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  1. xFedal

    Hypothetical; Fed wins 3rd set of USO15 Final does he win in 4 or lose in 5?

    In my opinion this could have been an epic in the making, I think if Fed wins 3rd set of USO15 Final to go 2 sets to 1 up, Nole fights back to win in 5?
  2. xFedal

    Berrettinis finest hour is approaching ?

    Berrettini if he makes the final has more than a big servers chance of winning. Discuss.
  3. xFedal

    Is Berretini unstoppable this Wimbledon tournament?

    This is peak Berretini he is in the best form of his life, it would take a special player to stop him right now.
  4. xFedal

    Andy Murray needs our prayers

    Andy needs our prayers for the match against Shapovalov . This could be Andys last match at Wimbledon. #PRAYFORHIM
  5. xFedal

    Is 38 the age where winning a match becomes very difficult ?

    No happens earlier? No 39 and on.
  6. xFedal

    Zverev looks unstoppable .

    His big serve is a huge weapon on these courts and I think he can get past the defense of any player. Discuss his form and chances.
  7. xFedal

    Toni surprised Rafa isn't playing Wimbledon
  8. xFedal

    Where can I find rg21 Semi Nole v Rafa?

    Full match must have been recorded by someone?
  9. xFedal

    2 Majors won, should anyone really be close to Nole in race to Turin?

    Stef is only 600 points behind Nole, he has no slams, the rankings is absolutely a travesty that ATP refuses to correct.
  10. xFedal

    3 1/2 hours with Musseti, 3 Hrs 37 mins, 4hrs 11 mins against Koc and 4hrs 11 mins against No.1 in race to Turin on the most phyical surface.

    This is the toughest pathway to victory I have seen in my lifetime and possibly the 21st century, EDBERGS 1992 USO is up there but that happened in 20th century.
  11. xFedal

    Nole only knows how to hit a smash on match points! LMAO!!!

    The funniest thing to me is that the last two GS titles (Australian, French) Djokovic won (matchpoints) by hitting the awkward looking overhead.
  12. xFedal

    Stefanos is still close to Nole in race to Turin, atp rankings messed up.

    Stefanos should never have been above Nole before the French Open as Nole won AO, now that Nole wins RG Stef is still too close, ATP have undervalued the slams heavily!!! Slams should at least be 3000 points, nobody sees 2 masters equal to a slam but SLAMs are not atp events the reason to under...
  13. xFedal

    Please Stefanos, you are our only hope.

    The time is now to be the leader of the next generation, the boss of the next gen .
  14. xFedal

    Stefanos Tsistipas is at 90% hold rate on clay this season course of action , surface - clay - time span - 2021! Stefanos at 59% 2nd Serve points won, SOLID on the ground, 1st serve at 76.5%, SERVE stats look very promising. 60% games won as well.
  15. xFedal

    Tsistipas likely to be the leader of next gen on Sunday!!

    Novak played 4 hours with Stefanos last year in semis had nothing left for the final (6-0 6-2 7-5) , now Nole played even more physical match 4 hours and 22 mins, he has nothing left in the tank against the younger and hungrier Tsitsipas. TSISTIPAS will be NEXT GEN leader on Sunday. Surpassing...
  16. xFedal

    Tsistipas is the favorite on Sunday for RG title.

    Nole is exhausted right now. He has no gas left in the tank. Tsisti is fresher, younger and in better form. Stefanos in 3 maybe in 4 at worst!!!!
  17. xFedal

    TSISTIPAS Real chance to be YE#1 by end of season!

    Discuss his realistic pathway of becoming ye#1.
  18. xFedal

    Why does Nole keep entering the lions den, again and again?

    When will it finally sink in?
  19. xFedal

    Will Nadal carve up Ultron one more time?

    Nadal faces ultron for the 9th time at the French open, will he destroy him again?
  20. xFedal

    Mission impossible for Djokovic on Friday.

    Even if we all gave Nole advice it still wouldn't be enough, Nadal is unbeatable on at RG, divine intervention is the only thing that can help achieve his miracle.
  21. xFedal

    Nobody exposing Nadals false dawn, not Tsists or Zverev.

    Nadal is unbeatable at RG, extremely difficult just to win a set never mind 2, the thought of winning 3 sets is inconceivable.
  22. xFedal

    Nadal will be the slam King on Sunday....

    Tsistipas is the only one who is dark-horse but he must be fresh and hungry.
  23. xFedal

    Surface specialization defeats versatility ?

    Versatility will be defeated by one sided surface specialization on Sunday? See 14 at 1/4 and 7 at 3/4 slams = 21. 8-6-5-1 = 20 huge amount of versatility defeated by one sided specialization !! Even Noles versatility is of little weight now. Dude needs to win 4 more slams at age 34+...
  24. xFedal

    Nadal vs Tsisipas is the most likely final! Zverev might spoil the party?

    Discuss if Zverev can spoil the final we all know is likely to happen?
  25. xFedal

    What is the story at NADAL OPEN so far?

    Low bounce and fast playing ? discuss .....This favors men like Medvedev.
  26. xFedal

    Why is Djokovic playing the Nadal Open?

    Did he not learn the lessons from LAST YEAR?
  27. xFedal

    Does Djokovic have a great case for Best sportsman of 2010s decade?

    Does Djokovic have a great case for Best sportsman of 2010s decade? Who should be ahead of him objectively speaking? I don't see anyone with body of work greater!!
  28. xFedal

    Should it be held against Djokovic for failing to surpass Feds benchmarks set in 2004-07?

    With the benefit of hindsight Djokovic failed to surpass Feds Golden years. Discuss why it should or shouldn't be held against him. I feel by not surpassing Feds benchmarks Novak has left a very rotten smelly apple in the fruit basket. It basically strips the cherry from his cake.
  29. xFedal

    Why didn't Fed win 2003 USO?

    Fed showed mind blowing Tennis in 2003 Wimbledon. Scary good level, why couldn't he win 2003 USO now that the monkey is off his back? Dude may have exceeded his insane Wimbledon level at YEC against Aggasi in the final. He definitely had the game to win it .
  30. xFedal

    Which year Federer became elite returner?

    Was 2003 the year Federer became elite returner? Broke serve 29.9% . Won 41.5% of all return points. Or was it the year before when he won 25.1% return games? Discuss.....