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  1. halalula1234

    where can I find pictures/footages of players leaving the court?

    Hi guys, Just wondering where would I be able to find footages of players leaving the court after their Anz openmic interview at the aus open? I just saw serena leaving the court and saw that she was using a key ring that i gave her on her handbag! so I really wanted to get a screen cap of...
  2. halalula1234

    what is wrong with jelena jankovic's voice?

    I've just watch this video and thought JJ's voice sounds very strange maybe she has a cold or sore throat? but I couldnt help but laugh a little because it sounded very robotic!
  3. halalula1234

    Played a pusher today!!

    well I played a pusher today.Im a girl and i had to play a big guy that pushes! everything was very slow and high and lands in akward positions. For example: a mid court shot that landed on the service line but then bounces up a few feet above my head and after that a weird sick...
  4. halalula1234

    TALL Players: Why are some fast and some slow?

    With tall players.. Whats the factor determining why some are fast and some are slow?? is it just their body shape?? or weight or what?? for example venus williams who is prolly the fastest womens player taller than 6ft. shes 185cm and about 72kg compared to sharapova who is...
  5. halalula1234

    Wow amazing match! one of the best womens matches i saw

    I found this clip on youtube. Amazing attacking the net play by venus and really smart shots by hingis. Venus used to be scary! what happend!?
  6. halalula1234

    I saw a man with 1 arm play a few days ago

    I was watching my friends playing the club social comps. and i notice on the other court there was a senior (40-60 yrs old ) competitions in doubles. I notice one of the men has only one arm and he was really good and i was really inspired by him! :) So i talked to him for a bit afterwards and...
  7. halalula1234

    Best Swinging Volleys?

    Who do u rekond has the best swinging volleys? I think Venus Williams has the best swinging volleys i've seen in men or women. the mens does it less tho, i think federer has a nice one when he hits it. BTW.. Has anyone seen.. or know a clip on youtube where a player hits a 1handed...
  8. halalula1234

    playing Soft-baller Baseliners on clay

    2 c. - Soft-Baller Baseliners are tireless players with excellent footwork and anticipation. They always seem to be where they need to be to cut down your angles of attack. You cannot get them to engage you in a power exchange. They seem to absorb all the power of your shots and redirect it with...
  9. halalula1234

    Need some help for a tournament semi's

    Hey guys, I'm playing in a semi finals at a tournament this sunday.. and im a little bit worried. I know who im playing and i had lost to him last time 6-4 6-1 in another tournament. I know that he is a pusher/slicer with good volleys...he plays a very strange (i sturggle a bit against...
  10. halalula1234

    Smartest players ATP and WTA

    Hi everyone who do u think are the smartest players (game wise) on the ATP and WTA?? Based on how smart they play, how well they place their shots and their shot selections... u know what i mean. I think the ATP is Federer and Santoro was quite smart be hes retired so it doesnt count...
  11. halalula1234

    Kim Clijsters pulls out of wimbledon its her foot injury AGAIN! :(
  12. halalula1234

    venus and jennifer at the 2001 uso staring

    I just saw this clip and thought i should share it, did anyone remember this??I had no idea it happened
  13. halalula1234

    wrist hurts after a long tennis day

    Have anyone had this experience before? i played a long tennis day and my wrist hurts the day after. I never played that long before.. most i played is around 6 hours but that day it was 9hours. with hardly any breaks. My right wrist hurts on the top right side of it...(near the bumpy bone...
  14. halalula1234

    Help New coach trying to switch my BH grip

    Hi EVERYONE! I've move to a different area which is quite far from my old one. I've got a new coach and the coach is trying to change my 1 hander's grip. It is definitely one of my best shot. I use the extreme grip which is kinda like holding a SW forehand but flip around. I can hit all...
  15. halalula1234

    WTA fastest forehand/backhand ever?

    I that for mens i already know it was monfils and his 180kmh forehand i think. So im just wondering the same for the women;s side. Who has struck the fastest forehand./backhand groundstroke ever?? and how fast was it??
  16. halalula1234

    HOw many Lets allowed before a fault??

    I was just thinking about this and i am curious. How many let is a player allowed to served before ther serve is called a fault?? Is it a certain number? or is it that u can keep letting forever?
  17. halalula1234

    Naturally gifted on a surface?

    If you were a pro and can be naturally gifted on a surface, which surface would choose?? considering that you are already good on the hard court, in addition to that would you choose to be naturally gifted on. like nadal/fed etc. Clay or grass?
  18. halalula1234

    Surprise: venus has beaten justine on clay

    Wow i was a little surprise that venus has beaten the pre-prime justine on clay. I didnt think she was that good to do so before but now i saw the clip and she used to be awesome on clay and Henin was hitting just as hard as venus and venus was using...
  19. halalula1234

    What Grip does Kimiko Date-Krumm use??

    Does she use the continental old school? or the eastern?? its so flat and hard
  20. halalula1234

    Is this statement true or false?

    ok i play in a club and the organisers doesnt really like me and always put me with the worst people and never lets me play with people my level or better.. So today i ask him he critiques me for my techniques, i accepted his critique and told him "There is a person who servers with his SW...
  21. halalula1234

    Brisbane international's court

    I saw this video of the davis cup match on pat rafter arena where they played the brisbane international But its now clay.. i thought it was hard court before. and there seems to be only 1 arena in the place.. so do they change like this often?? wouldnt it be really expensive to change...
  22. halalula1234

    IS Sam Stosur a natural lefty?

    I watched some of Sam's video i found on youtube, from the wta blog. It shows her cooking/making coffee...and she spins the milk bottle left handed, stir her pancake left haneded and flips/cooks left handed. and opens the tap left handed. Makes me wonder if she is left handed? a clip of...
  23. halalula1234

    how many rackets have u broken?

    How many rackets have you broken by smashing it cus u were angry? :P:twisted: i know this guy who brought a new racket last week it was expensive!! the babolat nadal's model the yellow one.. and he broke it the next week,. dam what a waste! i have broken 2 but now i promised my self NEVER...
  24. halalula1234

    Fh volley on various shots. Advice

    HI there. what seems to be the weakest part of my game is i would say my fh volley. Its fine most of the time but recently it breaks down i havent been playing for a while due to the weather :cry:. I was wondering how to deal with these shots when at the net. - they hit a low paceless...
  25. halalula1234

    The New cat suit?

    i saw this video and i was surprise how good serena looked in this dress...this could give the "cat suit" some competition.
  26. halalula1234

    Li na's surprise serve

    was just looking through the AO official site at the Stats and i was surprised to see Li na's serve at 126 mph? didnt know she could serve that big cus most of her serves seems like around 160-175 kmph. she doesnt look like a big server so is there a mistake or did she really hit it that hard.
  27. halalula1234

    have u ever seen venus this angry?

    The video clip is quite old but i never though to see her this angry. Shes changed so much. i actually like this angry venus :P
  28. halalula1234

    name of this serve.

    left handed slice serve but done by a right hander what is this serve called? still a slice? or something else?
  29. halalula1234

    how good will santoro do against top college players?

    Since hes a different type of player and i love to watch him. I want to know how well he would do against the top college players? what do u guys think. i have no answer my self :P im clueless thats why im asking.
  30. halalula1234

    the SOunds of your strokes?

    I have some questions. I have notice something weird about my shots. Most people and like a lot of pros on tv hits their shot and their sounds are like "POP" even my friends. but why does most of my shots sounds like "Ploink" like on my top spin balls and my flat balls. slices and even a...