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  1. dr325i

    Laver Cup around the corner!

    Laver cup is sponsored by HEAD this year! Berrettini, Schwartzman, Zverev and Rublev will have fun with their new Paintjobs that look totally awesome!!! Gravity, Speed, Extreme, Radical. Save your $$$ for these limited edition beauties!
  2. dr325i

    Djokovic does it again...

    Luigi Gatto on Twitter: "Musetti's coach says Djokovic allowed the Italian to practice in his private indoor court amid poor weather conditions: "We trained at a estate in New Jersey, owned by a wealthy person, where Nole is a guest during the event"" / Twitter
  3. dr325i

    Munich anyone - September 12-15?

    Will be in Munich Sunday September 12 through Wednesday the 15th. I can play Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evenings… Let me know if interested
  4. dr325i

    HEAD all the way to Cincy

    Men’s final Gravity Pro vs Gravity Pro ladies final Gravity Pro vs Speed MP Great performance by great rackets!!
  5. dr325i

    HC Swing Extreme -- the NITE version

    Looks like Head is releasing the beautiful NITE PJ for Extreme MP and Tour shortly. I was bummed when they had to cancel the Radical NITE plans in 2020, but the Extreme NITE looks amazing I assume TW will carry it in a few days...
  6. dr325i

    Head Revolt Pro 3.5

    Excited, getting a pair of the 3.5s today. They look great, I hear the padding and comfort are excellent Will post my feedback in upcoming days Been a long time Adidas (Barricade and SCB) user before switching to Head Sprint SF (Original) and every time I go back to SCB or try something else my...
  7. dr325i

    Laver Cup Boston

    Awesome news from Head!
  8. dr325i

    Cilic Head to toe in HEAD

    Good move by Head and Marin! Hope to see more Head outfits and shoes in the US. first, great updates to the rackets and now more focus on the rest of the gear!
  9. dr325i

    Head Sprint SF

    Was looking at these for a long time and finally got a pair. First, they look great and the build quality seems to be excellent. They feel light. I wish they were offered in more color options. the fit is great for a medium foot. Not loose (SCB), not too tight (FF2) The sleeve design and...
  10. dr325i

    The battle of the Roughs!

    Had the opportunity to test: Head Hawk Rough ALU rough Kirschbaum Rough Setup: all three rackets strung with gut in the mains at 54lbs, Rough in crosses at 48lbs. all rackets are matched, 95 sq in head I have been using ALU Rough in my crosses for a while and was curious to see how Other roughs...
  11. dr325i


    I am here a few days, let me know if you're here and want to meet up for a hit in the evening. I will cover the court fees!
  12. dr325i

    Anyone in Shenzhen?

    Will be in SZ Sunday through Tuesday of next week, July 14-16. If anyone available to hit Monday evening, July 15, let me know please!
  13. dr325i

    Looking for someone to hit May 6-9 in the Bay Area

    Will be in Milpitas/San Jose May 6-9 and looking for a 4.0 - 5.0 to hit with for two hours. Looking for multiple hitting partners as I will be in the area monthly before I relocate next summer! I can also bring some cool rackets with me if interested :) Dan
  14. dr325i

    Taipei, TAIWAN anyone, week of January 21

    On me! Just book the court and show up, and bring some balls, I’ll cover the fees. Looking for someone to hit with probably Wednesday and/or Thursday, January 23 and 24, in the evening, 7pm or after. Staying at Grand Hyatt next to 101 but can meet anywhere in the city. 4.0-4.5. Thanks!
  15. dr325i

    Seoul April 4-7

    Will be in Seoul April 4-7 if anyone is available to hit. I will cover the court fees!
  16. dr325i

    Daytona Beach and Surroundings November 19 - 24

    Hi all, will be in Daytona for the Holidays this evening through next friday If anyone is interested to hit, let me know please. Monda, Tuesday and Thursday are taken, but available tomorrow (Sunday), Wednesday and Friday I am a 4.0-4.5
  17. dr325i

    Bangalore Saturday & Sunday, July 8 & 9

    Will be in Bangalore the weekend of July 8 & 9 if anyone's available to hit. Thanks.
  18. dr325i

    Beijing June 9, morning?

    Will be in China June 2-9. Already have a partner in Shanghai, Looking for someone to hit with Saturday morning (June 9) in Beijing before my flight back to the USA.
  19. dr325i

    ISRAEL (Herzliya) April 21 & 22

    Anyone available? Looking for a good 2-hour per day workout, 4.5 level. I will cover the fees Preferably around Dan Acadia, however, can meet anywhere.
  20. dr325i

    Head or not Heado

    All three are heads and 99% of people would think they are all Speed Pros. Guess what they are (hint: one is retail, two are not)
  21. dr325i

    "New" Adidas Barricade 6-month sole warranty

    Absolutely LOVE IT. Had my 2016 Barricade Boost that I acquired from TW for $85. Used them roughly for 4 months, went through the first layer of adiwear6, had the soft layer exposed that measured 1/8" by 1". Sent them over to Adidas, 1/30, ($10 priority), 3 days later received the code from...
  22. dr325i

    Novak to Lacoste

    yes, it will happen at the RG17. His contract with UNIQLO (my favorite brand) ends in June and neither side is interested to extend it. Nike was interested. Lacoste was faster with an attractive offer. Interesting...
  23. dr325i

    Tennis in TAIPEI, February 12

    4.0 - 4.5, can hang and play with anyone from 3.5 to 5.5. I will cover all of the Court expenses.
  24. dr325i

    YES, he was/is that good

  25. dr325i

    Munich anyone (Nov 7-10)?

    will be in Munich for electronica 2016 next week, November 7 -10. I can hit Monday through Wednesday evenings if anyone interested. I will cover all court fees.
  26. dr325i

    MODS! why do you delete all WADA threads

    that discuss Nadal and findings associated with him but allow other threads speculating things on other players and threads talking crap about other players????
  27. dr325i

    Opportunity to hit with a former (recently retired) Pro!

    WOW, eye opening...and leg burning! Joe_Sch and I were fortunate enough to have a chance to hit against former #113 (2011), South African (recently, 3 years ago) retired player. Great and completely exhausting 90 minutes of hitting. Long, rallies, deep shots with a lot of weight on them. And...
  28. dr325i

    Djokovic & Seal

  29. dr325i

    White/Red Barricade Boost?

    TW, Are you going to have the White with Red Barricade Boost for sale, the ones your Euro sister site has: Thanks!
  30. dr325i

    DAYTON BEACH, FL anyone?

    Will be in Daytona next 2 weeks, through the 8th, if anyone interested to hit. 4.5 level but open to meet with anyone interested.