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  1. wang07

    Will Djokovic have more success in his 30s than in his 20s?

    Sounds ridiculous, but it's actually very much possible. Slam finals W/L before Novak's 30th birthday: 12-9 (57,1%) Since 30th birthday: 8-1 (88,8%) Now of course, there's no way he's winning as many M1000s, YECs, spend as many weeks at No1 as he did in his 20s, but if he does win 13 or more...
  2. wang07

    Big3 post-prime/ in their early 30s - Federer had it the toughest?

    There has been some lengthy debates over longevity lately, so I took a closer look at what exactly the Big3 had to deal with at Slams between the ages of 29 and 33. Djokovic just turned 34 so obviously I had to stop right there. Slam SF/F opponents (29-33) Federer: Djokovic 8x Nadal 3x...
  3. wang07

    2013 Federer vs. 2015 Nadal vs. 2017 Djokovic [POLL]

    Who was the "best" at their worst?
  4. wang07

    When will Tsitsipas play his first Grand Slam final? [POLL]

    With main rivals Thiem and Medvedev already being Slam-finalists multiple times, and even Zverev having played one last year ( :sick: ) , one could argue it'd be about time for Tsitsipas to prove himself and show the world that he is going to be one of the dominant, top3/top4 players of the...
  5. wang07

    Better player - Tsonga or Nalbandian?

    So I've been wondering about who would be considered a better player out of the two. Very similar results overall, talented players with no Slam titles, many ups and downs in their careers, a few big titles here and there, and most importantly, both were able to beat each of the Big 3 multiple...
  6. wang07

    Roger Federer - 20 years, 400 total career Grand Slam matches

    Today Roger Federer has played(and won) his 400th Grand Slam match, first player to contest that many. He made his debut on the Grand Slam level exactly 20 years ago. Two decades later, now he has an average of 20 Slam matches per year next to his name. Just think about it, there are a maximum...