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    POG Longbody 100

    Will there be some more in size 4 1/4 ? Please!!!!
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    POG Longbody 100

    Thanks! Yes!
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    POG Longbody 100

    do you get these sticks or is it over with the topspin monster?
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    Who got their Vantage by now?

    I got mine today 321409 now I have to string them.
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    Luxilon why?

    the racquets string pattern and the racquet is a huge factor for string durability. i get about 10 hours out of the alu power with my pog lb. then i demoed an yonex rqs 11 with silicon and lead, after 2 hours the string broke i could not belive it, the next time i played 3 hours with the alu...
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    where do pros get old frames

    Head has a factory in Austria that only makes frames for the pros. And these sticks are great. Much better then the stuff you get in the stores.
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    college forum

    Your translation is not too bad. Very close. But Aufschlag is service.
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    college forum

    Lars ist ganz doof der trifft keinen Ball und Dominik kann nicht Aufschlagen. Wieso holt der Trainer von Baylor solche Luftpumpen in die USA gibt es da keine besseren Tennisspieler? Wir in Hessen sind froh, dass die weg sind.
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    Best String Brand

    I love Isospeed strings and Luxilonis great.
  10. J

    strings for PDR+

    try the bb original 1,30
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    So who's gonna get a Vantage tomorrow?

    @ClubHoUno 305mm=12 ptsHL, 310mm=10 ptsHL, 315mm=9 ptsHL and 320=7ptsHL
  12. J

    So who's gonna get a Vantage tomorrow?

    I don not know, I placed my order at: Time Thu 7th February, 2008, 01:07:51 GMT
  13. J

    So who's gonna get a Vantage tomorrow?

    Yes just purchased 2
  14. J

    TW: IsoSpeed Reels back in stock?

    Sorry no German sauseges, Isospeed is from Austria, so they found Kaiserschmarn or Wienerschnitzl.
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    So who's gonna get a Vantage tomorrow?

    Info from Vantage HP: 34,- Dollares
  16. J

    So who's gonna get a Vantage tomorrow?

    100 16/19 63 RA 320g 10 pts HL 27,75 black 4 1/4 Leather Tan Yes, finale a subsitude for the POG Longboby
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    Nobody talking about Chakvetadze?

    She is kind of pretty...what else is there to say about the wta????
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    After what Sharapova displayed at the French, she deserved everything

    Who wants to watch female tennis? I can understand that some guys want to see Kirilenko or Ivanovic! But I´m sorry, female tennis sucks.
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    XL racquets

    if you´re living in the EU maybe they send the raquects to you. for only 80,- €
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    XL racquets

    I did not want to change the subject, the player I know just got new microgel radical pj it is more like the pro tour with these specs, sorry for the european metric system 70 cm ithink 27.5 inch 375 g banalce 31,3 hit some balls today that was fun if I could find the little sweet spot...
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    XL racquets

    @crosscourt no I never was a contract player for Head (I suck) but one of my friends and his student are, so I played a lot of Head pjthe last years, but I can not deal with the 18/20 string pattern. Still playing the POG Longbody OS
  22. J

    XL racquets

    Ja da bist du nun neugierig... Von einem Head Vertragsspieler. Seit einiger Zeit verkauft die Dinger für 80,- € Denke mal das sind entweder Restbestände von Profischläger, oder aber das Head die irgendwann mal produzierte sich aber dafür entschied sie nicht auf den Markt zu bringen...
  23. J

    XL racquets

    I´m from Germany and I played these iprestige Mid XL it is a great racquet, but not easy to handle.
  24. J

    POG still winning Pro tourneys

    Ruchus uses a POG Longbody with 100 inch head, pj as the TT Graphite MP! He is playing this Raquet since ages now!
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    How Is The Worst Player In The Top Ten (roddick)

    I saw Coria in Munich, it was very cold that day and he needed a rest, I think he did not try to win! Bad luck now the weather is good in Germany! Sunny and 25´celsius. I think Coria is still one of the best clay court players, just a little bit crazy.
  26. J

    original graphite LB

    oh thank you tw, I need this perfect dirt digger stick!
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    What POG did Nalbandian use?

    By the way, my stringer is also one of the stringers at the French Open Roland Garros.
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    What POG did Nalbandian use?

    Nalbadian, Coria and Ferrero they all used the POG Longbody in 100 inch pj as the TT Graphite 100, I saw the Raquets in Paris years ago, and you can see on the picture that the cross bar is totaly straigt, on the TT Graphite it was not that straight!
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    Back to my good old POG for good!

    I am using the POG LB OS since two years (I had the POG OS 15 years ago), but I am out of raquets now, I only have two left and it is impossible to get more. So I am looking for other sticks to use, but there is only junk on the market now! I NEED POG LB I dont care if it is the 107 or 100...
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    How many of you use extended frames?

    To all of you wanting a Voelkl 10 CX, both, the black one and the even older yellow one are for sale in Germany all over the place. I tried one and nearly every xtened players raquet you can find, but I can not get away from my POG OS LB 28 inch Wunderwaffe.