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  1. Garro

    Best version of Djokovic to lose in USO Final?

    Hard to compare between 2010 and 2013. In 2010 Djokovic played to the best of his (then) abilities given his level and the emotional win over Fed in the semi's. 2013 Djokovic is obviously a much better player, but he just made so many errors in that match. 66 if I'm not mistaken which is more...
  2. Garro

    Prince Syn. Gut Duraflex vs. Lightning XX vs. Lightning Pro

    Prince Lightning XX just seems to have more...playability than PSGD so to speak. More pop, more feel, more spin. Personally I find it quite a bit less arm friendly, but I have arm problems in general. It's also said to have worse durability too. Never used Lightning Pro.
  3. Garro

    Nadal is massively underrated outside clay

    Hmm. I've long since defended Nadal's record off of clay, but it now seems he's being a tad overrated by some too. This is a guy who has a 76% success rate at winning the French, but only about 15% in the non-clay slams played. He also has a losing record in hard court finals (22-26) and...
  4. Garro

    You can change ONE match result from tennis history...

    Yeah I thought the same thing. Six USO in a row, a good chance for 4 slams in a row...and it's always felt like Roger "should" have the US Open record given his success there earlier in his career. Instead he's tied with Connors and Sampras in that regard. Also I don't think anyone has won a...
  5. Garro

    Djokovic looks spent and used up, we will see if he really is the equal of Federer or Nadal...

    2022 will be a very interesting year for Djokovic. Historically after his best seasons (2011, 2015, even after 2008), he has had struggles with motivation and maintaining that high level. He cannot afford to do that now at his age. He still has the edge over the field at this point, but he...
  6. Garro

    So Nadal still has more USO than Djokovic

    Novak and US Open finals remains something of a mystery to me, given his performance at other slams. Lendl had a similar problem, winning 3 of them but losing in 5 other finals.
  7. Garro

    Who would have won USO 2011?

    Well it's an interesting hypothetical. 2008 US Open I would give to Roger, and 2010 to Rafa. For 2011 obviously Rafa has the mental edge and the match up against Roger. He wasn't playing too well in the final, but he had a mental block of his own against Djokovic at that point. But I think...
  8. Garro

    Matches Federer won that he “should've” lost

    The 2005 Miami match against Rafa Roger had a good chance at winning the second set. Certainly Rafa should have won up 2 sets to love, but IIRC Roger was up 5-3 in the second, missed a put away overhead and a couple really easy shots and volleys to somehow lose that set. I'd also balk at the...
  9. Garro

    If you had a time-machine and could meet Federer from June 2010 then what would you tell him to do differently to alter the present???

    Wow man this is some pure nonsense lol. Roger went 2-3 against prime Novak in the slams in 2011-2012, one of the losses Roger was a point away from winning as well. It wasn't until 2014 - after Roger declined - that Novak had a definitive edge against him at the slams. And this was Roger aged...
  10. Garro

    The Racquet That Surprised You...

    Yeah I agree completely. I never thought I would go back to an oversize racquet but I did with the Gravity S for about a year. I've since switched from it after hitting with the new Warrior 100, but I still appreciate the comfort and the nice blend of power and control this racquet has.
  11. Garro

    Best synthetic gut

    Agree. I can tell even when stringing it up that the black just doesn't feel the same as the gold. I had been meaning to try other colors like the green and blue, but since I like the black so much I might not even bother.
  12. Garro

    So who is the mentally tougher player: Nadal or Djokovic?

    Nadal. Djokovic has only been mentally strong during the second part of his career, and even then primarily against Fedal. He's had many mentally weak moments against Stan, Murray, Thiem, Nishikori, among others.
  13. Garro

    Best synthetic gut

    I have been using PSGD (black) lately and am surprised at how much more I'm liking it compared to Prince Original Syn Gut or even the other colors of PSGD. For some reason I get better feel with it. Prince Original just feels muted and "vague" to me, although I think it is great as a cross string.
  14. Garro

    Nadal is about to be 35......

    Yes it is crazy isn't it? If we just stick to the big 3 I believe Rafa is 16-1 against Federer/Djokovic in clay BO5. Probably unprecedented to have a player so dominant over his rivals on a single surface.
  15. Garro

    Make a case for your least favorite member of the big3 as being better than the other two.

    I respect Djokovic for his accomplishments and for believing in himself when many people had doubted that he would ever be an all time great - or even a multiple grand slam champion. Winning the non-calendar year grand slam is massive, as well as having the most weeks at number one. And even...
  16. Garro

    New Warrior 100?

