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    String for Spin effect racquets

    So there are some spin effect racquets around... But what about strings to use with them? Would mono/poly be the best compromise or something more posh? Will the open patterns make people use thicker gauge? Will the use of synth gut be the norm for these strings on the "common player's"...
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    Why mostly about racquets?

    I know it is easier to study about racquets but... Since most pro's are creatures of habit, how about we gather a bit and try to seek old strings and apparel (shoes and what have you) habits? It can be a bit more difficult but refreshing :)
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    Pro Kennex Black Ace 98 295 VS. Pro Kennex Ki5 315

    Any thoughts on these two racquets? Has anyone played with them? The differences and similarities? Wil a Black Ace be comfortable to the arm, as the Kinetics are reportedly good for?