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  1. West Coast Ace

    Fratangelo in Newport

    Adidas trying to out Hot Lava Nike: It's brighter on TV.
  2. West Coast Ace

    Cecchinato Racquet

    Sure doesn’t look wide enough across 3 to 9 o’clock to be what it’s painted as. Older Pure Strike? Anyone know?
  3. West Coast Ace

    MIA draw is out!

    To say Fed has it good would be an understatement:
  4. West Coast Ace

    Nadal’s Own Doctor Disagrees with Him

    Technology, not length of schedule and hardcourts causing injuries - ha!:
  5. West Coast Ace

    ATP Masters 1000 R16

    Noticed that today there are no seeds playing each other. Has this ever happened at a M1000 in R16 before? Went back to 98 and don't see it.
  6. West Coast Ace

    MTL - World Record Attendance

    Author credits Fed and Denis the Menace:
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    Acapulco 2018 - Fed, Nadal, Djokovic, Murray, Wawrinka

    (searched on 'acapulco - didn't see a thread - apologies if it was already posted). Tournament director in Acapulco talking a lot of smack about getting Fed to abandon Dubai next year - AND get the rest of the Big 4 and Stan...
  8. West Coast Ace

    RIP Peter Doohan

    56 - way too young:
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    Murray out of Toronto

    Tweet by Jamie Delgado claims Murray is leaving for 2 weeks of training in Mallorca' to get ready for Rio.
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    TW's favorite animal - JoeJoe

    Thought everyone might like this - great story - I now want one. Watch the videos:
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    Baseball is dead - but this is great

  12. West Coast Ace

    Tomic = lost cause

    Just found this:
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    IST/MUN/EST - week of the 1HBH

    Dimitrov the fav in the F in IST Already have Kohli - Thiem set for MUN Almagro has the tough job in EST v Kyrgios.
  14. West Coast Ace - tennis resorts

    Saw this - not cheap - Nevis looks very nice:
  15. West Coast Ace

    Measuring Strength of Field

    When considering the strength of the field for an ATP event, what do you think is most important?: # of players in Top 10 " 20 Average ranking of the entire field Number of players in the field who've won an ATP event Something else?
  16. West Coast Ace

    New Sport created in China?

    Watch the video in this story - as someone said in the comments, if they made this into a sport and put it on TV, I'd watch:
  17. West Coast Ace

    F1 2016

    After the fiasco of qualifying, a good race. Good competition at the front and in the middle of the pack. I know you Euros won't go for it - but a NASCAR time trial qualifying is simple and effective - on track without traffic; 3 laps; rank by best time. F1 could take that for Q1 and have a Q2...
  18. West Coast Ace

    Murray and Under Armor

    Does anyone know what is going on with Murray and his UA clothes? What is taking UA so long to create actual tennis clothes. The shirts he wears now just look like UA workout clothes. And the shorts are just workout shorts with pockets. Hard to believe they would win the bidding war, then not...
  19. West Coast Ace


    Anyone else going for the ATP event? Want to hit? Have a drink at the venue?
  20. West Coast Ace

    Oculus Rift - For Tennis

    This week at CES the long-awaited info on the release date and pricing of the Oculus Rift has come out. It appears that it's first use case is for gaming. But I want one - for Wimbledon (and other tennis tournament) viewing. While I like traveling to and watching live ATP matches, there are...
  21. West Coast Ace

    Raonic - still not 100%

    (I searched the titles on the 1st 2 pages - didn't see this posted - apologies if it was already). Raonic still not 100% going into 2016 - not good:
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    2015 US Open R16 - F Lopez vs Fognini

    Thread worthy (didn't see one). Should start soon.
  23. West Coast Ace

    USO Schedule - Day 6 - Sat Sept 6 Fed 2nd in the day; Murray the night match.
  24. West Coast Ace

    2015 USO R32 - Raonic vs. F. Lopez

    I think this could be one of the best R32 matches.
  25. West Coast Ace

    USO 2015 R64 (2) Federer vs Darcis

    Match may or may not merit a thread...
  26. West Coast Ace

    90+ Years in the Making - Converse All-Star Reboot

    Tuesday Jul 28 - Chuck Taylors Version 2 comes out - with padding! I'm definitely getting a pair - to GOAT around town in. Anyone else?
  27. West Coast Ace

    Murray's off court endorsement/investment strategy

    Just found this - interesting - would love to hear some of the products he said 'no' to:
  28. West Coast Ace

    Fed goes off on Hawkeye - again

    He does have a point - if it's too dark for technology, maybe the matches should be halted.
  29. West Coast Ace

    Pros use Airbnb at Wimbledon

    Found this - interesting look at how players use Airbnb to get houses/rooms near the grounds: I'm sure fans too.
  30. West Coast Ace

    Top Tourist Cities in 2015

    Seoul? I like Korean (American) women - but really? Anyone been there? Worth a 2 or 3 day side trip? The rest I can buy although the order is interesting for a few.