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  1. mikro112

    What is special about (winning) grand slams on the WTA? Nothing!

    this isn't another WTA Bashing thread, but watching the first women semi right now i realized that there is actually Nothing special about winning grand slams on the WTA Tour. The only differences between regular WTA tournaments and grand slams are 1. 20 second time between points instead...
  2. mikro112

    Henin granted wild card for Australian Open That's awesome. I can't wait to see her in action. She was the only female player (besides Golovin, because of other obvious reasons) I liked to watch.
  3. mikro112

    My video - mikro112 playing tennis I played college DII for 2 semesters, while I was getting my MBA. So tennis was not my focus, but rather something I did in my free time. I played at #1. It was a great great time and a lot of fun. I'm not necessarily looking for tips, but if you...
  4. mikro112

    Question about Wilson K-Blade Tour imprint - Please read

    Hi all, a couple days ago, I realized that my rackets have different imprints on the outside of my racket. Overall, I have 5 of them and 4 have a small R on the 9 o'clock position on the outside of the frame. The fifth has a TM at that position. Does anybody know what that means? I...
  5. mikro112

    Shoutout to the Murray-****s

    My personal message to all the Murray-****s who said he would win the US Open 2009: Thank god the pusher's gone! :D P.S.: The only bad thing about Murray's loss is that it screws up my ATP Draws Challenge. Don't take this message personally please!
  6. mikro112

    The I - Formation (Doubles Strategy)

    Hi all, my team and I are very interested in improving the i-formation for doubles. Does anybody know a good website, where this strategy is explained in detail? Or do you have detailed explanations on this strategy. We are especially interested in movement patterns (if there are any) and...
  7. mikro112

    Federer - Animated GIFs (56k warning!)

    Hi all, check out these animated gifs I made: All-In-One-Download-Link: The video was made by RubinJayJay over on Youtube.