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    If Nadal actually wins RG 2021 with this draw then I will...

    ...get my first tattoo this year. But unlike @Federer and Del Potro I will not say what it will be. It is pretty much impossible for Nadal to win with this kind of draw, but I still don't want to risk too much. It might not be related to tennis at all.
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    A reminder on what a 19 years old can actually do

    It really amazes me that Sinner actually gets credit for winning 6 games against a 34 years old Djokovic or losing to a very bad playing Nadal in straight sets. We keep hearing "he is just 19, he needs time". No, it's just that the current young generation is disappointing, so nobody expects...
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    Maybe this is really the time for Nadal to retire?

    Not joking here. After all, there should be some point when you realize you just should stop playing. IMO the correct moment is when you simply can't deal with the younger players anymore. A year ago Nadal was still the best of the big 3 against the young generation. But this year we saw another...
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    Djokovic is left alone in a tour with no competition

    Nadal on clay was the last hope of anybody challenging Djokovic in slams in the next few years. But now it looks like Nadal is done. He looked totally hopeless against the first opponent in his draw who can actually play baseline rallies. He is not touching Djokovic anywhere, not even on clay...
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    Winning a slam after losing in the first round the year before

    Thiem did it yesterday. Another example I remember is Wawrinka in RG-he lost in the first round in 2014, then won the title in 2015. Any other examples?
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    Ferrer vs Tipsarevic US Open 2012 extended highlights

    An underrated match, mostly because it didn't involve the best players in the world. But I remember watching it live and really liked it. Tipsarevic was truly GOATing at times, especially on the second set tiebreak and at the 2-2 game in the third set. (you can see these games in the highlights)...
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    Djokovic vs Murray Rome 2011 semifinal

    Finally there are extended highlights of this match. IMO the best match in this rivalry, one of the very few matches between them which was actually interesting. Djokovic was at his absolute peak, Murray was also hitting deep-no short forehands/infinitely many backhands into the net like in many...
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    Who is the favorite for RG this year?

    For me right now it is clearly Djokovic. He totally owns the field in BO5, won 5 of the last 7 slams, was 2 games away from winning RG last year, and if this is not enough-RG is now an indoor event. Djokovic is the best indoor player so I think RG might turn into his favorite slam from now on. I...
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    So who is better/greater-Djokovic in AO or Federer in Wimbledon

    Both have 8 titles. Choose between being 8-0 in finals against having 12 Wimbledon finals but having a 0-3 record against your main rival.
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    Why is Nadal so bad on tiebreaks?

    Ok, the choking while being up a break are not surprising anymore. Nadal choked the first 2 sets, especially the first one. But why is he so unclutch on tiebreaks? It looks like he is losing most of them, and today he looked totally hopeless on all 3 tiebreaks. This is a very big weakness, and...
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    Positive and negative things for Nadal after ATP Cup

    Concluding what happened in the tournament. As usual, we start with negative things. 1. Wasted lots of time and energy right before AO. 2. Had his shortest ever off season because of it, hardly had any time to rest. 3. Showed his form is horrible. He lost to Goffin, should have lost to De Minaur...
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    An underrated win in Nadal's career

    Just sharing an opinion here. It doesn't get too much attention because of all the titles he won in 2013 after that, but I always thought IW 2013 was one of the most impressive wins of his career. He was just back from missing 7 months due to injury (only played 3 very small clay tournaments...
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    Was Nadal-Verdasco AO 2009 semifinal the highest quality match of the last 15-20 years?

    A few days ago there was a thread about the best between 3 AO matches, I decided to rewatch the highlights of AO 2009 semifinal after that. I must admit I already forgot how amazing that match was. Some crazy hitting from both players which lasted longer than 5 hours. And believe it or not...
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    Best final at each slam in this decade

    What do you think were the best finals at the slams in this decade? My opinion: AO-2012 RG-2015 Wimbledon-2019 USO-2019 Some are close choices, there were other good finals as well.
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    Choke of the year

    Wimbledon final is obviously the most discussed one, but I still think Del Potro in Rome (against Djokovic) showed us exactly what is the definition of a choke. Missed the easiest forehand into an open court on a matchpoint, missed easy forehands when he had break points the third set and so on...
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    Best player of 2019

    Now that the season is over, who was the best player of 2019? Obviously there are only two options.
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    I really hope Nadal never plays this "tournament" again

    Saving a matchpoint, coming back from 5-1 down, spending 3 hours against Tsitsipas to get another win and all that was WASTED TIME AND ENERGY. There is only one tournament where such a pathetic scenario is possible. Just to think Djokovic could keep fighting after saving matchpoints and winning...
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    Maybe it's time to stop underrating Zverev?

