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    When will the klip legend natural gut 16 be back in stock?

    Help me out guys
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    Did you guys see the new y3 line for RG?

    I saw the line its on and its zebra stripes but what are the adidas adizero y3 shoes zebra striped and with red which model are those thnx
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    Barricade 2016 boost vs vapor 9.5

    Hi guys will the barricade offer more durability and equally good comfort and how do they fit please i would like to know because those new barricades look nice and i love BOOST, Thanks
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    Kygrios to blade 98? Link hes playing with blade not sure though
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    New Blade 98 16x19 Vs 2013 Blade 16x19

    Tell me which one is better and why i would love to demo one of them but i want to know which is best Thanks. Is there any differences
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    String Savers?

    Hi guys i saw that federer and many other pros are using string savers what are the pros of these and the cons they are quite expensive imo so please could you tell me before i spend money
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    I need help here

    Hi guys my son is a very high ranked junior in our state 18 he is currently using the wilson pro staff 100l 2012 he is telling me it is getting to light. What should i do? He wants to try the pro staff 97. His strings are luxilon m2 mains 51 and xcel cross 52. He is 5 foot muscular and athletic...
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    is this string good for me

    i hybrid lux m2 at 50 pounds and xcel a 51 would 4g give me arm problems at 50 and 51 because alu destroyed my arm with a gut hybrid:) thnx
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    Federer French Open Polo

    If anybody has it could you post some pics to me because I'm not sure to put 90$ on a shirt please thanks.:)
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    Ps 97 vs blade 98 16x19

    Im deciding to get a heavier racket and I'm only going to choose between these to which one is better I'm currently using 2012 wilson pro staff 100l with lead tape on pws plz tell me I'm leaning towards the 97 but i need your help thanks William:):-D
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    Xcel Vs Klip Legend 16

    Hi guys i would like to know which string to buy Babolat excel 16 or Klip legend 16. I hybrid Xcel with luxilon m2. The mains are luxilon m2 51 and the cross is Xcel 52 how would Klip compare in durability feel control spin and power is it better to buy it because I'm out of xcel and need to buy...
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    Hi tw

    Hi tw will you be getting the bandana or headband called Nike Men's Summer Premier Headband Daring Red and if yes when Thank you :)
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    Should dimitrov switch back to 93 s (95) 18X17 or stay with the new

    Is he playing better with the black one or not
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    Can wilson in 2016 or in fall 2015 come out with new pro staff 100l

    Will they come out with pro staff 100l rf edition if hess:):):twisted:
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    Why are pictures blurry

    Can you please fix the website because every picture is blurry Thanks , William:)
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    Will you be getting this

    Hi TW will you be getting The nike premier rf polo in the color Persian Violet w/Hot Lava (pink) & Ink and the match reddish pink shorts gladiator 7 inch plz tell me and if yes when. Many thanks ,William:)
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    Not Liking the 97ls switched back to the 2012 100l is the 97 worth a shot

    With the 97ls i was just spraying too many balls and when trying to put spin lands in the service box is the pro staff 97 better and more similar to wilson prostaff100l 2012