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  1. Kenny022593

    Anyone try Tyrol's outdoor pickleball shoes yet?

    Yeah, it's similar to NTRP. They go from 1.0 - 6.0. The ELO formula they have in place for them sucks, though. As a 3.0 you will still go down in rating even with a loss in 3 sets to the highest ranked players in the system. It's also insanely hard to increase your rating. The main tournament...
  2. Kenny022593

    Anyone try Tyrol's outdoor pickleball shoes yet?

    Stay away from them. They are low quality. When they first launched they used a VERY soft rubber for the outsoles. The shoe would wear down to the midsole within 10 hours of hard pickleball play. I assume that the same wear would happen within 4 hours of tennis. The company did address this...
  3. Kenny022593

    Pickleball is spreading

    This is the mindset that all tennis players should have, but only a small minority do.
  4. Kenny022593

    Wilson recommendations

    I completely missed this one on TW's website. Don't know how. It looks like it would be the perfect choice, though.
  5. Kenny022593

    Wilson recommendations

    Unfortunately, I think you're right. I know if I wanted to get the thinnest beam Wilson has to offer I'd be looking at the blade or ultra pro. They are not really at the stiffness I'd like. With that said neither is the burn team, but that played way stiffer than a 63/64 flex if I'm remembering...
  6. Kenny022593

    Wilson recommendations

    My wife has finally pushed me down the road of switching to Wilson in 2020 and I need some recommendations from the board. Previous holy grail is the Head Speed XT LTD. I really like stiff racquets, with a constant & thin beam. My wife is a life long Blade user so I've tried them all aside from...
  7. Kenny022593

    2020 will be the last year of Nadal and Nike

    ^^ This. @Babolast may know a lot of people in the industry, but after all the "sure things" he's posted about in the previous years I've come to the conclusion that he is nothing more than a liar and attention seeker.
  8. Kenny022593

    Any good shoe like the Asics Gel Solution Speed 3?

    Protect your toenails and avoid this shoe. It's very comfortable and if I was coaching full time I'd probably wear them more, but that's not the case. There is a lot of toe jam and the outsole is pretty sticky so you can't slide as easily in them either. If you go for a Wilson shoe try the...
  9. Kenny022593

    Any good shoe like the Asics Gel Solution Speed 3?

    I have heard good things about the diadora blue shield and the new super fabric head sprint. I haven't worn either personally, but the TW reviews are always a good place to start. You could always look at the rereleased uberaonic 2s if your arch/foot can handle the minimalism.
  10. Kenny022593

    Asics Solution Speed FF review issues

    Haven't been using the forum much, but needed to jump on so I could chime in on an old thread. I've been a big solution speed guy since the 1's. The 2's were by far my favorite and compared to the GOAT Gel Res 4. The 3's were okay and a slight step back from the comfort of the 2, but I think...
  11. Kenny022593

    Pickleball Nation

    I agree. I know there is a chip on some PB players shoulders as well, but it differs from tennis in my experience. The major aspect of the game that is changing right now is that it is going towards level based play at the rec level, just like tennis has done. Lower level players get more and...
  12. Kenny022593

    Pickleball Nation

    And neither is tennis. The most important shots in tennis are groundstrokes and it does take some skill, but it doesn’t compare to a finessed PB dink kept low and hit multiple times with patience. Learning finesse volleys is not as important as learning ground strokes in tennis. IMO it’s a...
  13. Kenny022593

    Saw the saddest site today

    For once... I am going to agree with FedAce over any other poster in the thread.
  14. Kenny022593

    Saw the saddest site today

    Why bother? Because she is 5 and a throwing, overhead motion with good rhythm and consistent contact is all that matters at that age.
  15. Kenny022593

    Pickleball Nation

    The more skidding, the less like a clay court it becomes. I embrace the skid!
  16. Kenny022593

    Pickleball Nation

    I agree with you. I can also add that I used to think the nvz took the athleticism out of the game, but since I’ve been playing more I’m finding it adds some fun athletic elements. Ernie’s, poaching, around the posts. A lot of fun stuff.
  17. Kenny022593

    Pickleball Nation

    C’mon, it’s not any worse than 60’ lines :p. 4 courts might be a bit much, but 2 really isn’t that bad. The bigger problem is those damn tennis lines! Those things get confusing when you’re trying to watch your step in pickleball. They damn sure get in the way of my deuce side T kick landing in!
  18. Kenny022593

    18+ Mixed Nationals

    The Eastern 8.0 team that went was extremely athletic. Even the players that you felt like you could put maneuver with placement were tough.
  19. Kenny022593

    Uniqlo airism shirts

    I wear the super thin ones for tennis and working out. They are great in terms of breath-ability and comfort. They do run small like a compression shirt, though. So buy a size larger than you normally would if you do not like that. I have had one for almost a year and another for about 3...
  20. Kenny022593

    Is 9.0 mixed declining in your area?

    @J011yroger were you on the LI 9.0 team that lost out to western this year?
  21. Kenny022593

    USTA Level ratings videos...

    I’m not sure how to view if it was a 5.0s, or 5.0c rating.
  22. Kenny022593

    USTA Level ratings videos...

    The woman 4.5 was last rated in 2015 playing 5.0 on a 9.0 mixed team.
  23. Kenny022593

    What are some poly strings that are "crisp and lively?"

    Volkl V-Pro MSV Co Focus - I would personally go with 1.23mm. Big hitter blue rough - if you’re not a string breaker it will become mushy.
  24. Kenny022593

    Two Jerks In One Day Is A Lot Of Jerks

    “Hey, could my son and I use the court you and your dog are playing on?” “”Yeah, sure it is all yours. He and I can go to the field around the corner.”” Cindy - “I was going to practice my serves on this court.” “Oh, ok. Let’s share it. We’ll use one half, you use the other. My son is a...
  25. Kenny022593

    EVERYONE owes Babolast an apology

    No one should apologize to him. When the rumor first came out he attacked another poster and said it would “never happen.” He has attacked posters for years with no repercussions and should not be given special treatment.
  26. Kenny022593

    In 2016 Rafa Nadal + Nike = NO MORE!

    I just report him every time I see him.
  27. Kenny022593

    The Best Cheap Clay Shoes????

    Hardcourt shoes will work fine. There will be a bit more give, but if they are new or the tread is still deep you will be fine. If you need to buy new shoes because your tread stinks I would go with a hardcourt shoe that has sticky rubber and a deeper tread pattern, that way you can use them on...
  28. Kenny022593

    Post-Playsight Syndrome

    You can use 3D view. It shows a sprite moving around the court. You get to see your positioning and movement without having to see yourself hitting a ball. Win win.
  29. Kenny022593

    Who's on first?

    Because you are playing?
  30. Kenny022593

    How do you respond to “what is your profession/job? (Coaches)

    "I hit tennis balls for a living."