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    Feds beats Nadal to RG title 2017 - Fill in the blank

    Now that would be "______" Ill put mine in.. Now that would be "unpossible"...or not?
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    So im out of Head Sonic pro 16

    What would be a similar string? similar feel and control? im looking for the most similar string one that i would not find a difference, ty in advance
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    Why did Pete change from 1 2hb to 1hb and when?

    Was this a career change for him and why did he change? I Mean of course Sampras
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    So now the favorite for Wimbledon is?

    Stan the Man?
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    So there are no RG winners for 2014 Or maybe it just takes the french about a year to update the site...just saying
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    ...and meanwhile, Fed 12 yearz 2003 And that was was a very small sweetspot
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    6 of the top 10 are slam holders

    Just saying
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    Similar strings to HEAD SONIC PRO 16G

    Any comparative string similar to this? better?
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    Does TW sell overgrips that are 0.75 thick?

    I wonder cause thats all,i use and they seem terribly difficult to find anywhere
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    Roger beat Nole and Nole beat Nadal so Roger...

    Only in your dreams
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    If you switch from a 90sq to a 98sq which tension

    Should you use if you used 60 on the 90 sq?
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    Did Fed and Turnusov use same raquet today?

    Seems like the same on tv really
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    Tennis tv angle Acapulco

    I hated it, i rather have more down and close to earth angles, what do you think?
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    Where exactly does TW do the racquet spec matching?

    Im planning on buying 3 racquets and i need them to be exactly alike Ty in advance
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    So anyone know what is feds new raquet? is it for sale

    Just saying? i own 3 90s and would love the extra power but keep the same feel and control
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    Between Oct 12 2003 and Oct 2 2005, thats 2 years

    Roger won all the finals he played = exactly 24
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    Fed will loose 2000 points and end up where?

    At number 6 in the atp rankings?
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    Fed - Nadal Match was terribad

    Both played terrible with Fed playing even more terrible, Nadal missed stupidly easy points and Fed was just like "wtf am i doing here?" attitude I give it 3 out of 10 and those 3 1 because its Fed, 1 because its Nadal and 1 because its a 1000 tournament I think those 2 must be fined for...
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    Seems like Fed wqas in pain those last games

    Against Dodig, he was serving erratically the last points of the last game, look at 30-15 after that point when he makes the double fault, he bends his back and says "ayyyy", not moving the legs and not bending his back
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    Wimbledon this years is faster or slower than last year?

    What you think of this?
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    Rafa should change to a one hand backhand

    Which would be his forehand anyway, so he could beat Nole in straights Oh the irony
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    Sampras vs Becker on clay looks awesome :) Almost as good as Fed vs Nadal :) Not so much of the S&V stuff
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    Is uncle Tony expert on baseball signs and coaching?

    Seems like the cameraman is always trying to focus on him to see if they catch him signaling Nadal like when the coach signals the runner on first base
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    Did i just watch Fed go to Nadals backhand over and over?

    Like on every point? It was painfully unexpected for Nadal i think and a new way for Fed to beat him? He was even chip in them with a half backhand so he could get into the open court with the fh Best match for fed in a long time :)
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    ATP front page

    Just saying [/URL] Uploaded with[/IMG]
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    Novak has more points total than the last 5 of the top 10

    Amazing stuff So he is like at least 6 top 10s ! (himself included of course) Thats how good he is
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    What is a soft or stiff racquet range?

    Below or above 50? I wonder whats the definition of "soft"or "stiff"
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    At this pace Fed will be on tour longer than Nadal

    Fed was basically invincible for about 4 years continuoslly Nadal was for about a year Has Nadal started to decline so early? seems like his playing style has finally caugh up to him?
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    ...and in other news

    Fed is currently number 4 and Murray number 3 in ATP standings
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    I use a BLX .95 18x20 and wonder if i should change to the .90?

    Been wondering that for some time now Have 5 BLXs .95, before that i had the Kfactor .95, great raquet but seen as so many people here think the .90 is better i was wondering if i should change The weight are similar and actually i do place some lead tape at 12 about 4 grs and after a lot...