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    TW-Europe phone number

    If you're in germany, why is your number +44?? That's the UK international code?
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    Lead tape - have I got the physics correct?

    Right, started thinking seriously about adding lead weight to my racket and I haven't found a really comprehensive guide on it yet that explains things simply. From what I know (Handle is at 6, left is 9, right is 3 and top of the racket is 12): a) Putting lead at 12 o'clock will increase...
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    03 speedport tour

    Any news on when the 03 speedport tour will be coming up for review? Also - I think there might be a lot of interest in the k95 X too as a more control orientated alternative to the speedport Black longbody.
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    Comparison: 03 ozone tour...Ksix one 95....03 speedport tour....

    I currently have a Prince triple threat hornet - 306g static, swingweight of 349, flex of 73 and 2 points head light and have found it to start lacking some stability for me against big hitters and to be fair unless i keep the string at +10% tension (luxilon BB alu power) it is more than a bit...
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    Upgrading from Triple Threat hornet

    Hi all - Loooking for a new racket. Currently using a triple threat hornet - but I feel it isnt as stable as I might like given its quite low weight. Hence Im looking for a players racket of sorts - like the one i first started playing with - a heavy ti 720 from prince. So far Im...
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    Thinking of upgrade from Triple Threat Hornet

    Hey - I've had my trusty hornet for a long time (97sqn). Before that I used a Triple Threat Bandit (100sqn), and before that a wilson 2.3 hyperhammer (110sqn) and before that when I was really young (8 to 12years old) a long body Prince Titanium Graphite 'Ti 720' (95 or 97sqn) thingy. Can't...
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    How do you know when your shoes wear out??

    How do you know it's time to replace a shoe? I've seen that tons of you replace your shoes every few months or so. I'm faaaaaaaarrrr more economical with my shoes. Am I missing something? I've never toe-dragged badly so mine are always fine. the outside is ok and no fraying/holes. And...
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    Ohnoes - not this question again!! (Barricade V vs Gel resolution)

    Hi all - I know that this is a bit of an old chestnut, but i found very few direct comparisons between the barricade V and the Asics Gel resolution. I've so far tried the Vapor Vs, the barricade V, the ugly babolat one, the asics gel resolution and still can't quite decide. I felt a bit...