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  1. Fintft

    I love you guys!

    You are often educative and inspirational, so I thank you, from the bottom of my lonely, immigrant heart! Greetings from the Romania's Black Sea coast, soon fixing to go hiking in and
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    Do you tighten your grip only at contact, instinctively?

    I got this today, again, from a coach. I'm usually hitting with no tension in the arm, nor in the grip ( an advice from Boletierri), but that doesn't deal well with hard incoming balls, or if you want to do the same. What do you think?
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    Do you use pendulum to get into the trophy position?

    I like it for the rhythm it gives and also b/c otherwise, my racquet was delayed by too much. I'm surprised it took me so long to switch to "down together, up together".
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    Santoro ROS challenge: drop shot

    Can you do it? I'll try it lol
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    Can you rally 100 balls from the BL?

    We were interrupted today after 80 balls, as the coach's phone rang.
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    Split step landing on the balls of your feet or on the toes? Or both?

    Hi, I've seen the phisio yesterday for hints on my hammer toes and she suggested that I should land both on the toes and the balls of my feet, while I was primarily landing on the balls of the feet. She also suggested that I should practice jumps like I am in hot sand (when I jump on a thick...
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    Wide clay tennis shoes?

    Anyone knows if we can find wide Asisc Gel Res 8 in Canada or US? Or other brands? The clay the Asiscs Gel Resolution 7/8 seem to have the deepest thread which I like... By comparision Addidas Barricades (I dusted off a pratically new pair) don't! Except that they are wider and they don't...
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    Hammer toes?

    Anyone else experienced this please? I just got some bad blisters on my "crooked by age" toes: "A hammer toe is a toe that has an abnormal bend in its middle joint, making the toe bend downward to look like a hammer. This painful condition forms due to an imbalance in the surrounding muscles...
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    My avatar (Sorana Carstea) plays her second recent final tomorrow

    Final·Patrice Dominguez 9:00 a.m. S. Cîrstea 5 B. Krejčíková
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    Can you rally 15-20 balls like Tennis_Balla(deep drives, DTM), especially at 3.5 level?

    And second question: how many can you do in a minute? (I managed to do 26 with my coach...10 years ago). Mind you this is all I wish atm, in my tennis life, to rally like this, medium length (say 8 -12 balls), from the BL :) I doubt that there are too many 3.5s pairs that can do that, at...
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    Grip not flush with the butt cap for Wilson causes blisters

    If you end up with the butt cap in your palm and two fingers off the handle... It also happened to my 26y old partner after a few minutes of practice - first hit after a 2 months lockdown. Using just the overgrip to cover the plastic margin of the butt cap is not enough, but it was much better...
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    Who plays attacking tennis, as oposed to defending or counterpunching?

    Today we had my....avatar (well the girl in it) winning a tournament, attacking beautifully and at times drop shotting: What style do you use?
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    My avatar(Sorana Cirstea) won a tournament playing attacking tennis w/o dropping a set in Instanbul!

    She demolished the top seed in the final: Often brilliant, not only aggressive. It has served Sorana well to eat side by side with me, in a "Beautiful" restaurant by a lake in Bucharest a couple of years ago :)
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    The angles and the power (including on the run) Karatsev has...

    He is like a pupeteer pulling the marionettes' strings! Purest attacking player. Musetti didn't even seem to have a change to get warmed up against him today, in two sets in Monte Carlo I don't remember even Federer being able to do those angles and that power on the run, Karatsev does... Aslan...
  16. Fintft

    No look backhand, can u do it?

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    Like Zverev, I don't believe in 2nd serve, do you?

    Like him I'd rather use my first serve twice :) After all I'm only using one FH from the baseline (don't also use a slice one etc). How about you?
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    Best clay balls? And where can I order Dunlop Fort Clay balls from?

    Hi, I prefer Dunlop Fort Clay balls to any other on both red clay and har thru, but they seem hard to find in any US/CAN stores, do you have a source? I might have found one in Canada, waiting for order to be processed though. They seem to be CAN 11 for a can of 4 as opposed to CAN 6 for a...
  19. Fintft

    Look how the pros train in a hotel room

    About 72 have been forced into confinment in their rooms fro 2 weeks, due to other passagers having been found infected on their flights (such as Bianca Andreescu's coach)...
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    The movement: Modified Cooper test for conditioning

    A question for everyone, do you watch your heart rate on an exercise bike? I am trying to mimic the modified Cooper test for conditioning, paying attention especially to heart rate recovery to determine overall aerobic fitness: You know you set up your age, weight, time and level (as hard as...
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    Do low level club players play on points in order to disguise weaknesses?

    Take someone young, with a good FH, but very weak BH, no split step and no good preparation. Such a player can't hang in a BL rally, especially if the ball comes back to him hard. Yet you start playing on points and due to all the interruptions and the short points, the weaknesses don't matter...
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    I can't practice my toss/serve outdoors when it's -2c/28F and it feels like -8C/17F

    I was dressed for walking not for erratic tosses and serve practice, but I wanted to take advantage of the snow free (only wet) courts, due also to the limited court time I had in the last week or so (1 hit in 10 days). No way I could practice that drill with my weight distributed mostly (or...
  23. Fintft

    Raonic got mad today

    Against Bublik after the later ironized him with a jummping drop shot (Raonic served and returned very hard afterwards in a blow out). They even talked about it, apparently during the exchange, Bublik defending weakly with "I was just..."
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    Congrats to Patricia Tig for winning her first WTA title, over Genie Bouchard!

    Great playing through the whole tournament, she becomes the second highest ranked (#58) Romanian player after Simona Halep! Eugenie Bouchard didn't play too shabby either and showed great fighting spirit and FH (weaker BH though). Patricia is also the third ranked mom after Serena and Azarenka...
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    Nadal Kyrgios

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    Me and Roger both watched these girls, you? Sent from my SM-T720 using Tapatalk
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    Bianca Andreescu wow!

    Bianca is in class of her own! Even when she is not at her best, she outclasses her opponents! She's got it all: power, finesse and great problem solving+ confidence.. Wtg! Bianca defeats Townsend 6-1, 4-6, 6-2 at US Open. Sent from my SM-G955W using Tapatalk
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    Tomorrow it could be the first time that an unrated player wins a WTA event: Patricia Tig

    In Bucharest Open, after a two year break (after an injury and also birth of her child), Patricia Tig (who had to play not only qualifiers, but pre-qualifiers), defeated among others the #11 WTA Anastasija Sevastova. Patricia used to be WTA #83...