    I bought one on the spot because of the price, different string pattern (16x19), and because I am a huge fan of the Textreme Warrior 100. This racquet plays lighter and more control oriented than the Textreme version; it does have a lower swing weight. I have a tendency to launch the ball...
  17. Garro

    Toughest loss for each big 3 member every season (from first slam final season onward)

    Good thread! I agree with most of the picks with a few exceptions. Nadal: 2006 would still have to be Wimbledon as that was the only final he lost; 2011 Wimbledon too as he was the favorite in that match, not so much in the US Open. Fed has talked about that 2009 US Open loss being one of the...
  18. Garro

    Newer player desires newer racquet (coming from Ultra 100 CV)

    I haven't hit with the CV version all that much, but the previous version of the Ultra is actually one of the more comfortable racquets I have ever hit with, and I've been using it for almost four years. I'm not sure it's the racquet the OP is looking for though. Even though it has a little...
  19. Garro

    Which of Federer's important records will stand the test of time?

    Not sure why Wimbledon 2010 is being brought into this. Roddick would have had to have beaten Djokovic, Berdych playing the best tennis of his career, and then Rafa in the final. Hardly a cakewalk. At any rate, winning two different slams will have to stand as his most important, lasting...
  20. Garro

    Was this the best French Open Final between Fed and Rafa ?

    2007. Unlike the 06' and 08' finals, Fed gave a good effort for the whole match. And Rafa was playing better than in the 2011 final too. 16 missed break points isn't good, but 10 of those were in the first set, and I think 7 of them were before Nadal had broken him. Nadal got off to a slow...
  21. Garro

    Djokovic or Nadal: who had tougher draws at USO?

    Djokovic overall, though the significance of this is often exaggerated. Nadal has proven he doesn't need a weak draw to win the US Open. He has a winning H2H there against Djokovic, wins against Murray, Delpo and other top players. As others have pointed out, Djokovic has had easy draws too...
  22. Garro

    Why did Federer slow down so much since 2008?

    Fed has slam wins over prime Djokovic. He beat him at the French in 2011, Wimbledon the year after, and had MPs at the US Open too. Remember, it's only been since 2014 that Djokovic has had the decisive edge on him in slams. Did Djokovic actually peak in 2014, or did Roger decline? With regard...
  23. Garro

    Multi strings with rough surface good for spin

    Gamma Ocho XP will give you more spin than the average multi, I've had great results with it as a cross string. Prince Topspin 15L will give you even more spin, but it's definitely not as comfortable as most multifilament.
  24. Garro

    Low static weight hefty swingweight head heavy racket

    I recently acquired a Head LiquidMetal 4 racquet. Haven't been able to hit with it yet but am curious as to how it compares to my usual racquets.
  25. Garro

    Still can't watch this without shaking my head.....

    I just happened to watch this full match earlier today. Dazzling performance from Tsonga on this day, Sampras like serving, and volleying. Hard to choose between this or the Djokovic 2019 AO final as the strongest performance against Nadal at a slam. Novak was even more consistent, but some of...
  26. Garro

    Co-poly + stiff racquets are the cure for tennis elbow, according to Intuitive Tennis

    I am 29. The Pure Drive also bothers my arm a bit but I don't prefer it to the racquets I already have anyway. I've found that oftentimes more flexible frames (Blade 104, Prince Tour 98, Phantom Pro 100P, etc) actually bother my arm even more, but that has a lot to do with my technique which...
  27. Garro

    Any Prince Textreme Warrior 100 users?

    My racquet of choice though I've never had issues serving with it. But I've had a few of these with fairly different specs: one with a swing weight at 329 and one as low as 314. For that reason I'd also recommend adding some lead at 12 to see if that would help on serve.
  28. Garro

    Co-poly + stiff racquets are the cure for tennis elbow, according to Intuitive Tennis

    I actually have gotten good comfort out of racquets that are somewhat to very stiff. Both my Ultra and Warrior are as well as the Head Instinct MP, and I use NXT at 60 lbs too. Can't say I've had the same experience with poly. Even as a cross string strung low it bothers me. Although I've never...
  29. Garro

    Any other chronic racket swappers out there?

    I switch between the racquets in my sig and also the Blade 104 (2015) at times, depending on where I play (indoors/outdoor) and even who I play against. I'd like to just use one racquet but my game is pretty unconventional and I find myself playing a little differently with each one. Though I...
  30. Garro

    Favorite multifilament

    I've tried it but it's always felt dead and too low powered for me, although it is comfortable. I've been meaning to try it in a low tension setup (<=48 lbs) to see how it would play. Recently I've also had better success in stringing PPC by prestretching it first.