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    Medvedev, Rafa and even Federer lose their first matches at WTF. Is it time to dump this hyped-bloated pseudo-championship?

    I think WTF is perfect Having just attended the tournment for the first time, I can say that it's a great tournment from a spectator's point of view. Having been to a few ATP tournments and 3 majors, WTF was more fun for me. and ticket prices are pretty reasonable for decent seats and...
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    Please Prince Textreme Beast Longbody, be everything I ever wanted....

    I used to play with cv95 (with 2 g of lead at hoop) Currently swinging the bisner My current bisner strung up with poly n dampner has a swing wt of 360. But it's not hard to swing, Compared to my old cv95 Way more power, control is a tad less, but due to the much more generous sweetspot my...
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    My Pure Drive is killing my Arm!

    Prince beast 100. Plays more comfortable than 67RA it'll be a lot more comfortable than your pure drive. Plenty of power and a tad more control
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    Need Hybrid of Pure Drive/Pure Aero, suggestions?

    I second the above. Regular pure drive plus, add some lead under bumper eg 2-3g or so. Counter weight ar butt.. then you'll have a more polarized setup than your pdtp .. still a beast on serve but will give you more spin due to the wt distribution. And then play with the string setup to get...
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    How manny racquet you have tried before you found "THE ONE"?

    I've easily tried over 300 and still looking lol
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    Pure drive woofer grommet vs pre-woofer grommet

    You r correct.. I've got the 2018 pure drive in my hand.. and the drill pattern looks very very close.. could even be a perfect match
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    Babolat Pure Storm/Pure Control Fan Club

    currently playing with the pure control tour + ... great stick, has some nice old school feel with a modern twist. Being extended, it does not suffer from the low swing weight of the regular PCT (not a knock on the low SW I know some love it... but I prefer my to be a bit heavier to swing)...
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    Lead tape on 2018 Pure drive

    Thanks Dustin and Geoff Just pulled the trigger... now the hardest part.. waiting for the shipping lol
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    After years of looking - 2 POGs for $1.50 each

    Isopropyl alcohol should remove the residue Congrats btw.. nice find
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    Lead tape on 2018 Pure drive

    Hi guys, asking re application of lead tape on the new pd Going thru a babolat phase atm so gonna buy a PD to keep my racketholism under control temporarily. My desired spec is more close to the PD tour (or even a bit heavier) but given bab's qc i thought prob safer to get the standard version...
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    Pure drive woofer grommet vs pre-woofer grommet

    Ah i see. Thx so much
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    Pure drive woofer grommet vs pre-woofer grommet

    Thanks for that. Although its comfortable enough I can certainly do with more comfort .. but not sure if i can cope with more power
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    Pure drive woofer grommet vs pre-woofer grommet

    I think mine could be a fognini version with pure drive team pj pro stock
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    Pure drive woofer grommet vs pre-woofer grommet

    I believe pre 2015 pure drive grommet would fit (not 100% certain)
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    Pure drive woofer grommet vs pre-woofer grommet

    Hi guys i got one of the earlier gen pure drive.. one with pre-woofer grommets. I was something of anyone could tell me how would the feel/playability change if i change the grommet to the woofer ones? Thanks in advance (contemplating whether i should update the grommet, as if i take the...
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    Prestige Pro XT Grommets-IG Radical Pro

    did it work? thx in advance
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    Most powerful thin-ish beamed racquet

    Pity all sold out
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    sw increase from capping tgk260.2

    Btw, would microgel prestige pro grommet fit on the 260.2? Thanks again
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    sw increase from capping tgk260.2

    Thanks guys... exactly what i needed to know :)
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    What is the stretchiest string you've ever used?

    I've strung with most strings mentioned in this thread, and explosive is easily the "stretchiest" on my constant pull.. first time when i strung it i had to check my clamps to see if it was clamping the string properly (which it was) coz it was stretching so much i thought maybe my string was...
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    sw increase from capping tgk260.2

    I am thinking about capping a tgk260.2, can anyone please tell me how much increase in swing weight roughly? and does the feel change? many thanks
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    What is the best Fischer racket in regards to "feel?"

    MIA vaccum pro 90.... one of the best racquets ever made...
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    Head IPrestige Mid vs. LM Mid

    I have all the prestige mids, and iPrestige is my favourite after the original is a bit stiffer hence has a bit more power than the original. It plays stiffer than the liquidmetal, and lower swing weight. it also generally sells for higher price than the liquidmetal version on 2nd...
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    Head tgt 297.1

    Thanks for the pointers. Mine is 16 mains. . The profile is the same as old LM instinct tour xl as you pointed out. Would the youtek ig instinct mp grommet fit? (I know the beam is slightly thicker in some places)
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    Head tgt 297.1

    Hi guys n girls, does anyone know what grommets goes into head tgt297.1? Much appreciated for your help in advance
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    Nishikori using a 27.7" frame?

    Sorry wasn't anything clever. I saw it and went OMFG I agree..i think they are asking for way too much money for thay stick
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    Nishikori using a 27.7" frame?

    I would add another letter in between your M and G ;)
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    Nishikori using a 27.7" frame?

    how much is it can i ask?
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    steam 96

    thanks very much guys
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    steam 96

    Hi All, was wondering is the steam 96 same mold as the blx tour 95? thanks in advance