys compare those 2 strings? Which one is more powerful?
  15. galapagos

    Andy, just another question about your Yonex DR and forgotten blade :)

    I've found somewhere (correct me if im wrong) that you were holding with your switch from ai to dr because your ai's were already customized and it would take you time to find the preferred batch of DRs and customize to desired specs. Here is my question: 1.When you were looking for "your DR" ...
  16. galapagos

    Andy is it you when you were 18? ;p

    Saw some random "desperate housewives" episode (believe me guys!) and there was this couple. Actually the lady was cheating on his husband with 'Andylookalike' guy. OR MAYBE IT IS ANDY ?! :) Any comments Mr Naughty? haha
  17. galapagos

    Andrey Rublev gear

    Couldnt find specific answer. Super skinny but can drop a bomb with his shots. Amazing skills. Any ideas what is he using? racquet, strings, tension? thanks
  18. galapagos

    New Wilson Blade 98 Countervail (CV) (18x20) vs previous Blade 98 2015

    I had opportunity to buy 2015 model for a really good price but someone bought it out before me... I know this frame, my friend has it so occasionally he lets me play with it. Its very good and decided to extend the trial period, do some mods,play with string setups blablabla... I NEED ONE hehe...
  19. galapagos

    Can you recognize this old Major International racquet?

    Found this today at the place I usually play.. I was having some fun on courts so decided to test it. Wasnt expecting much but it played very well ! Spin-very good, my racquet history isnt any huge but that one takes 2nd place in my "heavy ball factory" ranking., control-very good, maneuverable...
  20. galapagos

    Can you recognize this old Major International racquet?

    Found this today at the place I usually play.. I was having some fun on courts so decided to test it. Wasnt expecting much but it played very well ! Spin-very good, my racquet history isnt any huge but that one takes 2nd place in my "heavy ball factory" ranking., control-very good, maneuverable...
  21. galapagos

    Yonex Dr 98 vs Babolat Pure Strike 16x19 (project one7)

    Both are extremely popular nowadays. First was the "DR hype", now its happening with the P17. I just wonder which one is a winner for you guys and why. I have played Dr, waiting for a p17 demo so will put my vote later ;p Or maybe you think there are other racquets better than those 2 ? Let us...
  22. galapagos

    Chris and Troy- Speed touch pro vs older IG speed mp315g 18x20

    I hope you guys didn't forget IG speed model that was available 5 years ago :p its impossible to check your ratings on IG model but I think they might have a lot in common.( both more control oriented and lower powered in "speed frame history") Played with GSP, almost perfect in play but it...
  23. galapagos

    solinco hyper g vs signum pro tornado

    Sorry If it was already discussed somewhere. Couldn't find it. Tornado isnt very popular here I guess.. Which one feels more comfortable? What about spin, power? With my previous racquet I used tornado and it was very good (and cheap so that's a + for me aswell). My new racquet came with alu...
  24. galapagos

    Marchenko playing with head speed pro?

    1st photo with GSP and second with XT version? I know it might be paintjob. Head size looks like a 100 inches. Shared holes. 18x20 pattern.. I think he did use wilson in the past so it might be the pj... But even the beam looks similar. btw, HE IS LICKING TOXIC LEAD!!!!
  25. galapagos

    "Andy's picks", Andy tell me the secret

    Hey My current stick is graphene speed pro. I like it but not sure if its a keeper(maybe due to stiffness). You liked GSP a lot just like you liked blade 98 and yonex ai/dr.. I decided to test those other sticks and see if one of them will give me that "something" what GSP was missing for me. So...
  26. galapagos

    ex speed pro played dr 98

    My current stick is older head speed mp 315 and graphene speed pro. I have both of them leaded up to 340-345g(this is my max probably) I liked them but looking for something slightly different. im not feeling connected enough and stiffness makes me worrie aswell. Tried yonex DR 98 today, im not...
  27. galapagos

    advice: Head Graphene Speed Pro vs Head YOUTEK IG Speed MP 315(18x20) vs Donnay vs others

    old vs older :) My current stick is head youtek graphene speed pro. I was thinking about buying the new "xt" version but the specs seems to be worse for my needs (thicker beam and more power is a no-no !). I like my graphene speed pro a lot but sometimes I think I would even love more something...