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  1. Kenny022593

    Wilson recommendations

    My wife has finally pushed me down the road of switching to Wilson in 2020 and I need some recommendations from the board. Previous holy grail is the Head Speed XT LTD. I really like stiff racquets, with a constant & thin beam. My wife is a life long Blade user so I've tried them all aside from...
  2. Kenny022593

    Western and Southern Open Stringing

    I am going to be at the tournament the next two days. Does P1 do the stringing for the entire tournament? I was going to stop by the stringing room to say hello and ask some questions! Not sure if I am allowed to ask about specific set ups, but I'll keep the thread updated with pictures!
  3. Kenny022593

    Better durability 18g Co-Focus?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a string similar to the 18g (1.18mm) of Co-Focus that has better durability? I tried it in hopes of switching back to full poly and liked it for the comfort and how easy it was to transition from a hybrid. I don't want to toy around with 17 gauge poly...
  4. Kenny022593

    Pure Aero Junior 25 - Grommet Issue and Breakage

    Recently I have had a few Pure Aero 25's come back to me with bumper guards that are so shaved down the strings protrude and are broken from scuffing the court too much. I have not experienced this with the adult Pure Aero. Does anyone else have similar experience, or have we gotten a bad...
  5. Kenny022593

    Straight vs Tapered Beam - Which is more arm friendly?

    I think it is a tapered beam if the throat is thinner and all things are equal. My reasoning is that the thinner throat and thicker 3 & 9 positions make the head more stable while the racquet can flex to a higher degree at the throat and absorb more impact. Am I wrong in thinking this? Is...
  6. Kenny022593

    Enlarging tie-off grommets?

    One of the players I string for has the tie-off grommets enlarged on his each of his Aero Pros. The grommets are in near perfect condition aside from the damage that was sustained when the holes were enlarged. I don't see a point to enlarging these grommets when they are brand new. Am I...
  7. Kenny022593

    Let's Discuss - Wilson Ultra XP 125

    I strung the Ultra XP 125 today and as I was going about my business all I could think was, "What the hell was Wilson's thought process when engineering this frame." Duly nicknamed "the snowshoe," nothing seems to point to the racquet's $300 price tag. There are long draws from the final main...
  8. Kenny022593

    Luxilon Element?

    In the racquet section, a page from the upcoming Wilson catalog was posted and in the bottom corner you could see a package of orange Luxilon string called Element. Could TW shine a little light on the string in terms of what type of string it is and its release?
  9. Kenny022593

    PolyStar Energy - Is it still relevant?

    I haven't really been keeping up to date with strings as much as I used to, but I remember a few years back PolyStar Energy was being hyped up as one of the better polys. Is it still relevant, or are there better strings out on the market now? I've never tried it and am wondering if after...
  10. Kenny022593

    Babolat M7 Review - Wrapped some polyamides in your polyamides

    So I received a set of Babolat M7 from the local rep a couple of weeks ago and took it out for a playtest. When he gave it to me, he gave his sales pitch and when I equated it to other companies who have already done it, like Tecnifibre, he assured me that this was brand new and the best...
  11. Kenny022593

    Head micro gel radical pro head guard breakage

    Hey guys, I have a teammate who says that the head guards of the mg rad pro are "notorious for break." Would you guys echo the same thing that head guard breakage is a manufacturer defect? He pretty much slowly chipped away at the guard part and the. Yesterday he said the grommet of the...
  12. Kenny022593

    Chris - Asics Gel Resolution 4

    Chris, I saw that you were wearing the Gel Res 4 in the RF 97 review, or at least something that looked very similar to it. Is Asics reintroducing that shoe or is TW bringing in a small batch of them? Thanks in advance!
  13. Kenny022593

    Dear BreakPoint,

    Dear BreakPoint, I am a 21 year old college player and have been playing since I was a freshman in high school. Throughout my college career I have acquired multiple injuries and have played majority doubles due to this. I am currently trying to revamp my game in order to try and work...
  14. Kenny022593

    Racquet Handle Length

    What standard length racquets would you say have the longest grip? Thank you!
  15. Kenny022593

    Will this Grommet fit?

