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    If you look back at the real final (Semi final) Nadal vs Djokovic..

    I see what you are saying, I just feel that Djokovic feels more comfortable finishing these points from the baseline as he usually does and has had considerable success on clay against Nadal for it. Although Nadal does sometimes wins some important and amazing points from extreme defensive...
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    Can we all agree, tennis needs a change?

    Tennis is just fine. People that keep talking about "tecnology" over and over again obviosly have never played the sport seriously. I to this day play with a Ti. Heat of the line Titanium, a racquet that was launched more than 10 years ago and love it. I have tried several of the new ones N...
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    Nadal on your All-Time List?

    I am sorry, but I just find kind of hard to compate Agassi and Nadal, because they are playing in such a differente conditions and are really great for different reasons. When I think of Nadal great, I think of a player that is a goat legeng on clay and this success has helped to propell the...
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    Nadal on your All-Time List?

    Not to mention Indoor carpet, which was a quite important surface for a great period of time when Agassi was around. And he managed to do quite well there. The little tournaments we have had on fast inddor surfaces, Nadal has not done very well. And is where he sufered his most convincing lost...
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    Nadal on your All-Time List?

    Nadal is and has been really dominant on Clay, in other surfaces he simply is not. Agassi wasn`t particularly dominant in any surface but he was outstanding in all of them. Agassi was making US open finals in 1990, French open in the early 90's winning wimbledon in 1992. His diversification of...
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    Nadal on your All-Time List?

    Ahead of Agassi ? Get out of here. Agassi won all majors and in a time here the contrast in surfaces was much greater, where Wimbledon and RG couldn`t not be more different. Agassi matched all of other relevant Nadal`s achiviements being N.1 ending as N.1 and most importantly was a top player...
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    How does Federer do his unique "slingshot" forehand? Anybody else can do that too?

    Simplicity and timing. That is what is the most tha can be said about his FH.
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    Kuerten or Hewitt- Whose Career Would You Rather Have

    That is true what one poster said. Historically Kuerten will go down the pipe for a logn while as being one of the greatest clay courters ever. While Hewitt has no results distinguishable feats. The thing that Hewitt would go down as one of the greatest mental strenght players in history.
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    Serena Apoligies To Linesperson

    Are you serious, you must be laughing writing this post, I can`t beleive you. She was cursing to the lines woman. I have said many times to opponets when pissed, things such as `I am gonna to destroy you` or soemthing. We would have many sports professionals in jail if cursing used in the...
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    Serena Apoligies To Linesperson

    I don`t want to generilize it, but I lived there for a long time. And I bet most of the people doing the judging and the political correctness bid. Are part of that fake repressive part of the American culture, where we are all living in a little fable cookie cut world. With the `good morning my...
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    Serena Apoligies To Linesperson

    I have never realized how much Serena was detested by some. I bet if wasn`t a woman or specially not Serena, it wouldn`t be much made about it. I have seen guys literally throw raquets in anger and hit the linesman, that is some physical threat for you. Serena gets one of the most random...
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    Linesperson made close calls in Cincinnati too

    I think it is so funny that the imperfections which are a part of life, that people think that in sports they don`t come into play at all. As if we can have 100% accurate machine run rules. Guess what? illusion, there is no such infalllible control. Even with the Shot spot sometimes makes some...
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    Does anyone else's heart break...

    I actually felt more sorry for Serena that the lines woman. That was a non sense call. Some Player get close to doing foot faults a lot of times through the course of a match. I think the more appropriate thing, is for the empire to warn a player during change overs that he is stepping too...
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    Federer is smooth, Nadal is jerky

    Nadal : Federer :
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    Federer is smooth, Nadal is jerky

    too good. I would make an analogy, thaty a GS Final between Federer and Nadal. From Federer`s perspective is being starving and having only beef Jerky to eat, not a pretty picture. Federer is as smooth as Water `be like water` formless. Nadal is a hard and tough to get through as a Beef...
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    what grip does federer

    Because Federer`s Forehad resemble very little the Classic Eastern grip of Sampras, which was the most used grip for more than 20 years. And Federer stroke, his arm and shoulder rotation, swing direction, point of contact and spin is much more similar to most of the modern SW swinging pros of...
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    How come players turn pro?

    A lot of countries have private Federations that help the young players like France, U.S not to mention that you can make the college route to beomce a Pro. It seems clear to me, that if a player is talented enough and trains well, he can be dependent free to become a pro, specially from family...
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    How come players turn pro?

    Is not all rich like that, what you basically need is talent/Trainning and you can follow a ladder that will lead you to the pros. They start doing well in the Juniors and then pratically every country in the world has Future tournaments in or near (3 level pro tournaments) that the players...
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    How is this for volley skills?

    Vid of the Byan brothers practicing volleys no wonder, how they have such great form. I never saw a practice like this before, with such a precision and velocity on the net..
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    Does race matter in Tennis?

    Eviscerator made a really good point. If you want to really get all "scientific" about it, one could make a very strong argument that whites have demonstrated larger capacity in intelectual and Mental areas.Could site hundreds of notorious Philosophers, Physics, Psychology, Mathematics...
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    Does race matter in Tennis?

    Income is only one of the factors to the point I was making. About the cultural enviroement being more important than the Physical differences.
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    Does race matter in Tennis?

    It doesn't have nothing to do with skin colour, in my view. It has much more to do with cultural differences and up bringing. Blacks in the US do really well in major sports, because that is considered more of an opportunity path for them to shine. The majoraty of Blacks in the US are low income...
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    Aust Open Surface not so Fast

    I agree with most of your points. The pattern of play, Serve, Weak Reply, Unterunable and such drove me nuts also. But I do have some remarks, I enjoy variety in style of Play and surfaces and I belive that needs to stay evident for the benefit of the game. I dont like Just serve and volley...
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    "They're just better"

    Cyborg, Repeat to youself enough time that Atlhetes today are just as conditioned and strong then before, maybe if you repeat many times It will become an ideology and people will start spreading around and believing it, as true. The fact is that tennis today compared to as you guys like to...
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    Sampras and Agassi (no real comparison)

    Alright, I respect every ones Opinions but, I must say that Agassi achiviements and game are very much Helped by his Charima/Personality. I belive, that if he had the Peronality of a Lendl or Sampras he woulndt nearly receive as much Praises. Also, I keep hearing every time about Agassi's game...
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    Sampras and Agassi (no real comparison)

    Moose I respect your opinion but, I have an issue with it. It seems that you only taking in consideration what a player can do with the Arsenal that he already has, such as saying that even tohugh Agassi has a one dimensional game he was able to win Wimbledon and this or that. Which is fine...
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    Sampras and Agassi (no real comparison)

    I mean Andre Agassi is without a doubt one of the most talented players to play tennis and helped shape the game we see nowdays but, I have read in a few places and some people actually believe that he is more talented then Sampras. Which in my view is nonsense, I mean Sampras had it all and a...