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    The US Open draw is really opening up for Kyrgios

    It's time for Kyrgios to focus because if he plays well, he should be able to make the semis easily. He hasn't even played a match yet, and everyone dangerous in his section is dropping out.
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    Nicola Kuhn

    Was interesting reading about this new up and coming 18 year old, but then they showed his picture...looks like he is in his 40s already. What's up with that?!
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    How can I use a phone in southeast Asia?

    I'll be traveling to Hong Kong, Cebu, Bangkok, some islands in Thailand, and Ho Chi Minh soon. Right now, I just have a basic flip phone, but was considering switching to a smartphone when my contract is up in January. The problem is that my contract isn't up until after I am already in Asia...
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    How can I change my username?

    I no longer wish to use my full name due to privacy concerns.
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    rule change with challenges

    In light of the recent controversy with Fognini, what does everyone think about this rule change? Here is the Fognini controversy: If a ball is called out, you must still make your next shot back in the court. If you can't get it...
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    Which Grand Slam is the most important today?

    Which Grand Slam do you feel is the most important today?
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    Who is the greatest defender of all time?

    If you vote in the poll, please list your 2 favorite players for discussion purposes. My opinion of the most important qualities that make up the best defender are as follows: 1) The ability to make the opponent string together many excellent shots just to win a single point. 2) The...
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    looking for some good public courts in Orange County, CA

    I need to play a 5 set match next weekend in Orange County for an iron man tournament, but neither myself or my opponent have played there before. We would like to find courts that do not get too busy so we can hopefully complete the whole match without getting kicked off the courts by people...
  9. J

    ice packs for the shins and elbow

    I have been dealing with shin splints for years now and triceps tendinitis for a few months and was wondering if anyone knew any good ice packs I could use that would work well for those spots. I once bought an ice pack made especially for the ankle for $50 and it was horrible, didn't get cold...
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    hair buzzer

    I'm looking to buy a good hair buzzer so I can give myself the crew cut. I have had a couple of the cheap sets they sell at target for about $10, but they don't last long before the clips start to be too loose on the buzzer and make it hard to use. I tried to buy a more expensive better one...
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    Roth IRA question

    I want to open a Roth IRA account. I have an ING savings account and they offer Roth IRAs as well. I am wondering if it makes a big difference which bank or website you use to open your account with. I tried to do a little research to find articles on it, but the only articles I can find...
  12. J

    Louisville challenger

    Young in another final, against a guy ranked well below him. The guy just took out Isner, so it will be a tough match, but Young is probably the favorite. If he wins, he should be around 110 and is signed up for Nashville next week. Querry and Delic are also signed up for Nashville. Young...
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    Davis Cup Tickets

    Is it still possible to get tickets to the Davis Cup final between the US and Russia? If so, how would I get them and how much are they gonna cost me?
  14. J

    anyone here from Southern California?

    I moved here a month ago and am looking for some people to hit with. I posted on the adult leagues forum, but didn't get much serious response, so maybe more people will see it here. I am usually a 4.5 level player, but have not played much in the past 6 weeks and have been battling some...
  15. J

    any 4.0-4.5 players in pasadena area?

    I just moved here and am looking to find some new hitting partners. I also need to find a competent stringer who doesn't charge too much, because just about everyone who attempts to string my racquet does it wrong, even if I provide them with the stringing pattern.
  16. J

    car ownership questions

    For nearly 3 years I have driven a car which is legally in my mom's name. I am now moving away to California and will probably continue to drive the car for about 3 years now probably (its a 2000 jetta with 106,000 miles). My mom intends to give me the car, however, I think the government will...
  17. J

    day and night contacts

    So I was getting my annual eye exam last week, and my eyes got a tad worse, as usual. I happened to notice a booklet about some new type of contacts while in the waiting room. Supposedly they now make contacts that you can wear all the time, night and day, for up to 30 days. I asked the...
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    barricade 2 warranty?

    I am wondering if I can still use the 6 month outsole warranty if I buy a new pair of barricade 2s. The white/nemesis color says that it is guaranteed for 6 months in the description, but the white/black color makes no mention of it. I'd rather get the white/black color, but will I be able to...
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    confusion about Linkin Park's latest cd

    Their cd Minutes to Midnight became available to download over my school's network about a month prior to its release. The cd I downloaded had 20 tracks, which were: Stand!, Bleed it out, Get through, What I've Done, In this world, the little things you give away, hold nothing back, over the...
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    Why is this subforum still here?

    The tournament is long over and no one is discussing anything in it. Isn't it time for it to go, or does it serve some other purpose?
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    where do you buy a hair buzzer

    I went to target and they didn't have them there, only electric razors. I want to get one that I can buzz my head with. My friend says he doesn't know where his came from, cuz his parents gave it to him. Anyone know what type of store would carry this?
  22. J

    FM transmittor question

    I just got an ipod and have been trying to get it so I can use it in my car. I got an FM transmittor and hooked it up, but the sound isn't all that great. It seems like I can't find a station that has consistent static except 87.9, but the transmittor doesn't go past 88.0 for some reason...
  23. J

    sprained fingers won't heal

    I was wrestling my friend who is really strong about 3 months ago and ended up spraining 3 of the fingers on my left hand pretty bad. They got better for a while, but for the past 2 months have not gotten closer to healing at all. I can do most things fine, but can't wrestle or play...
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    buying US Open tickets

    Is ticketmaster the best way to buy tickets for the US Open, or can you get them cheaper some other way?
  25. J

    Pick your round of 16 winners

    Let's see if anyone can guess all 8 matches correctly. I'll go first. Federer over Berdych (3 sets) Ancic over Djokovic (5 sets) Verdasco over Stephanek (4 sets) Bjorkman over Mirnyi (4 sets) Hewitt over Ferrer (3 sets) Baghdatis over Murray (5 sets) Tursunov over Nieminen (5 sets)...
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    How come Roger's ranking points didn't go up?

    I think he has about 7050 or something right now, almost exactly what he had last time. But he defended a semi with a final, so he dropped 450 and got 700 points. Shouldn't his total have gone up by 250? Does the stagger have something to do with this?
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    question about rankings

    I thought I knew exactly how the rankings worked, but apparently I don't. I thought they took off points for a tournament from the previous year and replaced them with the points from that tournament in the previous year the Monday after that tournament is completed. But it seems I am wrong as...
  28. J

    Indian Wells Draw

    Where are Roddick and Blake? Roddick is listed as the third seed. Did he drop out because he was drawn to face Federer in the semis? And where is Blake? It's great that he keeps winning these smaller tournaments, but I want to see him win a Masters Series or at least go deep.
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    racquet weighting and lead tape questions

    I recently made the switch from the Estusa Power Beam Pro to the Estusa Power Beam Braided. The racquets are supposed to be very similar. However, the grip size is bigger on the new racquets even though it was supposed to be the same. In order to have the grip feel right I now play with 2...
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    reporting a post?

    Is there any way to report an offensive post? I know the moderators probably don't read every post, but some of the discussion gets pretty offensive with seemingly nothing done in response. I have a post I would like to report.