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  1. Nadalgaenger

    Ranking Nadal’s level at F0: A Tale of Three L’s

    Nadal has lost thrice at the FO: 2009 to Soderling 2015 to Nole 2021 to Nole How do you rank Nadal’s clay level in FO heading into these matches?
  2. Nadalgaenger

    Is Djokovic actually stronger at RG or USO?

    If Djokovic had to play one match with his life on the line at RG or at USO, where would he have the better chance (assuming he wasn’t facing peak Nadal at RG)? At this point I would say RG. He had to face the most dominant force in tennis history in numerous matches there and would easily have...
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    Time to remove the asterisk from Thiem’s USO

    All we’ve heard all year is how Thiem’s USO was cheap and deserving of an asterisk. Now that we realize that Thiem beat a red hot Medvedev in straight sets last year and that Zverev is the real deal, his achievement does not look paltry. In fact, Thiem beat 3/4 USO SF this year (he also SS FAA)...
  4. Nadalgaenger

    Would Djokovic have more slams if he had never met Pepe Imaz?

    We don’t see him courtside anymore (or at least not in his human form). So did this guy cost Nole any slams from FO 2016 to Wimbledon 2018? Discuss!
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    Can someone explain why Djokovic is “Imhotep” here?

    I’ve seen him referred to as Imhotep. What is the connection? Thanks for explaining!
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    Better Sports Etiquette: Zverev or Tsitsipas?

    Which guy has better general sports etiquette in your eyes and why?
  7. Nadalgaenger

    Peak Medvedev vs Peak Hewitt

    Who you got and why?
  8. Nadalgaenger

    Stefanos Tsitsipas will win USO this year

    “The Greek God” will lift the trophy. You heard it here first!
  9. Nadalgaenger

    Which player would Djokovic LEAST want to face in USO final?

    Which of the following four guys do you think Djokovic would LEAST want to face at USO? Explain your answer.
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    Which player has had the most disappointing 2021 so far?

    Nole has pretty much dominated tennis (at least until Olympics). So who has had the most disappointing year?
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    Peak Medvedev vs Peak Chang on HC

    Who wins and why?
  12. Nadalgaenger

    Peak Federer vs Peak Srdjan (sic) Djokovic

    If they played at Wimbledon in 2006 how many points could Srdjan (sic) win? I mean points, not games!
  13. Nadalgaenger

    A Cool Stat About 2006 Federer

    He handed out 19 bagels total (most in Open era). Many of these bagels were given out in GS matches. Rafa was the lucky recipient of one in the first set of Wimbledon.
  14. Nadalgaenger

    Federer 2011 AO

    I was watching highlights of the Djokovic AO SF today. Fed was up 5-2 in the second set and then lost 5 straight games and dropped the set 7-5! Had Fed won the second set I’d say the match probably would have gone 5 sets and maybe he gets a win over the mythological beast of 2011 Djokovic. How...
  15. Nadalgaenger

    Who has accomplished more: Thiem or Zverev?

    Who has the better list of career accomplishments at this point? Thiem or Zverev?
  16. Nadalgaenger

    Who is favorite for USO NOW?

    Given the events in Tokyo, who is your top favorite for USO?
  17. Nadalgaenger

    Slam Count if Bo3

    How different would current slam count be if slams were best of 3? Would this have favored a certain member of Big 3 or evened out? I think we would have had more upset slam champs overall for sure. BTW: I am NOT for a switch to Bo3. Just curious.
  18. Nadalgaenger

    Federer racquet smash revisited

    Is this the only time Fed broke a racquet on court after winning his first slam in 2003? Has he done it since? Is there any significance in the opponent here?
  19. Nadalgaenger

    Caspar Ruud will win the French Open next year

    Rafa’s Norwegian protege will begin to inflict serious pain to opponents on clay. He’s looking better and better.
  20. Nadalgaenger

    Thiem playing Left-Handed vs 5.0: Who Wins??

    Saw Thiem’s IG post. Looks reasonably competent left-handed. Could he beat a 5.0?
  21. Nadalgaenger

    Which of the following achievements will ultimately mean more for Djokovic’s legacy?

    Which of the following things will be remembered more when we are all gone from this earth?
  22. Nadalgaenger

    The Federer/Djokovic Rivalry: A Few Observations --Djokovic never had a lead in the rivalry until 2016 --The number of sets won is currently even at 43! --Fed has only two straight set slam victories over Nole (2007 AO and 2009 USO) and Nole only has four (AO 2008, 2011, 2020 and...
  23. Nadalgaenger

    Interesting to watch the full match

    This is where the beast was born. Fascinating how little respect Courier and the other commentators pay Djokovic early in this match. They make him sound like a scrub.They change their tune radically by the end of the first set.
  24. Nadalgaenger

    What if Fed could...

    Do what he did 10 years ago and slay the dragon? What if he SOMEHOW mustered his strength for one last USO run, as improbable as it seems, and was able to take down Djokovic in a final. Then he could retire and the fairy tale might be complete. Does anyone else believe?
  25. Nadalgaenger

    2011 Tsonga vs 2021 Berrettini at Wimbledon

    Both guys lost to different versions of Nole at Wimbledon. Both are formidable power players. Both are alpha male players that fear nothing. Here’s how I break them down shot by shot: Serve : Berrettini FH: Berrettini BH: Neither good but slight edge Tsonga RoS: Tsonga? Movement: Tsonga Net...
  26. Nadalgaenger

    More Exciting Novak Run: 2011 Streak vs. 2021 CYGS Run?

    Which event is more exciting and why? 2011 was like a storm nobody could have predicted. The sheer improbability of Nole's sudden transformation from one-slam wonder to dominant world No 1 along with the aura of invincibility he conjured up was pretty exciting. High point for me were the...
  27. Nadalgaenger

    Don’t look now but…

    Nole has a higher Wimbledon win match win percentage than Roger:–_men%27s_singles
  28. Nadalgaenger

    Predict Djokovic Career Stats

    What is your best guess now regarding several key metrics? Please let me know what I leave off the list? Career Slams? Wimbledon titles? Weeks at No1? Year End No1? WTF? Masters 1000?
  29. Nadalgaenger

    Brad Gilbert: Djokovic‘s Game better at 34 than 24

    Do you agree? What do the stats say? My take: He’s much stronger mentally now. Serve significantly better. Net game significantly better. RoS and movement not as good but still as good as anyone in Open Era tennis. Overall: Too close to call.