    Seriously, the guy proved many times he can play GREAT tennis in BO3. Yes, I agree he is pathetic in BO5, but in BO3 we saw that he can play at a very high level. Last year he routined both Federer and Djokovic (and Djokovic had an amazing run to WTF final, nobody will tell me he wasn't in good...
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    Will Nadal ever be able to play a few tournaments in a row without getting injured?

    Nadal's career is just full of different injuries. You just know he can withdraw from any tournament and at any moment. As an example, in 2018 he played just 9 tournaments during the year and withdrew during 2 of them. Skipped everything after USO. Now, in 2019 he withdrew in IW, Miami...
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    Nadal vs Medvedev rivalry

    Amazing how different these two matches were. Montreal final was horrible from both. It was all about ugly tennis with lots of unforced errors. Nadal was completely out of form during the whole tournament and yet Medvedev found a way to lose 6-3 6-0 to him. On the other hand USO final had a...
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    What was a better year for Nadal-2013 or 2019?

    Let's see: 2013-10 titles, 2 slams, 5 masters tournaments, 14 finals overall. Wimbledon was the only time he lost before the semifinals that year. 2019-4 titles, 2 slams, 2 masters, one of his worst ever clay seasons (including arguably the worst match he ever played in MC semifinal), skipped...
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    What were the worst matches you have seen the big 3 play?

    Fans like to discuss their best matches, but what do you think are the worst matches you have seen from them? Here is my opinion: Nadal-this is easy, Monte Carlo 2019 semifinal. I never thought it is even possible for a professional player to play THAT bad. Federer-probably Cincinnati 2018...
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    Nadal fans, what of the following do you want the most?

    RG is not in the poll because Nadal in RG already became the greatest player ever in a single slam. I always thought AO should be the obvious choice, but it looks like he just can't win another title there no matter what. A third Wimbledon would also be great to win after the heartbreaking loss...
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    Nadal-Thiem vs Nadal-Medvedev

    What was overall the better match?
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    Can Medvedev actually win the title now?

    Maybe I'm wrong but I have a feeling that after USO Med will have a drop in form for a while. Now it is the moment when he is in great form for a few tournaments in a row, something we have never seen from young players until now. (Zverev was close during the 2018 clay season but his RG...
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    Was Wawrinka's retirement in USO 2012 disrespectful?

    What happened yesterday is exactly the same thing which happened at the same tournament and the same stage 7 years ago. In USO 2012 fourth round Djokovic was leading Wawrinka 6-4 6-1 3-1, then Wawrinka retired due to a random injury, it is not even clear what exactly was the problem. I'm not...
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    Did Nadal make a mistake by withdrawing from Cincinnati?

    Last year it was definitely a correct decision. He won Toronto with a pretty though draw, and also let's be honest-after he missed such a great chance to win another Wimbledon it was clear that his season is pretty much over, especially due to mentality. However, this year he won Montreal with...
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    Better/greater player-Federer in Wimbledon vs Djokovic in AO

    Even though Federer has 1 more title I think there can be a strong argument for Djokovic given that he never lost in AO after reaching a semifinal and totally dominated his rivals there, while Federer is now 3-0 down in Wimbledon finals against his main rival. Yes, I know he is past his prime...
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    What was Djokovic's most heartbreaking loss?

    I can't think of any examples to be honest. Nadal had Wimbledon 2018 semifinal, Federer had Wimbledon 2019. These are more than just heartbreaking losses, these are matches which they lost only because of lack of mental strength. But I can't find any examples of Djokovic losing a match where he...
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    Nadal in the last few years is just another Andy Murray

    Starting from 2017 he is back to reaching the late stages of big tournaments and slams but every time he meets Federer or Djokovic he just collapses mentally, just like Murray always did. Terrible mentality. Today he had more than enough chances but he just kept losing all the big points. Even...