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  1. Tommy Haas

    Prince O Damp

    Why is the Prince O dampener so hard to find? TW doesn't even carry it and some nut is selling it for $16 on the Amazonian site. I like it because it's thin and soft. The Sampras O is thicker and harder. The Luxilon O is even heavier and harder. Few string dampeners work on the Prince 93P...
  2. Tommy Haas

    Konta's Forehand

    Why does it look so ugly? She has this exaggerated windshield wipe follow through. Her backhand and serve are okay though.
  3. Tommy Haas

    Tennis Channel J.M.G.

    How's everyone liking JMG's commentating so far? Is he Gimelstob's replacement? Doesn't he live up in WA or did he move down to LA with his boyfriend for this new TC gig?
  4. Tommy Haas

    Biggest Slugfest at a Major

    2018 USO quarters: Nadal vs Thiem Tennis Channel has been re-airing notable matches this year and I don't recall seeing a match where shot for shot, both sides were consistently hitting as hard as what Nadal and Thiem were over the course of five sets.
  5. Tommy Haas

    Fans on Court

    I'm surprised USO broke out fans on court to help keep the players cool and we thought tournaments would come to their senses and end towel service. Now all the other tournaments will try to one-up this. What's next recliners and table service for players?
  6. Tommy Haas

    Fucsovics Mustache

    Is he an honorary member of Color Me Badd?
  7. Tommy Haas

    Bear Grylls and Federer

    Was the Running Wild with Bear Grylls episode any good? I missed it tonight.
  8. Tommy Haas

    Monfils Forehand

    Did anyone see his match against Goffin? He was really tagging the ball in the first set. He actually hit back to back triple digit forehand winners at one point. First was 105MPH then the next point another at 106MPH. Does he still hold the record for the fastest forehand hit and was it off a...
  9. Tommy Haas

    Del Potro FH Speed

    Does anyone know what's the hardest he's ever hit a non service return forehand? He hit a 110 MPH forehand to Robin Haase at Miami, but Delpo was well inside the baseline though. Haase actually got his racket on it, but it was framed and the ball skyrocketed off his frame and probably flew into...
  10. Tommy Haas

    Nadal Mach 3 Forehand

    In his his match against Diego, he hit a winner that was measured at 3807 KM/H according to the screen graphic. That's over mach 3 and has to be the fastest forehand ever hit period. Maybe it was supposed to be 3807 RPM.
  11. Tommy Haas

    TW Staff Recommendation

    @TW Staff NB is usually my go to choice with shoes since they come in true wide widths (2E) while others are merely roomy or slightly wider than D, but not true 2E. In a store, I'd just try everything on until I found one that fit, but since I can't do that, I really need your recommendation...
  12. Tommy Haas

    Anyone else mistaken Aiava for Osaka?

    I thought Osaka went blonde at first.
  13. Tommy Haas


  14. Tommy Haas

    Women's USO Trophy Ceremony

    Did anyone notice the organizers put the prettiest ball girl front and center as the flag bearer during the trophy presentation? The Emma Roberts look alike was always in the shot. They could have put the bug basher instead.
  15. Tommy Haas

    Madison Keys 97 MPH FH

    Is anyone recording her match with Svitolina? In the first game of the third set, she hit a 97 MPH forehand. I wonder if that's one of the hardest groundstrokes ever hit by a female. Maybe someone can digitize that point and upload it for us. It needs to include the audio because no speed was...
  16. Tommy Haas

    Pliskova vs Sharapova

    Who would like to see a K. Pliskova and Sharapova final? I don't know what the draw looks like, but a match between them will be very exciting to watch for sure. There won't be any cat and mousing going on. They both have similar playing styles and even body type, but I think Pliskova is...
  17. Tommy Haas

    NB Wide Width Shoe

    I need to replace my NB MC804W with another NB wide shoe that's available in 2E width. All the NB shoes seem to have MC in the name and mine stood for motion control which I need as I'm an over-pronater. Are all the NB tennis shoes motion control now? The requirements are that it have a wide...
  18. Tommy Haas

    Roanicn Serve Question

    What kind of grip does he serve with and does he hit the ball with the inside or the outside of the racket face? His grip almost looks like a reverse pancake grip.
  19. Tommy Haas

    Nadal vs Sampras

    Would peak Nadal versus peak Sampras at Roland Garros even be a close match? Do you think he could bagel Sampras in at least one set, maybe two? How about at the US Open? How would Sampras have handled Nadal's high and heavy shots to his backhand? Nadal would get aced out wide often if he...
  20. Tommy Haas

    Kyrgios Pantyhose

    Why does he wear pantyhose while playing? Okay, I know it's not really hose, but why? He even retired first round too for some reason.
  21. Tommy Haas

    Wilson Hyper ProStaff 7.1 Zone

    The specs look perfect on paper. It's uber flexible and good for customization. I've read about it feeling like hitting with a wire coat hanger. I think it's because this is one of the few rackets that are both flexible in the hoop and throat. I have a pair of these, but can't seem to be able...
  22. Tommy Haas

    Wimbledon and Zverev Bros.

    My bet is on Mischa because his game suits the low bouncing grass court better.
  23. Tommy Haas

    Benoit Pairer

    What's with his beard? It doesn't help with staying cool and keeps heat in the face. Is his thick beard for religious reasons? Is he muslim? Many players on tour sport the manly facial scruff, but not to his extent. If he was American, I'd see the hipster angle, but he's French.
  24. Tommy Haas

    Modern Low Flex Rackets

    Many recent low flex rackets seem to be sub 11oz tweener sticks. I'm wondering if it's less by design and more of a byproduct. A lighter frame has less material, so not only does it weigh less, but it also flexes more. Some users see it as an advantage to have room for customization, but they...
  25. Tommy Haas

    Sasha Zverev's Finger Wagging

    Am I the only one who thinks his finger wagging is the most annoying display of arrogance? Much worse than Djokovic tearing his shirt off or raising the roof. Fed finger wags too, but it's not as showy as Zverev, and he can back it up with his greatness. It's too much too soon for someone to...
  26. Tommy Haas

    No More Wide Asics

    The Gel Resolution 6 (wide) line has been discontinued and the new Gel Resolution 7 isn't available in widths. Any other recommendations for a comfortable lightweight shoe for wide and low arch feet?
  27. Tommy Haas

    Tiafoe 106 MPH FH at Miami

    He hit a 106 MPH forehand off a floater Federer hit to him on the baseline. Usually triple digit forehands are service returns or from redirecting the power of hard hit shots. That was pure power. His 2HBH looked good too for an American, but not European level good.
  28. Tommy Haas

    Players Who Wear Makeup

    Besides the Williams sisters, who else wears makeup during match play? It looks like Muguruza might from what I saw on HDTV at Miami.
  29. Tommy Haas

    Nadal's Girlfriend?

    Who is the young lady that's been seen sitting in the second row of his box? She doesn't look like his sister. Girlfriend? Very attractive and homely, the type Nadal likes.
  30. Tommy Haas

    Monfils 107 MPH FH

    Did anyone see the 107 MPH forehand winner he hit against Nadal this morning? It wasn't off a serve, just a rally shot from behind the baseline. This has to be one of the hardest rally shots ever. I've read, but never seen the 124 MPH forehand he previously hit. Was that forehand off of a...