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  1. cluckcluck

    Where are all the ads for this athlete?

    I know, it's a different sport, though the headline reminds me of a certain WTA player:
  2. cluckcluck

    Credit to this umpire

    For calling out Nadal on slow serving.
  3. cluckcluck

    First set in the books, are we watching a super boring final?

    This has got to be the boringest men’s final I’ve seen in quite some time. Thoughts?
  4. cluckcluck

    Federer says upper back/neck tightness

    Here’s his presser:
  5. cluckcluck

    Rublev testing Head blackout

    Just saw it come through the stringing room. That’s all I have; glossy black paint. Head guard.
  6. cluckcluck

    On a flight to JFK

    I’m sitting here at 36000 feet typing this because I cannot sleep (it’s 1:04am local) on this darn airplane. I’m headed to New York City for 2.5 weeks to help out the Wilson/Luxilon team in the stringing room. It’s going to be a tall order, considering the tryout in Miami nearly killed me...
  7. cluckcluck

    Adidas apparel at Toronto/Montreal

    What in the actual heck is going on with the shirts? Looks like the players are wearing cardigans. Sorry, no pictures as I’m on mobile
  8. cluckcluck

    Alison Riske Strokes

    What an abomination. It’s a wonder how she was able to beat so many players reaching the QFs.
  9. cluckcluck

    Jay Clarke frame?

    Nevermind. there's already a thread. please delete
  10. cluckcluck

    Haase with Radical PJ at Wim

    Obviously a PJ but moving to a different mould? Is Head switching their few prestige players to radicals?
  11. cluckcluck

    Will Ramos Ump A Serena Match Ever Again?

    Just finished up the Seppi v Pella match and saw Carlos Ramos in the background observing the match and it made me wonder, will he ever officiate another Serena Williams match again?
  12. cluckcluck

    Grigor...what the heck is up?

    Losing in 5 to a qualifier. Head thing or just sucks at the tennis?
  13. cluckcluck

    ESPN Already off to a crap start

    Watching day 1 is painful. V. Williams just lost to Gauff and now they're going to show highlights of that match then the presser. All the while, there are active matches on around the grounds. So stupid.
  14. cluckcluck

    Verdasco blacked out Head at Eastbourne

    Is it the blackout that Zverev is playing with? Or the newest head Speed PJ that's coming?
  15. cluckcluck

    Zverev Biggest Choke To Date?

    He had that first set in the bag...then never came back. Ugly QF performance.
  16. cluckcluck

    Empty seats vs no seats available

    During Rafa's quarterfinal against Nishikori on Philippe Chatrier there were tons of seats available...almost like a first round. On the other hand; Not an empty seat on Suzanne-Lenglen during Federer v Wawrinka. That's gotta say something.
  17. cluckcluck

    No stencil for Khachanov

    ?? Watching his Delpo match and I don't see any resemblance of a stencil. He lose his sponsorship?
  18. cluckcluck

    Did RG do away with the serve speedometer?

    It doesn't appear to be on any of the courts.
  19. cluckcluck

    Shaving a handle?

    Recently acquired a near mint condition Yonex Ultimum RD Ti80 but it's got a L5 grip. Which is HUGE for me. Would want to get it down to an L3. What's the best approach for this to be accurate and even all around?
  20. cluckcluck

    Replacement Clamps For Gamma?

    Asking for a friend. They have a Gamma 7500 els and the clamps can hardly hold the string anymore. They have resorted to sanding the clamps to get some friction (yeah, I don’t recommend it). I was looking around and couldn’t figure out which clamps are the right ones, 5 tooth universal or 4...
  21. cluckcluck

    F1: Drive to survive

    Just binged it over the weekend on Netflix. Really well done and shows a good view on the fragility of Formula 1 cars, teams, and drivers. Check it out!
  22. cluckcluck

    Halep Without Stencil

    Watching Halep at the Miami Open; halep with no stencil on her Blades. She lose the sponsorship?
  23. cluckcluck

    Lack of line judges in Miami

    I thought it was only the outer courts, but it appears that all matches only have 3 line judges (standing) on court, 2 on the server side and 1 on the receiver. Any ideas why?
  24. cluckcluck

    A Titleless Clay Season?

    Rafa being in his 30's with a reoccurring knee injury (patellar tendinitis), is it possible for him to not win a title during the clay season? And who will stop him?
  25. cluckcluck

    What’s with all the Taylor Fritz hype?

    Can’t watch a commercial without him talking about being the best in the world. He’s good but not that good.
  26. cluckcluck

    Opelka shoe size?

    14? 15? 20?
  27. cluckcluck

    Will Smith to play Richard Williams
  28. cluckcluck

    What teams string which tournaments?

    For example; Yonex - Australian Open and various tournaments in Asia Wilson/Luxilon - US Open and Miami Head - IW Babolat - French Open and Wimbledon What other tournaments do these teams, or others, string?
  29. cluckcluck

    Prince Original Graphite 110 Grommet set

    Hey TW, will the textreme 110 grommet system fit the POG110? If not, do you have one? I see you have 107 and 100. Thanks!
  30. cluckcluck

    Ever been a triple bagel major final?

    Like the title says. Has there ever been a 6-0, 6-0, 6-0 major final?