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  1. Djokovic2011

    Djokovic News

    I can honestly say I haven't watched a single point from this year's event so far and I'm not sure I will. As much as I hope Novak goes on to win the gold medal, tennis in the Olympics just doesn't do anything for me at all.
  2. Djokovic2011

    Is Djokovic better than Federer on every surface?

    If anything I'd say he's slightly ahead on hard and clearly ahead on clay.
  3. Djokovic2011

    Nadal vs Djokovic.. 3 unresolved debates.

    Pretty clear to me too. (y)
  4. Djokovic2011

    Is Djokovic better than Federer on every surface?

    Hasn't Federer always played on slow grass as well? :unsure:
  5. Djokovic2011

    Djokovic may have all the numbers but it doesn't matter

    If you asked a hundred members of the general public to name at least a couple of players synonymous with Connors I guarantee the vast majority would say McEnroe and vice versa.
  6. Djokovic2011

    Djokovic may have all the numbers but it doesn't matter

    Hmm, I think you'd be very hard pressed to find anyone that doesn't believe Connors and McEnroe were part of the same generation.
  7. Djokovic2011

    Greater player on HC+grass?

    Slight edge to Federer but if Djokovic wins another HC/grass slam it'll be him.
  8. Djokovic2011

    Kevin Anderson wins grass court title in Newport

    Well at least he had to get through a couple of top 20 players(including the in form player on grass this year) , which is more than can be said about a certain someone at the 2017 US Open. :whistle:
  9. Djokovic2011

    Who holds the Wimbledon record least likely to be beaten? Not Federer!

    Yeah, Becker really should've won Wimbledon more times than he did, especially given that he reached seven finals. Incredible grass court player.
  10. Djokovic2011

    Djokovic can be a 3 times career grand alam winner

    Would be absolutely extraordinary if it happened. I very much doubt it will although I said the same about Djokovic achieving the Double Career Slam so who knows.
  11. Djokovic2011

    Unbeatable record: 10 years between two 3 slam seasons

    Where's peak Borg, McEnroe and Becker when you need them, eh? :cautious:
  12. Djokovic2011

    Wedding bells for Monfils-Svitolina today

    The best flavour ice cream around. :giggle:
  13. Djokovic2011

    Djokovic confirmed participating in the Olympics

    Not gonna lie, there was a part of me hoping he wouldn't participate. This Olympics has hot mess written all over it.
  14. Djokovic2011

    Djokovic 2021 vs Murray's career

    2021 wouldn't even go down as Djokovic's best season even if he does win all 4. The notion that it would eclipse Murray's entire career is ridiculous.
  15. Djokovic2011

    Djokovic's success now makes 40-15 a little more bearable

    It should hurt every little bit as much as it did at the time. Beating Nadal and Djokovic back to back at the age of nearly 38 would've arguably given Federer as strong an argument for GOAT as Novak completing the Double Career Grand Slam gives him. But he blew it and he only has himself to blame.
  16. Djokovic2011

    After Wimbledon......

    So you see him beating Nadal there?
  17. Djokovic2011

    How many Wimbledon titles will Djokovic finish with?

    If he was to win two more can you imagine what the reactions would be like on here? TTW would completely crash and burn haha.
  18. Djokovic2011

    A great day in sporting history

    Look on the bright side - it's about to get a whole lot better in seven days time. :cool:
  19. Djokovic2011

    UEFA Euro 2020(1)

    Yeah I do agree the pressure must be more intense for the takers. Seriously though, what was that penalty from Rashford?! :censored: I think even I could've done a better job than that.
  20. Djokovic2011

    UEFA Euro 2020(1)

    I feel so sorry for goalkeepers in penalty shootouts. I mean a player can either go left, right or in the middle. It really is a lottery - how on Earth do they decide which direction to go?! :oops:
  21. Djokovic2011

    UEFA Euro 2020(1)

    Oh well at least Djokovic won today otherwise I really would be feeling depressed right now.
  22. Djokovic2011

    UEFA Euro 2020(1)

    The goalkeeper was great but how many misses were there? Three? Dearie me.
  23. Djokovic2011

    UEFA Euro 2020(1)

    Absolutely gutted. I just knew if it went to penalties we weren't gonna win it. :(
  24. Djokovic2011

    UEFA Euro 2020(1)

    Please no penalty shoot-out. I don't think my poor heart could take it. :(
  25. Djokovic2011

    UEFA Euro 2020(1)

    I'm praying it will my gorgeous. :)
  26. Djokovic2011

    Djokovic News

    Also equals what Nadal achieved in 2010 by winning 3 slams on all surfaces in the same season. :)
  27. Djokovic2011

    UEFA Euro 2020(1)

    Talk about a dream start! :) Come on England!!!!