    Will the grommet listed, Yonex RQiS 1 Tour/XL 95/XL Lite Bumper Grommet, fit in the original Yonex RQiS 1 Tour Lite? The 11 oz black and red one. Thank you!
  16. Kenny022593

    Similar to Yonex RQiS 1 tour LIGHT?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has an idea of racquets that are similar to the RQiS 1 tour light (the original)? Mine are pretty much on their last legs. I really enjoy the tapered beam and how it flexes. I also like the lower swingweight and how fast the racquet swings. I also just...
  17. Kenny022593

    Grommets for K-blade 93?

    Hey guys, are there any grommets that will fit into the k-blade 93 or will I have to use tubing? I ran a search and found that the BLX blade tour grommets will fit it, but they have been discontinued.
  18. Kenny022593

    Gel resolution 4 to 5

    If I wore a size 11 in the Gel Res 4, what size would you guys recommend for the 5? Is the half size bigger issue still there, or should I go with my normal 11.5? Thanks
  19. Kenny022593

    Tennis near Mercer PA

    Hey, does anyone know any tennis courts near Mercer PA? I will be working at Camp Nazareth this summer and want to try and hit as much as I can. I am a D3 player for RIT and have had previous threads on the boards about my experience my freshman year and then another thread with a little...
  20. Kenny022593

    ALU Rough causing frame cracks?

    Hey guys I wanted to get some opinions on this. One of my teammates uses full ALU rough at 52 in a pure storm tour. He has been having problems with the frame cracking at the top and bottom hoop stress points. Could the high resiliency of the lux be causing this? He does restring pretty...
  21. Kenny022593

    NCAA Rule: getting paid to string?

    Is there a rule against athletes getting paid to string racquets? I plan on googling it later, but I was wondering if any of the experts here knew off the top of their heads. Thanks guys.
  22. Kenny022593

    Mogul step?

    You guys will probably have the video over the guys in the odds and end section. Does anyone have the video of Hewitt doing the mogul step on his backhand? Thanks guys!
  23. Kenny022593

    Undefeated season or bust! ~ Summer Training

    What's up everyone? I am still recovering from the broken ankle, but I am finally back! It feels good, man. :) So, I just wanted to start a new thread since the other two were about my season at RIT and then the really weak one that I never followed up on about getting the "Ok" to start...
  24. Kenny022593

    Road to Injury Recovery

    So if you guys followed my other thread, I broke my ankle during my first match of the year competing for RIT. Today, after 6.5 weeks, the doctor said that I could finally get back to stationary hitting. I hit today for about 20 minutes with one of my teammates and it went pretty well. My...
  25. Kenny022593

    stringing in Orlando

    Hey guys, if anyone has been following my thread in the college talk tennis section you know I fractured my ankle and am out for 6-10 weeks. RIT is on spring break and we are in Four Corners (?) Florida to play matches against some better schools to get ready for out entrance into Liberty...
  26. Kenny022593

    18x20 ALU Rough.... D:<

    I just strung up a BLX Blade Tour with full ALU Rough... It was probably the biggest pain ever. I remember reading threads about how 18x20 mids were a huge pain to do full Rough in, but I thought nothing of it... I will remember to listen to everything you guys have to say from now on!
  27. Kenny022593

    Serena Black History Month Bandana

    Will the bandana Serena wore for the day or two at the Aussie Open be available to the public?
  28. Kenny022593

    Durability issues? RQiS 1 tour light

    Hi guys, right now I am using the Yonex RQiS 1 tour light. I have only had it since the beginning of November, but it seems like the top of the racquet is already wearing down a lot. I do have another bumper guard to put onto it, but if it goes as fast as the first one, I will have to replace...
  29. Kenny022593

    Help me compare and contrast past champions please

    So, I didn't start playing tennis until 2007 and then I didn't start watching tennis until 2009. I was wondering if you guys could help me compare and contrast past champions. By compare and contrast I mean I need help getting a concrete definition of each's play style. The players are...
  30. Kenny022593

    Will you guys be getting this Yonex shirt?

    I see that it is on TWE, Will you be getting it over here as well? Also this one: