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    How much do professional tennins player's physios/fitness coaches earn?

    Hi all, I do not know if this is the right sub forum to be asking this question, so if the mods think otherwise please feel free to move it to a more appropriate one. I have always been passionate about helping athletes recover from injuries and am looking towards a career in that direction...
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    congratulations Roger Federer on your 18th slam!!

    5th AO title at the age of 32. He has shown us that net play is still possible despite all the string and racket technological advancements. This will be confirmed when he beats Nadal two days from now. Nadal has gone from: easy straight sets victory in the third round, tight straight sets...
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    No thread on Djokovic's over the top celebrations when Stan makes an UE?

    Where are the sportsmanship police that gets their knickers in a twist when rafa fist pumps at an opponent's UE? No such standards for Djokovic's over the top celebrations?
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    Can the umpire actually send a coach back to the locker room?

    In view of this "on court coaching" phenomena that is stealing the headlines in TTW. Why waste time giving a player a warning for what his coach does? Just send Tio Toni or any other coach that tries to communicate to their player to the locker rooms and get on with the game. Or even better...
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    Further proof that Nadal is NOT winning AO'14

    ... apart from his lacklustre performances in 2014 so far.. Read the bolded. He says he has trouble hitting down the line due to his perception of the quickness of the surface. Which means that if he even...
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    An injured Tomic hit 13 winners against Nadal in one set

    really? do we need further proof that this level of play will NOT win him the AO? just handed Novak the trophy already...while they're at it next years one also.
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    Agassi's insane backhand half volley vs Nadal, Montreal 2005 Just wow. How hard is it to do that against Nadal's topspin? Is Agassi the best at taking the ball on the rise, like ever?
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    Whose side of the draw do you want Federer to land on?

    With the Australian Open starting in no less than two weeks, it's time for us to speculate about the draw. One of the main talking points when the draw comes out for the mens will be whether Fed is on Nole or Rafa's side of the draw, and how early he will meet them (Quarters or semis). I...
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    Doha 2014 Final: R Nadal Vs G Monfils

    No match thread on this yet? Think Monfils will prevail in three, after winning the first set. Something like 6-4 6-7 6-3 to win his first title in Doha. Nadal is playing well but so far especially in the important moments of the match like break points etc he is only able to bring his B+ game...
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    Gulbis's weird forehand

    Okay be honest, how many of you lol'd when you see Ernie set up to hit a forehand? His non hitting arm ftw. And people say Nadal's forehand is "ugly"...
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    How many of you truly believe that Nadal will win more than 1 major in 2014?

    Since his first season on tour, he has never had consecutive multiple slam winning seasons. I think he may very well follow this trend next year by defending the French while having to pull out of one or two of the other majors. (I am not wishing injury on him, just my gut feeling after watching...
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    Where does Nadal's forehand rank on hard courts now?

    We know he's got the most effective forehand on clay to break down just about anyone's game. But his performance on his least favourite surface has steadily improved over the years. This year he won IW, Toronto, Cincy and of course the US Open. You don't do that if your forehand remains crap...
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    Will Nadal have a "Nadal Year" and win only RG in 2014?

    Going by current trends it certainly seems that way. 2007: Second Nadal Year where only RG is won among the majors. 2008: Great year, first Wimbledon title. First YE#1. 2009: Poor year by his standards, only consolation was AO. 2010: First and only year he wins three majors. (so far) 2011...
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    If Djokovic qualifies for the final fist, Nadal will lose his SF.

    Anyone want to bet against this? Not sure on the OOP for the WTF but in the event that Nadal and Djokovic both qualify, and Djokovic wins the first semi final of the day, Nadal will lose to whoever he faces in his semi. He's not ready to face Djokovic until he really needs to, like a major...
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    The thing that ****es me off about players outside the big 4..

    like David Ferrer. Nice one mate, thanks for robbing us of a Nadal-Djokovic final. Why not play like that more often, against everyone in your draw? But no....he's going to be David ******* Ferrer and lose tamely to Djokovic tomorrow. The tactics that he used today against Nadal like serving...
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    Nadal standing closer to the baseline when returning in Paris

    Surprise no one has mentioned it yet. Nadal was standing like just 1 foot behind the baseline when returning Janowicz serve. Link: Thoughts? Probably finding more ways to beat Djokovic and co :twisted:
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    Where will Nadal rank on your GOAT list if he beats Djokovic in the final?

    Assuming they both go that deep and Nadal defeats Djokovic, I think it is safe to say that all the 2011 demons will be banished for good. If that's the case, where will Nadal rank on the GOAT's list? How many GOAT contenders (Borg, Fed, Sampras, Laver, Rosewall etc) have had to turn around a...
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    Why does Federer hit long or net when match point down against Nadal?

    In most matches between the two that resulted in Nadal winning, Federer always concedes match point by hitting his forehand long. Think RG 2005, 2006, 2008, 2011, AO 2009 etc Wimbledon 2008 was a net when hitting an approach shot (but in all honesty Nadal would have passed him as he left the...
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    Was the Djokovic-Nadal semi final ala Wimbledon 2007 for Djokovic?

    From 2006 to 2008, Nadal progressively won a set more in his final with Federer. He finally dethroned him off his Wimbldedon crown at 2008, in what most consider the best match of the Open Era. 2007 went to five sets with Nadal having his chances in the fifth to break Federer, but let Federer...
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    Novak Djokovic is STILL in Rafael Nadal's head

    Evidence? His failure to serve out the match at 6-5 in the fourth set. Considering that he was playing great, painting his forehands down the line, but when it was time to close it out he got tight and missed. Against any other player (esp Fed) he would have done the job there and then, but...
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    Interesting video on Nadal's 2010 serve improvement.

    Here. I dont know how many of us have seen it on here. Basically it shows how Nadal improved the fundamentals of his serve with his uncle Toni and another tennis coach named Oscar Borras. What was interesting was that Nadal's motion changed as well, not just a shift to a more continental grip.
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    Anyone felt Nadal should have used the slice against Djokovic more?

    Compared to Nadal's normal heavy top spin ground strokes which gave Djokovic a rhythm, i really thought he should have used the one handed backhand slice more in the final. Whenever he hit the slice (lesser than 5 times iirc) he was in a good chance to then stand closer to the baseline and...
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    Nadal's forehand = most under rated shot in tennis

    While his critics attribute his success to modern tennis equipment, i think that equipment alone would not have Nadal at 10 majors. His strategy of attacking his opponents backhand relentlessly may seem boring and some may even call it cheating, but they dont realize how difficult it is to pull...
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    Which player is the favourite to win Wimbledon 2011?

    Topic. Federer? Nadal? Djokovic? Murray? Davydenko? Bob Bryan?
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    Is this point of the year so far?

    Nadal's tweener vs Djokovic Cant rmb the last time Rafa won a point with a tweener though:lol:
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    With his 6th French Open, is Nadal officially the King of Clay?

    Or does that title still belong to the great Bjorn Borg?
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    How should Rafa play Djokovic?

    Here we go again, same old match again. How would you approach this match if you were in Rafa's shoes? Still try to attack Djoker's backhand? From what i saw in Rome and on clay this year, Rafa's biggest trouble has been holding on to his service games, esp if he has to hit his second serve...
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    Why did Federer make a meal of that line call?

    Those who watched the match knows what i'm refering to. I thought his reaction was unnecessarily over the top. He told the umpire that the umpire couldnt see the ball mark, and there was no way Nadal's ball could have been the one that landed on the line. Going by Hawk eye, the umpire and the...
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    Where is Nadal's running cross court backhand?

    Something i notice about Nadal's game recently, is his backhand when he's pull out wide. All he does now is return the shot with a neutral one of his own, or loop the ball down the line. Whatever happened to his running cross court rocket? It use to have more pace, angle, and was flatter than...
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    How good must you be to win a point like that? Like what the commentator said, that backhand by Murray would have been a winner against most players. But against the King of Clay....