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    Maria Sharapova vs Serena Williams betting odds- are these a joke?

    2004... Internet Explorer had 97% of the Web Browser market. Gaston Gaudio beat Guillermo Coria (0-6, 3-6, 6-4, 6-1, 8-6) at the French Open Detroit Pistons beat Los Angeles Lakers, 4 games to 1 in the NBA finals "Burn" by Usher was #1 in the music charts. Ronald Reagan died. and Maria...
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    Bjorn Borg

    It was pretty big news at the time but turned out to be a damp squib.
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    Whats your top 10 of all time now (men)

    Sorry, the average size of the field in pro majors was generally 16 tops. Often 12, sometimes 8. If it was much higher... then tell me where....
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    Whats your top 10 of all time now (men)

    I'll give you two numbers. 12 and 16.... the general size of the field for the "pro majors" that Rosewall won.
  5. britbox suspended!

    Yeah, Scott the founder, called time on it. I don't think it was anything to do with hosting fees... more like he's running a business and short of time to do it so much justice. I posted on there sometimes too. End of an era after 13 years. Probably at it's busiest around 2008-2010.
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    Daniel Koellerer Intervie: "The ATP has destroyed my life"

    Koellerer who was banned for match fixing claims he was a stooge and the Big Four would never had any issues.
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    Daniel Koellerer: The ATP has destroyed my life. The Fab 4 wouldn't be disqualified

    Well, we know they covered up with Agassi on the failed drug test. Andre: "A mate spiked my drink" ATP: "Ok, no worries, forget about it."
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    Sharapova Fails Drug Test

    Yeah, lots of rumours of a retirement announcement.
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    Daniel Koellerer: The ATP has destroyed my life. The Fab 4 wouldn't be disqualified

    Reproduced and Translated from Italian with the kind permission of author Giacomo Marchetti. Daniel Koellerer, banned for match fixing says the Fab 4 (Djokovic, Federer, Nadal, Murray) would always be covered up of wrong doing and he didn't get fair treatment. Daniel Koellerer: The ATP has...
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    At what point did the general public start hating Djokovic?

    He isn't hated... he just isn't loved to the same degree as Rafa and Roger.... a lot of people had already subscribed to one of those camps when Djoker was coming to the forefront. They aren't likely to change. He will get the plaudits in time.
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    Nadal vs Sampras

    Becker was up a break in the 5th against Edberg in the Wimbledon final ('90) and folded...
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    Stanimal warns Djokovic : "I can raise my game in the finals''

    Maybe he needs to get to a few more finals then and improve his 3-14 H2H with Nadal, 3-18 H2H with Federer, 4-21 H2H with Nole.
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    Was edberg as good as ....

    Jimmy Connors is getting undersold a bit on the thread too IMO. In fact, he gets routinely undersold in general. If Connors played on a structured tour like they have now, then he'd be well into double figures on the major count. He gets thrown into the era of Mac, Lendl etc..., yet many...
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    Was edberg as good as ....

    Better server overall, some would say better player (I think it's pretty much a wash)... but S&V... no Edberg was the better pure Serve and Volleyer overall.
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    Is Rosewall a GOAT Candidate?

    Candidates would comprise of players who people actually think is the GOAT. I've never heard anyone say they think Ken Rosewall was the greatest ever to pick up a stick.
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    Kyrgios top 5 by the end of this year

    Top 10 if he kicks on... Top 5 too early right now. I think Zverev breaks the Top 20 in the next 18 months, maybe even better.
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    Djoker vs Fed: who has better resume at FO

    The FO resume question is a no brainer... Federer all the way... Clay in general... Well, whatever might be the case right now (and I'd possibly lean toward Djokokic even without the FO - but it's tight), I'd expect it to be pretty clear within a couple of years. Djokovic has an 18 month to 2...
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    Is Rosewall a GOAT Candidate?

    Well he isn't really... but he's probably underrated and undervalued. One of the greats... just not, THE greatest.
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    Djoker vs Fed: who has better resume at FO

    Somebody else started the thread and raised the question... I was answering it. I didn't realise we had to read your posts, apologies.
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    Djoker vs Fed: who has better resume at FO

    ^ Question was Roland Garros Resume? No? Clay courts in general are a different argument. How can anybody pick Nole over Fed based on their tournament results at the FO? You know what a resume is, right?
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    Is Rosewall a GOAT Candidate?

    No, he's not a candidate for GOAT... Laver was the better player and had the better career... but he might be a candidate for Top 10. Pro Slams sometimes had fields of 12-20 players, you can't rank a Pro Slam with anything like the legitimacy of an Open Era slam, particularly those from the...
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    Djoker vs Fed: who has better resume at FO

    Better resume at the FO? Federer obviously... Is this a trick question?
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    Nick Kyrgios - Twitter Q&A

    Nick Kyrgios did an impromptu Twitter Q&A with fans.... Here are the transcripts: I know Kyrgios is a type of marmite/vegemite character - love him or loathe him, but I like the guy... maybe a bit of a pantomime...
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    Interview with Chris Lewis, Former Wimbledon Finalist

    Talks McEnroe, Connors, Borg, Lendl and the evolution of tennis.
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    Interview with an ATP Chair Umpire

    Bjorn Wettstein Interesting interview with an ATP chair umpire - talks time violations, qualifications and memorable matches.
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    Doping? Not very significant in tennis, says Tim Henman

    The Festina team were based in France (and originally in Spain), they just happen to have a Swiss sponsor. The riders were primarily French and Spanish.
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    How many slams would Federer have if he had been born in 1986?

    Don't worry about his/her intellect. Fast food establishments always require staff.
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    I like Sampras, but the only reason he won Fourteen slams = no Nadal

    Former Pro Player Talk - the last bastion of adult conversation on TT getting overrun by MTF-like teenage fanboys. It's like a scene out of 28 Days Later.
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    Michael Chang Interview

    Sampras called Chang his litmus test on how well he was playing in the appendix when discussing his rivals. He also mentioned in the section about Todd Martin that "Like Chang, Martin was another barometer on how well he was playing"