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    2018 Women's NCAA Tournament

    nice to show the empty court when it is 40-40!!
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    2018 Women's NCAA Tournament

    Wow...down to the wire!!
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    2018 Women's NCAA Tournament

    awful that you can't watch any match that you want to when it hasn't been a problem the entire tournament. Boooo! My prediction: Card win singles 2, 4, 5, 6 for a 4-2 victory! Go Card!
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    Stanford Men

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    2018 Women's NCAA Tournament

    Couple of other thoughts on today's match (Stanford vs Duke): - This was a very early start time for the Card. 7am PST - so in a way, I guess I'm not surprised they lost the dubs. - Was surprised at the calmness after Lampl won to clinch the match. Thought there would be more emotion. Guess...
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    2018 Women's NCAA Tournament

    Lord was injured a majority of the season and the team lost some matches they probably would have won if the team were at full strength. Lord only participated in the last 2 or 3 regular season matches (I'm estimating...) so spots 3-6 had to play up. Probably helped in the long run to make them...
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    2018 Women's NCAA Tournament

    Lampl at No. 3 way too tentative on the serve while up 5-1. Now it's 5-2.
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    2018 Women's NCAA Tournament

    Then they wind up saving 3 break points when tied at 5-5 and then breaking Shin to win the set and the doubles point.
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    2018 Women's NCAA Tournament

    Ouch. Come on - you know that it's not that they are playing their best this May (Which they may or may not), but it's really the return of Lord. Spots 3-6 gained some great experience this season playing up in Lord's absence. If you think they are good this year, wait til next year since there...
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    New Tennis Magazine - help!

    yeup....this is it .... thanks! weird that their site is not up and running yet.
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    New Tennis Magazine - help!

    this was a US publication, I remember that the publisher was located in FL. Just can't remember the name...
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    New Tennis Magazine - help!

    Hi everyone - Last night I was at Borders Bookstore and a new tennis magazine caught my eye. It was the debut issue and cover featured Henin in a non-tennis photo. Does anyone know the name of this magazine? I can't remember it... thx in advance!
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    Anyone else annoyed that there's no Tennis during the first Sunday?

    Hello everyone. Did anyone ever happen to think it is not Wimbledon, but perhaps the players that don't want to play on that Sunday. After all, Sunday is considered a day of rest and perhaps they would rather spend their time at church. Amen.
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    TTC Coming to DIRECTV in May

    There was a TTC booth at IW. I inquired about it while I was there, and they replied that there was first going to be a free preview. If that is successful, you can count it being on DirecTV full time. (Not really sure if they would have a preview and then NOT carry it, but you never know.) So...
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    Kim Clijsters...what the heck?

    I'm not sure why KC is getting all this flak....I don't know about you guys, but I would retire this very second if that was an option for me!
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    is tennis in danger of turning into softball?

    Come on Man! You can't come to the net in Ping Pong!
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    IW Pics From First Week (Women)

    Shooter, Great pix as usual. The practice courts, in some ways, is the area that is the most fun b/c you never know who might show is always a surprise. And for me, I'm always thinking, "I think that is so and so, but I'm not quite sure." I hand it to really know your...
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    The WTA versus NTRP 4.5

    I would hit w/ her and enjoy the experience of playing w/ the No. 2 player of her team. Don't go in w/ any expectations of a competitive match. I live in the the SF Bay Area and have had a chance to watch some of the Stanford Women's matches the last couple of years. I too am a low 4.0 and I...
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    Its too hard to be a Roddick fan anymore

    jeez -- with that kind of attitude, why don't you become a Fed Fan, then you will always be happy b/c all he does is just win. Don't base your favorite player just on their won/loss record. One of my favorite players has fallen so low in the rankings, she had to play qualifying rounds to get...
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    Women Umpires for Men's Matches?

    uhhhhh...what's the difference?
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    WTA Bank of the West/Stanford photos

    Took some photos at the Bank of the West Tennis Tournament two weeks can check them out at: enjoy!
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    Could the top 55yr old male beat the top woman Pro ?

    okay let's throw this out then: Bobby Riggs (when he played BJK) vs. Henin or Clijsters (nowadays). Who do you think would win that match?
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    Favourite tournaments of the year.

    My favorites are the ones that I can see live, in person. I have had the opportunity to see 3 tournaments each year for the last two years. 1) Pacific Life Open (Indian Wells)! You have the opportunity to get pretty close to the action - except the stadium court, of course. Many matches to...
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    Venus: no shot to win French

    Coria - please start 126 more threads on who else will not win FO. Thx! (for those who don't get it, the FO is a 128 person draw. only one winner and 127 losers. minus venus, only 126 to go!)
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    Male vs female matches...

    hey guys, surf on over to! i just started a discussion on their message board that U North Carolina could beat any top WNBA team.
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    Tennis Channel !!!!

    yeah, supposedly in the SF Bay Area Comcast is going to start carrying the TTC. Right now I have DirecTV, and to be honest, it would be hard to switch. Maybe carry both Direct and Comcast? Or I could go to my in-laws all the time and catch it there....groan.
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    What will Roddick were at US clay court Championships?

    I read somewhere that he will be sporting an alligator on his chest.
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    Spoiler: Lindsay Davenport vs. Venus Williams

    I wouldn't say she choked in the last 3 GSs...I believe she was injured during the USO '04.
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    Indian Wells Photos (Henman, Sharapova, Federer, Shaughnessy)

    gmlasam - I shot w/ a 70-200 2.8 lens. IW is great b/c it is camera friendly, whereas some other tournaments are not. marius - i will try to crop the photos better next time for ya ;)
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    Indian Wells Photos (Henman, Sharapova, Federer, Shaughnessy)

    Went down to IW for the second year in a row. What a great tournament for spectators! We were only there for the first weekend but had a blast. Anyway, here is a link to some of the photos that I shot: enjoy!